Ping G730 Irons Review – Are They Forgiving & Good for High Handicappers?

“The G730’s from Ping promise to be the brands longest and most forgiving irons of all time. Almost like a super game improvement iron for high handicappers”

Ping G730 Overview

“The G730 irons promise to be the longest and most forgiving irons that Ping have ever produced.”

Looking at the design it is hard to argue. Thick Top Line, Chunky Soles And A Large Tall Face Inspire A Ton Of Confidence.

So These Irons are long and forgiving, so what is the downside?

Well, they are not as accurate as a more slender set of irons, so it won’t suit the game of the better players.

The irons sound as powerful as they look too, almost like a thunder clap which won’t endear the hearts of every golfer.

In terms of looks, they are big and chunky. They look similar to the G430’s, with a more sleek look around the bottom of the clubs.

We see a lot of the characteristics of Ping clubs in the G730’s. The Tungsten Screw in the head and another weight in the hosel.

The Heat Treated face is now thinner as well, to induce even more distance.

The Lofts are stronger than the G430’s which equals more distance and less spin. The set starts from a 5 iron.

Overall a very effective set of clubs at what they do. A set that will suit higher handicap golfers.

Are The Ping G730 Irons Forgiving?

” Yes, these are the most forgiving irons that Ping have ever produced.

Long, straight ,and forgiving, with minimal workability and a lower flight path.

Lower spin rates add to the forgiveness but they will lack stopping power on the greens.

Are The Ping G730 Irons Good for High Handicappers?

“Yes, these are specifically aimed at high handicappers.”

Players they know they are unlikely to improve too miuch in the future. ie play once or twice per month.

Seniors who now prioritize forgiveness and distance more and players who generally struggle to hit their irons.

How Do The Ping G730 Irons Look?

They look big, thick top line, big chunky soles and a massive face.

These clubs are almost like mini hybrids, easy to hit long and straight but lacking accuracy and workability.

Should you Buy the Ping G730 Irons?

Yes, these are a set of clubs that you should consider purchasing.

They are excellent quality and the performance is in the higher tier bracket.

Ping Irons also hold their value incredibly well and Ping offers adjustable lie angles to boot.

That being said, if you are a high handicapper for life, a second hand set of Pings will also get the job done well.

Ping G730 Irons Category

Category: Super Game Improvement Irons

Ping G730 First Impressions

“The Irons are long, forgiving and well, quite loud at impact too.”

We see all the hallmarks of the Ping Irons with the deep cavity back, the tungsten weight in the toe and the matching weight in the hosel. We also have the patented Hing towards the heel of the club to add flex to the face.

The Irons look similar to the G430’s except they are bigger and look a little bit more clean cut towards the bottom.

The Pru Flex cavity badge is also present to give a smoother look and feel to the clubs.

When hitting the clubs, they are confidence inspiring. It felt just like hitting a hybrid, in fact, the face was even a little bigger and more inviting.

The problem we encountered was the lower spin rates and the ball running off the back of the green at times.

Ping G730 Selling Points

  • Thinner Face For More Energy Transfer
  • Super Chunky Soles That Enduce An Extra 5 Yards Of Distance
  • Massive sweet spot that inspires confidence.
  • Pur Flex Cavity Badge For Smoother Impact
  • Large, Powerful Sound On Impact
  • Most Forgiving Iron In The Range

Ping G730 Loft & Lie

Club Loft (degrees)
4-iron N/A
5-iron 21.5
6-iron 24.5
7-iron 28
8-iron 32
9-iron 36
PW 40
AW 45
GW 50
SW 54

Who Are the Ping G730 Irons for?

There is no doubt that these irons are catered towards high handicappers, senior players(Correct Shaft) and those who are new to the game.

You are not going to draw the ball around too many Dog Legs with the G730’s but they are great and keeping the ball moving long and straight.

You get what you see with the G730’s, they play how they look, long and straight.

There is no doubt that these are excellent clubs but consider a second hand set if you are new to the game or are a high handicpper for life. There are cheaper options offering similar performance.

Always get your shaft game on point as well.

Distance: 98/100

Accuracy: 92/100

Forgiveness: 97/100

Feel & Control: 88/100

Overall Score: 94/100


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