Taylormade M4 Vs Cobra Aerojet Driver Comparison Overview

Taylormade M4 Vs Cobra Aerojet Driver

Without a proper fitting, it can be very difficult to make sense of all the features of different kinds of drivers.

There are just so many variables that can’t be figured until you actually have the driver in your hand.

And as we know not everyone will be able to get a professional fitting, we want to offer the next best thing: an in-depth look at a couple of very popular drivers.

We tested the Cobra Aerojet and Taylormade M4 driver side-by-side to give you a good idea of how they perform and who they’re best for.

Taylormade M4 Driver Overview

“The Taylormade M4 is a very basic driver compared to modern Taylormade golf clubs.”

It’s also 5 years-old so you can get it for a killer price. The Taylormade M4 has the Speed Pocket which, in layman’s terms, is simply a slot bored into the bottom section of the face.

The slot allows the face to hinge and flex more when you make contact near the bottom of the face – a section that normally doesn’t produce lots of ball speed.

The M4 also has Twist Face Technology. This is a curvature of the face that allows for straighter trajectory on shots made on the high-toe or low-heel areas to fly straighter.

There is usually a significant curve and variance in spin rates when you mis-hit in these areas and Twist Face counteracts these effects.

Overall, our testers found this tandem of features to be effective for producing straight shots and more forgiveness.

Cobra Aerojet Driver Overview

“The new Cobra Aerojet driver features forward-placed internal weighting along with variable face thickness.”

The forward weighting does a great job of reducing spin and keeping ball speeds up.

The variable face thickness allows for more flex across areas of the face that usually produce little or no flex. The Cobra Aerojet driver also does a good job of resisting twisting/warping at impact.

When the club head hits the ball, there is naturally some warping that tends to throw your ball off-line. But the Cobra Aerojet resists this effect pretty well which means it produces straighter shots.

“The Cobra Aerojet was more accurate and almost as forgiving as the M4. The Cobra Aerojet also played longer.

So if you want distance and accuracy, the Cobra Aerojet is for you. The M4 was more forgiving  so it will likely be better for 20+ handicappers.”

Taylormade M4 First Impressions

The M4 driver looks great at point of address with a nice, beefy 460CC head.

Right away, the M4 looks great for beginners and high handicapper – or anyone with a slower swing speed in general.

We were also really impressed by the way this driver sounded and felt. You will find that the M4 really helps straighten out your drives as well. One of the caveats with this driver though is that launch angles were slightly lower when compared to the M6.

The M Family

Another worthwhile entry into the Taylormade M driver family is the M2 which is an extremely lightweight driver that features a multi-layer carbon crown and titanium body.

Cobra Aerojet Driver – First Impressions

“The Cobra Aerojet is a little understated in looks with the black carbon crown. It’s been designed like an airplane to redce drag and increase club head speed.”

The price has gotten a little bit closer to the Big boys like the Stealth 2, G430 and the Callaway Paradym but Cobra have earned their spot at the top table.

The Carbon Crown is 30% smaller than its predecessor and there is a 15 Spot A.i optimized Hot Face that delivers high ball speeds on toe and heel strikes.

The Hot Face sits on the L Shape Pwrshell cup face and there was no space left for the CNC milling in the latest Cobra iteration.

The Pwr Bridge is similar to the Jailbreak tech from Callaway except it runs parallel from toe to heel. It ensures a decent launch angle, stability, and more flex around the face alongside a better energy transfer.

There are interchangeable tungsten weights on the sole of each club which can be moved around to give you the perfect performance for your game.

This driver is right up there with the top brands in terms of distance, forgiveness and dispersion.

We can’t wait to see Bryson smashing this one down the fairway in 2023

Cobra Aerojet 2 Family

Like most 2023 drivers, the aerojet comes in 3 different versions to choose from.

The LS version has a 457cc head for more workability, it has the lowest spin and it bombs the furthest, be careful tho, it is not the most forgiving for high handicappers. It has 2 adjustable weights on the sole.

The regular Aerojet is similar to the LS except it has a slightly bigger head, launches a bit higher, and has a slightly higher spin rate. Very similar performance to the LS except it is a bit more forgiving.

The max version is the highest launching and most forgiving member of the family for high handicappers. It has two adjustable weights to get it into a draw or fade mode.

Taylormade M4 Selling Points

  • Speed Pocket
  • Twist Face technology
  • Very affordable
  • Great sound
  • Good feel
  • Produces straight shots

Cobra Aerojet Selling Points

  • Excellent Ball Speeds
  • Sounds and feels powerful
  • Adjustable weighting
  • Cheaper than competitors
  • Pwr Bridge is great for speed, launch and stability
  • A.i optimized 15 zone Hot face for great shots across the face.

Who is the Taylormade M4 Driver for?

The Taylormade M4 would make a great driver for anyone who is on a bit of a budget but still wants significant help with forgiveness.

Keep in mind though that if you really want to prioritize distance, the M4 played about 13 yards shorter than the Taylormade M6 driver on average.

The forgiveness of the M4 driver is at least on par with that of the Taylormade M6 driver though. And we actually think that the M4 sounds and feels better when you strike right on the sweet spot.

Also, it should be noted that the M4 is not so much for lower handicap players. The workability is minimal and if you have a faster swing speed, you might actually lose some distance with this driver.

Distance: 92/100

Feel & Control: 93/100

Accuracy: 92/100

Forgiveness: 93/100

Overall Rating: 92/100

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Who is the Cobra Aerojet Driver For?

“The Aerojet is suitable for all golfers who want maximum speed and accuracy from a top of the range driver.”

There is a version to suit everybody. The LS will suit low handicappers looking for maximum distance.

The regular Aerojet is similar but slightly larger and more forgiving for mid handicappers.

The Max is the highest launching and most forgiving of the drivers which will be perfect for high handicappers.

Distance: 96/100

Accuracy: 95/100

Forgiveness: 94/100

Feel & Control: 93/100

Overall Score:  94/100

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