Running Shoes Vs Golf Shoes – Can I Play Golf In Running Shoes

After splurging on a set of clubs, balls, and lessons, beginners often wonder if they can save costs by not purchasing golf shoes.

As a result, you turn to your trail or running shoes and decide to try them on the links. In this post, we are looking at running shoes vs golf shoes.

The aim is to share my experience of playing golf in both. Plus, I will touch on the pros and cons of each option.

Golf Shoes And Their Place In Golf

As the name suggests, golf shoes are designed for playing our beloved game.

I’ll touch on their evolution in a moment, but the intended purpose of golf shoes was to increase a player’s grip and stability in the wetlands of Scotland.

Golf shoes have grown to be waterproof, maximize comfort, and enhance stability.

How Long Have Golf Shoes Been Around

According to the Research firm SATRA, the first mention of golf shoes occurred in 1851 in The Golfers Manual.

How Important Are Golf Shoes In Golf?

In the two decades that I have played golf, I will comfortably advocate for golf shoes and their importance in the game.

They provide increased grip, stability, and waterproofing over standard running shoes. That means you generate more traction with the turf during your swing and keep your feet dry in wet conditions.

During a round on the Divi Links in Aruba, I got caught in a torrential storm. Of course, it had to be the one time I took a chance with running shoes.

My feet got soaked, and I slipped on every backswing. It resulted in a disastrous round that detracted from the Island Paradise around me.

Do You Really Need Golf Shoes To Play?

Based on my experience in Aruba, you can see that golf shoes are not required to play the game.

But, they help you do it better while increasing your comfort.

How Good Are Running Shoes For Golf?

Running shoes offer the advantage of a lightweight and comfortable design that makes walking 18-holes a breeze.

However, the lack of waterproofing and twist-grip can render them unplayable in wet conditions.

Also, the constant rotating movement induced by your swing will wear away the grip on running shoes if you frequently play with them.

Golf Shoes Vs Running Shoes For Golf?

The twist grip design of spiked and spikeless golf shoes combined with their stability and waterproofing make them a better option for golf.

They offer more comfort for walking. But, in wet conditions, they deliver less traction, and your feet get soaked.

When Should You Definitely Wear Golf Shoes

From my previous mistakes, I recommend golf shoes, especially spikes, when playing in wet weather. In those conditions, you require additional grip and stability.

Pros Of Wearing Golf Shoes


The design of golf shoes counters the movement of your feet throughout your swing to optimize stability.

When your foot moves, it can lead to blisters and destabilize your stance, causing you to fall off your shot.

As a result, you lose distance and accuracy.

Twist Grip

The motion of rotating your hips makes it difficult to maintain grip with the turf.

A standard running shoe may cause you to slip, but golf shoes feature a twist grip design.

That means that your spikes or grip pads clamp into the turf, allowing you to rotate freely and generate optimal leg drive power.


Most golf shoes contain waterproof material, which keeps your feet dry and comfortable in all conditions.


The final advantage of golf shoes is that they help you look the part in a game filled with traditionalists.



Although there are more advantages than downsides to golf shoes, they are an added expense, and some options are expensive.

For the average male, it is likely the most you will spend on a pair of shoes.


Once you have worn your golf shoes in, you see the value in them.

However, the first few times you use them, you may cop a few blisters around the ankles.

To avoid that, I suggest wearing thicker socks and keeping blister bandages in your bag.

Pros Of Wearing Running Shoes For Golf?


The cushioning of the midsole on running shoes provides optimal comfort to the bottom of your feet.

It also absorbs impact and produces a spring which helps to increase the power of your leg drive.

Light Design

Added to the comfort of running shoes is their lightweight design.

The benefit is that your legs do not feel like they have dragged around a bag of cement for 18-holes, and you can walk still comfortably.

Grip Pads

Grip pads on running shoes optimize your traction with the turf to ensure maximum stability through your swing.

The downside of grip pads is that they wear away rapidly if you frequently play golf in them.


Wet Weather Performance

Golf shoes outshine running shoes when it comes to wet conditions.

The lack of waterproof materials allows moisture to seep into your shoe, wetting your socks and your feet.

Furthermore, the grip of running shoes does not hold up as well as spiked golf shoes in the wet.

You are bound to slip, which results in reduced distance and accuracy.


The lightweight material of running shoes takes a hit if you play in them consistently.

The twisting motion of your feet tears the upper materials, and the grip wears away.

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes – Adidas Codechaos 21 Primeblue

Adidas created the Codechaos 21 Primeblue golf shoes using recycled materials, including Parley ocean plastic.

The spikeless design features a rubber sole and a Boost midsole, along with a twist grip and a knit-upper.

The rubber sole provides comfort to the bottom of your feet throughout the round and enhances traction and stability. Adidas’ twist grip produces optimal traction that keeps your feet in place through the rotating motion of your swing.

To maximize the power of your leg drive, the designers included a Boost midsole to withstand the impact of fast twists during your swing. The Adidas Codechaos 21 Primeblue also contains a knit-upper that hugs the top of your feet and keeps them secure while swinging and walking.

Although these shoes are waterproof, they excel in drier, flatter conditions. If you live in a high rainfall area or your local course is undulated you may appreciate spikes.


  • Comfortable walking in for 18-holes
  • Secures your feet
  • Exceptional traction
  • Encourages a more powerful leg drive
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive
  • Although the grip is fantastic, it does not perform as well as spiked shoes in the wet

Overall Score: 96/100

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Best Spiked Golf Shoes – Etonic Difference

For as long I have been swinging a golf club, Etonic golf shoes have offered incredible value for money. And these are no different, no pun intended.

While they could have come up with a better name, the Difference between golf shoe features and affordable price tag make them a viable option for golfers across the board.

Etonic fitted Fast Twist 3.0 Spikes to enhance traction, stability, and power during your swing in any weather.

Considering the cost of the Etonic Difference’s, it is surprising that they managed to construct a Performance Upper waterproof shoe that comes with a one-year warranty. When your spikes wear away, you can easily replace them.

Finally, a Soft Ether Foam midsole optimizes the comfort of your feet during a round, making walking more bearable.

The Etonic Difference golf shoes are comfortable, affordable, waterproof, and deliver exceptional grip. That is why they are worth considering for all conditions.


  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent grip
  • Comfortable
  • Clean look


  • The synthetic material has a shorter lifespan
  • When the spikes wear away, it can cause the screw to drive into your foot, which is painful and uncomfortable.

Overall Score: 94/100

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Best Running Shoes For Golf? – Columbia Ivo Trail Breeze

If you have to play golf in running shoes, you need all the grip you can get. That is why standard running shoes are not the best option. However, Columbia has created a multi-purpose running and hiking shoe with exceptional grip.

Columbia’s all-terrain-traction outsole optimizes grip through your swing ensuring stability, and a fluid motion.

The lightweight midsole combines with an open mesh upper, decorated in suede and synthetic leather to provide maximum comfort during your round. Plus, TechLite Responsive Cushioning absorbs impact to keep your feet protected and deliver a high energy return on a push-off.

The quality of Columbia’s work cannot go unnoticed. They have constructed a durable shoe made to last. If you are looking for an affordable running shoe that you can use for golf, the Ivo Trail Breeze is worth considering.


  • Maximum cushioning
  • They can be used for hiking, running, and golf
  • Durable
  • Enhances traction
  • Optimal impact absorption


  • It is not waterproof
  • It does not deliver the necessary grip in wet weather
  • The grip wears out rapidly if you frequently play in them

Overall Score: 91/100

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Conclusion On Running Shoes vs Golf Shoes

Reminiscing about my previous misfortunes playing golf in running shoes in the rain is hilarious to most of you. And I join in the laughter, however, there is a lesson there for you, and I have saved you the trouble of making the same mistake.

Our review on running shoes vs golf shoes has revealed that the latter is a far superior option. The grip, durability, and waterproof materials of golf shoes offer more pros than cons.

If you are ready to go out and acquire a set of golf shoes, you can learn more about the Etonic Difference here.