Shotscope V2 Vs Shotscope V3 Comparison Review

Shotscope is mainly known for their rangefinders but they also make some great and affordable golf GPS watches.

Not everyone thinks of Shotscope when they are searching for golf GPS watches. But the fact of the matter is that their golf GPS watches represent some of the best values currently on the market.

This is evident in both the Shotscope V2 and Shotscope V3 golf GPS watches – both watches come with club tracking sensors. Shotscope is one of the only manufacturers out there who are packaging golf watches with matching golf club sensors so that alone warrants a look.

Shotscope V2 Overview

The Shotscope V2 system includes 16 club trackers and of course a golf GPS watch.

When we first got the Shotscope V2, we were surprised to see that it included 16 golf club tracking sensors. Even some of the best golf sensor systems only come with 14 sensors.

With the Shotscope V2, you get the watch and 16 sensors for just around $100!. In our opinion, that qualifies as a crazy good deal. However, you win some and you lose some. We did find in our testing that some of the sensors were picking up shots that we didn’t really take.

Other than that issue though, the watch and the sensors worked very well. We especially appreciated the fact that most of the important swing data could be viewed right from the watch.

The Shotscope V2 represents one of the most interesting golf GPS watch bundles on the market.

Shotscope V3 Overview

The Shotscope V3 is a slightly enhanced version of the Shotscope V2 watch and sensor system as it provides more shot data.

It was a bit overwhelming how many more options the Shotscope V3 provides as opposed to the Shotscope V2. Still, the general idea is the same. The Shotscope V3 also comes with 16 sensors and a golf GPS watch.

In terms of looks, the V3 does look a bit sleeker and more streamlined compared to the V2. The display screen is also a bit larger and the resolution is a bit crisper than the Shotscope V2.

The Shotscope V2 makes some key improvements over its predecessor.

Shotscope V2 In 20 Words or Less

In 20 Words Or Less

Despite some connectivity issues, the Shotscope V2 is one of the best values in golf.

Shotscope V3 In 20 Words or Less

In 20 Words Or Less

The Shotscope V3 is a great system for anyone who is really serious about improving their golf game.

Shotscope V2 First Impressions

We were delighted when we saw all that came with the Shotscope V2.

With the Shotscope V2, golfers won’t have to choose between a set of golf club sensors and a golf GPS watch.

Key Features

The Shotscope V2 has all the basic golf GPS watch features like course data for 36,000+ courses, distances to hazards, distances to front/middle/back of the green and more.

One of the coolest features of the Shotscope V2 is the PinCollect data. This cis valuable data you get on your approaches and putts. The V2 will automatically detect which club you are using via the sensors so you don’t have to fumble around with your phone and input the club manually.

It was also really cool to see every shot we took plotted on an overlay map of the course including distance data.

Another really cool thing about this system is that it can read carry distances to each hazard which really helped with club selection.

The Shotscope V2 definitely goes above and beyond considering its paltry price.

Shotscope V3 First Impressions

The first thing that struck us was the redesign that the V3 underwent from the V2.

Frankly, the V3 looks significantly better than the V2 – more like a modern smartwatch.

Key Features

All the features loaded into the V3 is enough to make any golfers’ head spin.

One of the features we really liked was the live, 48 hour course editing. This makes it so you don’t have to manually adjust the pin in greenview. The V3 has every feature the V2 has and more.

For instance, the V3 will give you data on each lie type you encounter in your round, distance, shot proximity and club usage data.

We found that most of this data was really useful for seeing which clubs we were most effective with.

The V3 certainly ups the ante and provides even more value.

Shotscope V2 Selling Points

  • Course leaderboards
  • 3 golf modes
  • Free updates
  • Includes club sensors
  • Yards/meters

Shotscope V3 Selling Points

  • Interchangeable watch straps
  • 176×176 pixel resolution
  • Daylight readable
  • Automatic pin placement
  • 10-hour battery life

Who is the Shotscope V2 for?

The Shotscope V2 is a great choice for anyone on a budget.

The only real knock we have against this watch is that it picks up errant swings sometimes. Other than that though the Shotscope V2 offers way more features than other golf GPS watches in the same price range.


  • It does a pretty good job of reading putts accurately
  • The achievements you earn the Medal mode are pretty fun
  • The Shotscope app provides even more in-depth swing and performance data
  • It’s tournament legal


  • Sometimes records swings that never happened
  • Sensors lost connection at times

Overall Score: 93/100

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Who is the Shotscope V3 for?

The Shotscope V3 is a better choice for any golfer with a specific performance goal in mind.

Quite simply, using and getting the hang of the V3 will give you a great shot at lowering your handicap. Just exploring the app and going over the data uploaded to it from your watch is fun and insightful.


  • It really makes learning how to analyze your shot data fun and engaging
  • The app dashboard is fairly intuitive even with all the data available
  • It does a good job of sensing which club is being used
  • The straps are easy to switch out


  • It takes a while to load course information
  • The battery lasts for just about 2 full rounds

Overall Score: 94/100

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