Ping G425 Vs. PXG 0811 Driver Comparison Overview

When shopping for a new driver, it’s always a good idea to go in for a fitting. However, not all of us have the time or discretionary income to get fitted. That doesn’t mean you can’t get vital information on clubs that you are considering buying though.

We continue to offer players the next best thing to a fitting: comparison overviews of the key features of popular drivers. So join us as we take a look at the most important aspects of the PXG 0811 and the Ping G425 drivers.

Ping G425 Driver Overview

The Ping G425 driver was made to be forgiving and provide high to mid handicappers the distance they need on their drives.

So exactly how long is the Ping G425 driver? The slower swing speed testers (82-91 MPH) in our group were able to send the ball an average of 265 yards while the max distance was 271 yards. Pretty impressive overall.

The feel of the forged titanium face insert was also spectacular. Ball speed was considerably high even though the spin rate off the tee was higher than where we like it to be. The Ping G425 also features a 26 gram sliding tungsten weight that can be set to the draw, neutral or fade position.

This was a nice feature for all our testers as the higher handicap testers were able to get straight shots while the lower handicap testers were able to use the sliding weight to work the ball.

The G410 driver is a bit less forgiving overall than the G425 but some of our testers liked the more streamlined head and increased workability.

PXG 0811 Driver Overview

The PXG 0811 features 16 moveable weights that allow for an almost unlimited amount of sole weight and CG options.

Right off the bat, you will need an accurate swing to get any use out of this driver. While it is almost infinitely versatile what with the moveable weights and adjustable hosel; none of that will help unless you are able to swing fast and stay true on your downswing.

That being said, the better testers in our group liked the PXG 0811 driver more and were getting slightly better distances of about 274 yards on average.

However, if you do want a more accessible version of the PXG 0811 there is always the 0811XF which has a larger face profile than the original PXG 0811 that makes it significantly more forgiving.

The Ping G425 driver would be a good choice for any player with a swing speed between about 80 and 90MPH who also wants to prioritize forgiveness and feel. The PXG 0811 driver would be better suited to players in the fast swing speed range who can work the ball at will from the tee.

PXG 0811 Driver

In 20 Words or Less

The 0811 driver is a great option for any player that likes lots options based on the hole they’re playing.

Ping G425 Drivers

In 20 Words Or Less

One of the most respected drivers in the game today, Feel and Control set this apart from the competition

PXG 0811 Driver First Impressions

At first glance, we could see that the shape of the 0811 driver face was unique. It was deep (or tall depending on how you want to put it) and made for excellent spin ratio.

Right off the bat, the PXG 0811 driver played long. It worked to dramatically reduce spin off the tee and produced high-arcing shots.

Carry distance was also impressive. To say that this driver played long would be an understatement. Still, for all the distance, the 0811 driver is surprisingly forgiving.

PXG claims that by using a robotic face polishing process, they were able to add a slight curvature to the face. This may be what enhances the spin correction at impact and the forgiveness of this driver.

The 0811 Family

The 0811 driver family also includes the 0811 X Proto driver. The X Proto is the more forgiving driver but it does produce significantly more spin than the standard 0811.

Ping G425 Drivers – First Impressions

The Club is pretty understated in it’s design, it’s all black with some white logo writing and you can immediately notice the adjustable weighting in the back that can iron out any inherent flaws in your swing.

The weight on the back is tungsten and weighs 26g, the ultra light internal dragon fly crown allows for more weight in the back and face which is a forged insert, delivering incredible ball speed and accuracy.

The head is packing huge MOI of over 10,000, and it incorprates and ultralight hosel insert and internal ribbing for unrivalled feel, forgiveness and competitive distance.

The club comes in three formats:

The max will suit mid to high handicappers

The LST has a smaller 445cc head for the consistent mid to low to pro players

The SFT is the most forgiving of the drivers and best for beginners who tend to slice

Overall the G425 has excellent feel and consistent and rightfully takes its place as one of the top premium drivers on the market right now.

PXG 0811 Selling Points

  • Hybrid crown design
  • Titanium alloy face
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Sloped crown
  • Slight curvature of the face enhances forgiveness
  • Aluminum vapor process enhances crown stiffness

Ping G425 Driver – Selling Points

  • 26g Adjustable Weight In The Heel
  • Ultra Light Carbon Crown With Internal Dragon Fly Technology
  • Forged Face Insert For Incredible Ball Speeds
  • Version To Suit All Levels Of Player
  • Exceptional Feel And Consistency
  • Arcoss Smart Sensors Included

PXG 0811 Driver  – Who is it for?

This driver would be a good choice for anyone who is looking for a combination of distance and feel.

The minimal spin of this driver can’t be denied. The deep face works in conjunction with the low, back weighting to produce high-arcing shots that carry further.

This is also a surprisingly long driver for PXG. The sloped crown will help if you have a downward attack on your drives.

Of course, the PXG 0811 feels excellent. But we would expect nothing less from a PXG club.

Distance: 94/100

Accuracy: 92/100

Forgiveness: 94/100

Feel & Control: 98/100

Overall Rating: 95/100

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Who Are The G425 Drivers For

These drivers are suitable for all players, they are fast hitting, consistent and forgiving with endless adjust ability. Just best sure to select the right option of club for your game.

Ping G425 Family Of Irons

The Max is the middle of the road driver in the G425 range. It offers tons of distance and consistency without sacrificing on forgiveness.

The LST has a smaller head and is for better players who want to hone in on the feel and workability of the driver. This one sacrifices a bit of forgiviness for more feel and distance. Perfect for better players.

The SFT is the most forgiving and easiest to hit out of the 3 versions. This one is going to suit beginner and high handicappers the best.

Distance: 94/100

Accuracy: 97/100

Forgiveness: 96/100

Feel And Control: 936/100

Overall Score: 97/100

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