Ping G430 Vs Titleist T350 Irons Comparison Overview

Ping G430 Vs Titleist T350 Irons

Ping has been a big name in game improvement clubs for decades now.

And while Titleist has submitted some solid GI clubs here and there in the past, their brand isn’t synonymous with forgiveness the way that Ping’s is.

So I was really interested to see the results of this test. I played the Titleist T350’s and the Ping G430 irons back-to-back to see which was the better overall game improvement iron.

Read on to find out which irons came out on top.

Ping G430 Irons Overview

“The Ping G430 irons feature a Hyper 17-4, heat-treated stainless steel face insert and a special badge that increases face flexion.”

When I looked down at both irons side-by-side, they were very similar. The only significant difference was that the Ping G430 irons have wider soles. But the blade is pretty short and the head isn’t massive.

The Ping G430’s have pretty strong lofts but they are tempered with the tungsten weighting that keeps the CG low. Overall, the G430’s produce a mid high launch that can be worked down a bit.

The G430’s also have minimal offset. While I liked the look of the G430’s I found them less forgiving than the T350’s. When I opened up my swing, I had trouble finding the sweet spot.

Instead, I had to take very controlled swings if I wanted max distance and accuracy from these irons.

Titleist T350 Irons Overview


“The Titleist T350 irons have a hollow body design and forged face inserts.”

And while the profile of the Titleist T350 irons is similar to the G430’s, I had a better time hitting the sweet spot consistently with the T350’s.

The T350’s played longer as well. My average carry with the 7-iron in this set was 148.7 yards compared to 143.4 yards with the G430 7-iron.

The launch angles were similar though. They are both fairly high-launching irons. I liked the consistency of the Titleist T350 irons.

The forged face insert felt solid and I got very comfortable with the repeatable distances of these irons.

“The dispersion of the Titleist T350 irons was also predictable while the Ping G430 irons were a little more erratic. Amazingly, I think the Titleist T350’s are better game improvement irons.

They play longer, they are more consistent and they are slightly more forgiving than the Ping G430 irons.”

Ping G430 Irons First Impressions

The first thing to notic about the G430’s is the size. These are large game improvement irons with thick soles, built for distance and forgivness.

The shorter hosel stands out too, with the offset of the club. It helps to lower CG and get the ball flying higher.

There’s a bit of color on the back too with the Purflex cavity badge. This dampens vibrations on mishits and it houses 7 striking zones which produce straight and high shots even when you don’t connect flush.

The visible screw in the toe stands out too. There is another weight in the hosel tip and this increases MOI across the face. These irons will fly high and straight even when you don’t connect flush.

The other thing that stands out is the lower lofts, the main reason for the distance. With that being said the CG is lower and there is an extra degree of bounce so you can still the ball in the air easily.

The 3% thinner face ensures a faster ball speed on impact and the Hydropearl 2.0 finish ensures you can game these irons effectively in any weather.

The G430’s are a serious contender overall in the game improvement market in 2023.

Titleist T350 – First Impressions

Titleist T350 Irons3

“I liked the fact that there isn’t a lot going on with the Titleist T350 irons.”

There is very little physical business in these irons. The cavity plate is plain and unremarkable and the shaping of the head is closer to a traditional blade.

I was expecting beauty from these Titleist irons and they didn’t disappoint.

When I started swinging them, I liked the fact that the launch angles I was getting were low.

This may confound higher handicap players who do better distance-wise with steep launch angles.

But for my aggressive swing and swing speed, the launch was perfect.

On the other hand, I was finding it difficult to stick on greens with anything longer than the 7-iron in this set.

Ping G430 Iron Selling Points

  • Lower COG and Increased Bounce
  • PurFlex Cavity Badge
  • 3% Thinner Face
  • Stronger Lofts
  • 2 MPH More Ball Speed & 7 – 10 Yards Longer
  • 7 Hitting Zones Behind The Face
  • Hydropearl 2.0 Finish

Titleist T350 Irons – Selling Points

  • Hollow body design
  • Tungsten weighting
  • Forged face
  • Trailing edge relief
  • Strong trajectory
  • Special brazing process for the tungsten weights
  • Vokey variable bounce soles

Who Are The Ping G430 Irons for?

The Ping G430 irons are certainly game improvement.

They are long, fast and forgiving but won’t be as good at shaping shots.

High handicappers are almost certainly going to need a game-improvement iron and the G430’s are right up there with the best.

Mid to Low Handicappers who struggle with consistency in their irons will also love the increased distance and forgiveness of the G430’s.

The Ping G430 Lofts

Ping G430 Club

Degree Of Loft




25.5 o


29 o


33 o


37 o


41 o


45.5 o


50 o


54 o


58 o

Distance: 97/100

Forgiveness: 95/100

Accuracy: 95/100

Feel & Control: 93/100

Overall Score: 96/100

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Who Are the Titleist T350 Irons for?

Titleist T350 Irons4

I feel that the Titleist T350 irons would be most beneficial for players in the 15 to 25 handicap range.

As Titleist irons, they naturally have some workability even though they are game improvement irons.

But they also have a generous head shape compared to other Titleist GI irons so 20-25 handicappers will have an easier time with them.

If your club path is still inconsistent, the Titleist T350 irons can’t do much for you as the dispersion isn’t automatically tight.

But if you are reasonably accurate, the Titleist T350 irons will get you where you need to go.

The T Series Family of Irons

Included in the T series of irons from Titleist is the Titleist T400 set.

The Titleist T400 irons are the most forgiving in the series and are best for beginners and high handicappers.

They don’t offer the same kind of responsive feel as the Titleist T350 irons; but they have a more expansive sweet spot for players who struggle with accuracy.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the T100 irons which are best for single-digit handicappers.

Distance: 97/100

Accuracy: 96/100

Forgiveness: 96/100

Feel And Control: 97/100

Titleist T350 Irons3

Overall Score: 97/100

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