Ping i530 Irons Review – Are They Any Good? What Handicap?

“The 2024 i530 irons from Ping are a hollow body, players distance iron aimed at mid handicap golfers.”

The compact head, with its thin top line and narrow soles will give a players look but these hollow body irons also deliver on distance and forgiveness.

Key changes from the I525’s include strengthened lofts, A Lower, deeper COG, A nicer sound and feel as well as more distance.

The I530’s added 10 yards to every club for me, but the lofts are stronger.

What Handicap Are the Ping i530’s Irons for?

“The Ping i530’s are desigened for mid handicap golfers looking for accuracy, distance and forgiveness all in one.”

Ping is one of the only companies that does the dot colour system for the lie angle so it will suit certain cohorts of golfers like taller players by deafult.

Besides that these irons are strong loft but they also get a solid apex height and descent angle for stopping power on the greens.

A mid handicap player who strikes their irons consistency will be able to hunt the pin from further out and that is the main goal of these irons. It’s for mid handicappers who want to become low handicappers.

Are the Ping i530 Irons Forged?

“The face insert is fully forged but the body of the irons is not. This leads to a nicer sound and feel off the face without full forging.”

The body of the irons is hollow and the back wall of the face has been thinned to increase flex, forgiveness and MOI.

There is urethane behind the face and the i530’s do sound nicer than the i525’s, smoother.

Are The Ping i530 Irons Forgiving?

“Forgivness is not the key selling point of the i530’s. These are not for high handicap golfers.”

The blade is compact yet forgiving yet they are aimed at golfers who hit the ball consistently well and want to end up closer to the pin from further out and shave strokes off their round.

High handicappers would be better off looking at the G730 or the G430 irons from Ping.

Ping i530 Irons First Impressions

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Ping i530 Irons – First Impressions

“They look similar to the i525’s but a little boxier and stronger looking. Then you get them on the trackman and they sound better and fly longer.”

The i520’s are a hollow body players distance iron aimed at mid handicap players who want to pin hunt from further out in the hopes of increases the number of birdies they can get without sacrificing performance.

The back wall of the face has been thinned to increase smash factor, flex and forgiveness. The polymer inside the head ensures a powerful yet smooth sound and feel.

The lofts have been strengthened and the COG has been lowered and deepened to ensure more distance while keeping spin rates and stopping power at acceptable levels.

The heads do look nice and compact at address but there is enough club there to inspire confidence and produce impressive distances.

Extra grooves have been added to increase spin rates and overall they are a nice upgrade on the i525’s.

Ping i530 Irons Selling Points

  • Forged Face Insert With Thinner Back Wall For Added Flex
  • Strengthened Lofts in these hollow body players distance irons.
  • Confidence inspiring blade style clubs
  • More distance means pin hunting from further out.
  • 2 Extra Milled Grooves To Increase Spin And Stopping Power.
  • Bulkier more powerful looking design than the i525’s
  • Improved Sound And Feel

Who Are the Ping I530 Irons for?

“The Ping i530s are for mid handicappers looking for accuracy and distance to get the ball closer to the hole from further out. ”

To put it simply, the i530 irons are mid handicappers who want more birdies and have their eyes on becomming low handicappers in the future.

It is a blade like iron with more forgivness and more distance. These sound and feel powerful and they also get a good descent angle due to the lower and deeper COG.

Added to that is the two extra grooves added to the face which gives stopping power and higher spin rates.

The clubs are for players who can hit the sweet spot consistently and rewards this consistency with accuracy and precision.

Overall a solid set of irons are worth checking out if you are in the highly competitve players distance iron market.

Distance: 97/100

Accuracy: 97/100

Forgiveness: 92/100

Feel & Control: 94/100

Overall Score: 95/100


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