Project X LZ Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

Project X LZ Shaft

In recent years, Project X has been making a contrived effort to appeal to more kinds of players.

Of course, the standard Project X iron shafts have been wildly popular among pros and amateurs. But what about the rest of us?

Well, Project X has heard our laments and responded with an array of less boardy iron shafts for the average golfer.

One line that was launched for such players was the Project X LZ. We tested the Project X LZ shafts to see what kind of performance we could get out of them and who they are best for.

Project X LZ Shaft Overview

The Project X LZ comes in two finishes: brushed chrome and blackout.

While we were unable to get our hands on the blackout versions, we are confident that we would like them more.

Unfortunately, the chrome finish can easily catch glare and the reflectiveness can be a bi distracting at address.

But we digress. Most of us really liked the feel of this shaft. There is a clear action that occurs in the mid section. However, the butt and tip sections feel stiff – and the launch monitor data proved it.

Our dispersion window was never wider than 12 yards. So in the end, you’re left with a shaft that produces good smash factor and is accurate at the same time.

The loading and unloading was distinct but smooth for the most part. The Project X LZ only begins to feel stout when you venture towards the heavier versions.

But if you stay under 120 grams, you get a very fluid and soft feel.

And in case you are wondering, there are four weight classes to choose from – more evidence that Project X is trying to appeal to as many kinds of golfers as possible.

Why is the Project X LZ So Popular?

As we have been alluding to up to this point in the review, the Project X LZ seems to have been built for broad appeal.

We can see how a wide array of high to mid handicap golfers could use it effectively. So if the Project X LZ truly is popular, it’s probably because it appeals to many kinds of golfers.

How Does the Project X LZ Perform?

You hear a lot about the “feel” of shafts.

And most people assume that feel is strictly referring to the sensory experience you get from the shaft – how it feels during transition, the sensation you get in your hands etc.

But feel should also refer to workability. Because you can only work the ball if you can get a good sense of how the shaft is going to perform. And to get that sense, the shaft has to offer acute feel.

The Project X LZ offers that kind of feel. The workability and control were very impressive. We were able to flight the ball up or down with the Project X LZ shaft.

Naturally, it produces a mid/high launch but it can be brought down pretty easily when needed. The spin rates were on the high side which improves stopping power.

We were also getting nice draws out of this shaft but were also able to tighten up a bit.

The Project X LZ isn’t exactly “point and shoot” but you can get close to straight flight out of it on pure shots. We were averaging 154.2 yards with the 7-iron after three swings each.

Shaft Specs

Specs Project X LZ
Available flexes Regular+ , regular, stiff, extra stiff
Weight 110g, 115g, 120g, 125g
Butt .600”
Tip .355”
Length 36.5” – 40”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

Regular+ should be reserved for slow swingers (under 80 MPH).

Regular and stiff would probably be good for players in the 85 – 95 MPH range while extra stiff is good for 95+ MPH swingers.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The 110 and 115 gram versions of this shaft would likely suit players in the range of 80 – 90 MPH.

The 120 and 125 gram versions should help powerful swingers in the 95+ MPH range.

Why is it So Good?

Project X LZ Shaft1

The Project X LZ shaft is good because it allows you to achieve the shot shape you need on any given hole.

Project X LZ First Impressions

Project X LZ Shaft2

We were first impressed by the fact that this is a lively shaft that still manages to be accurate.

The activity of this shaft can be felt on almost every kind of swing; but the dispersion remains consistently tight – a very impressive combination.

Key Features & Performance

Project X says they used something called “loading zone technology” for this shaft.

We’re not sure exactly what that technology actually is but we do know that the Project X LZ delivers on promises of smooth feel. You get the classic Project X feel in a shaft that is much more active.

Project X LZ Irons Review

Like the Project X IO shafts, the Project X LZ will help you attack the pin more aggressively.

Our testers were able to stick the green consistently on long par 4’s with these shafts.

Project X LZ Wedges Review

The ability to shape your shot at will really comes through in the wedges.

The Project X LZ maintains a smooth feel from tight lies and offers plenty of spin to hold fast greens.

Project X LZ Pros & Cons


  • Comes in a blackout finish
  • Tight dispersion
  • Controllable launch
  • Good feedback
  • Good distance on pure strikes


  • Sometimes there was too much feedback

Project X LZ Shaft1

Overall Score: 96/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The Project X LZ would most benefit the mid handicap player who wants to be able to work the ball more effectively.

The feel you get from this shaft is phenomenal which translates to better controllability.

The Project X LZ would also appeal to any player who wants the accuracy of a steel iron shaft coupled with a more lively feel.

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