PXG 0211 DC Vs. Ping G410 Irons Comparison Overview

Both the PXG 0211 DC and the Ping G410 irons are sort of deceptive. At first glance, you might think that both are player’s performance sets.

On closer inspection though, you would notice that they are actually pretty congenial for high to mid handicappers.

If you are looking for a set of game-improvement irons that have a premium look and feel, these irons would be a good choice. However, you still have to know the facts before making a choice. Read about the PXG 0211 DC and Ping G410 irons in the following comparison analysis.

PXG 0211 DC Irons Overview

The PXG 0211 DC irons have a miraging steel face which is a material that is usually reserved for premium-grade irons.

Why? Because it’s ridiculously thin and strong. Plus, as far as we know, there is only one foundry in America that produces it. The miraging steel gives these irons great feedback and solid feel. You also get premium-grade feel from the DualCor soft polymer interior layer.

This smooths out harsh vibration and gives these irons a buttery feel. One dead giveaway that these irons aren’t in fact player’s irons can be seen at point of address. Look down and you will see the pronounced offset in almost every iron in this set. Still, it does help with accuracy.

Ping G410 Irons Overview

The Ping G410’s were made with shorter blade lengths and less offset than the previous G400 model.

This gives them a player’s look at point of address but these irons are anything but. For starters, they feature perimeter weights in the toe and hosel to help preserve ball speeds on shots around the edge of the face.

While the G410’s lack the polymer insert that the PXG 0211 DC’s have, there is an elastomer/aluminum badge on the backs of the heads. This essentially serves the same purpose: smoothing out unwanted vibration.

However, we found that the polymer interior layer of the PXG 0211 DC irons were better at preserving ball speed. As you can imagine, that also meant better distance 9 times out of 10.

While we like the player’s look of the Ping G410 irons, they simply didn’t play as long or forgiving as the PXG 0211 DC irons. The sets are similar in feel and the G410’s did a better job of affecting the look of a more expensive iron. Still, the PXG 0211 DC’s performed better overall.

PXG 0211 Irons

Category – Game Improvement Irons

Ping G410’s Irons

Category – Game Improvement/Players Distance Irons

PXG 0211 First Impressions

We didn’t think that the PXG 0211 irons were going to perform much differently than other PXG irons we have tested based on the muscle back design.

However, they did. There was a slight improvement in overall feel and forgiveness. We tested the 4 and 5 irons first and found that we were getting better ball speed on shots around the crown and sole than with other models.

The vibration dampening properties of the COR2 insulation also made the long irons more comfortable on full swings. The PXG 0211 irons also produce pretty good launch angles thanks to moderately generous loft.

The short irons didn’t offer much in the way of workability though. Although, that might not be such an issue for beginners and high handicappers. Still, this is something you may want to consider if you plan on investing in the PXG 0211 irons as a long-term set.

Ping G410 – First Impressions

The first thing you are going to notice about the G410 irons is that they are much more attractive looking than the G410’s

The tingsten weighting in the club head and hosel have lowered the COG of the irons and survived to the G425’s as well.

The clubs are less offset and slight smaller headed than the G410’s and the undercut top line offers good turf interaction to turn the heads of the better players.

The clubs also introduced variable face thickness and a flexible hinge for forgiveness on off center hits.

The clubs offer forgiveness, distance and consistency to high and mid handicap players.

An ode to these clubs is that the G425’s are not that much better at all.

PXG 0211 Irons Selling Points

  • The faces are made from incredibly thin and strong miraging steel
  • They do actually play longer than the PXG 0311 irons
  • They have a soft feel thanks to the vibration-insulating liner
  • The long irons produce very low spin
  • The PXG 0211 irons have a slightly larger sweet spot than other PXG irons
  • They have a premium muscle back head shape and hollow-body design

G410 Irons – Selling Points

  • 2 Tungsten Weights For Low COG
  • Co Molded Cavity Badge For No Vibrations
  • Lots Of Loft In The Clubs
  • Flexible Hinge And Variable Face Thickness
  • Forgiving And Consistent

Who are the PXG 0211 Irons for?

While the PXG 0211 irons are billed as forgiving game-improvement irons, we have our doubts.

Yes, high handicappers and beginners will love the soft feel of these irons. Additionally, the low spin rate in the long irons means that high handicappers will be able to get down the fairway quicker.

However, these irons won’t do much for a high handicapper in terms of accuracy. If you are struggling to produce straight shots with your irons, don’t expect much help from the PXG 0211 irons.

In reality, the PXG 0211 irons would actually be better-suited to mid-handicap players.

If you aren’t having much trouble finding the sweet spot with your irons then the PXG 0211’s would be worth a look.

The 0211 Family

Included in the 0211 series of irons from PXG are the 0211 DC and 0211 ST sets. The 0211 DC irons feature a dual layer of polymer inside the head which helps preserve the maximum amount for energy. These are most certainly distance irons for high to mid handicappers.

The 0211 ST irons on the other hand have a solid-body design and have been triple forged for exceptional feel and enhanced workability. These blade irons feature a muscle back design and offer exceptional greenside spin control which makes them ideal for low handicap players.

Distance: 94/100

Accuracy: 94/100

Forgiveness: 92/100

Feel & Control: 92/100

Overall Rating: 93/100

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Who Are The G410 Irons For

The Ping G410 Irons are made for high handicappers and improving players. The wide sole, generous lofts and low COG make these irons easy to hit and get into the air.

These irons are also going to be generating impressive distance and consistency.

Ping G Family Of Irons

As always, these ping game improvement irons build on the success of the G400’s and improve the looks and add some workabilty for better players and mid handicappers.

They’ve followed by the G425 irons which are more compact and more beginner friendly.

Distance: 93/100

Accuracy: 94/100

Forgiveness: 94/100

Feel And Control: 90/100

Overall Score: 93/100

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