Ping G425 Vs Callaway Epic Max Drivers Comparison And Review 2021

There are definitely some interesting parallels between these two drivers. In fact, if you are in the market for a new driver and you’re a high to mid handicapper, you have probably taken a look at both the Ping G425 and the Callaway Epic Max.

Still, it’s hard to determine the key differences between any two clubs without getting fitted for them or testing them for yourself. We’ve got the next best thing though. We tested these two drivers and recorded our findings in the following article.

Ping G425 Driver Overview

The Ping G425 has a nice feel thanks to all the titanium that was loaded into the head – however, higher handicap players will have a bit of trouble with it.

That’s because it isn’t the most forgiving driver compared to the Epic Max. The face does a good job of maintaining high MOI around the perimeter but that’s pretty much the only forgiveness help you’re going to get out of this driver.

Still, mid to low handicap players will love the forged titanium face that you can really feel when you smack the ball dead-center with this driver. The 26 gram adjustable tungsten weight can also be placed in a draw, neutral or fade position for precise shot shaping.

Callaway Epic Max Driver Overview

The Callaway Epic Max driver will be much more congenial for high to mid handicappers and it even has some of the same premium features as the Ping G425.

Like the Ping G425, the Epic Max driver has a rear sliding weight. Although, the weight on the Epic Max is only 16 grams as opposed to 26 grams. The face of the Epic Max driver is also made from a highly resilient titanium alloy.

The Epic Max has a forgiveness advantage in the Flash Face Cup design that enhances MOI more than the Ping G425 driver. It was really easy for us to square up to the ball with this driver and get long, straight shots.

In general, the Epic Max played longer but mostly because it was easier to hit straight shots with it. If you can find the sweet spot of the Ping G425, it will play just as long as the Epic Max.

The difference between these two drivers essentially comes down to forgiveness. If you want the more forgiving driver, go with the Callaway Epic Max.

Ping G425 Drivers

In 20 Words Or Less

One of the most respected drivers in the game today, Feel and Control set this apart from the competition

Callaway Epic Max Drivers

In 20 Words or Less

Designed by Artificial Intelligence, this clubs offers the full package: Distance, Forgiveness & Accuracy.

Ping G425 Drivers – First Impressions

The Club is pretty understated in it’s design, it’s all black with some white logo writing and you can immediately notice the adjustable weighting in the back that can iron out any inherent flaws in your swing.

The weight on the back is tungsten and weighs 26g, the ultra light internal dragon fly crown allows for more weight in the back and face which is a forged insert, delivering incredible ball speed and accuracy.

The head is packing huge MOI of over 10,000, and it incorprates and ultralight hosel insert and internal ribbing for unrivalled feel, forgiveness and competitive distance.

The club comes in three formats:

The max will suit mid to high handicappers

The LST has a smaller 445cc head for the consistent mid to low to pro players

The SFT is the most forgiving of the drivers and best for beginners who tend to slice

Overall the G425 has excellent feel and consistent and rightfully takes its place as one of the top premium drivers on the market right now.

Epic Max Driver – First Impressions

Right away, we could see that the Callaway Epic Max driver was big and bad. We couldn’t wait to get it out to the range and see what it was capable of.

This driver is built with A.I to optimize the placement of the weighting for high launching straighter shots but you can also adjust the weighting with a simple slider.

The Jailbreak bars add stability while the 360 flash cup face offers an incredible ball speed on impact.

The Callaway Epic Max did not disappoint in any category. Not only does it play further than most drivers; it also offers an increased level of forgiveness and consistency.

The Epic Max features a 16g sliding weight that allows you to control ball flight.

The Epic Family

The Epic Speed is the only driver in the family to lack a sliding weight.

The Epic Max LS has a 13g sliding weight and is more compact than the Epic Max. It also produces less spin for ultimate forgiveness and fairway finding for those with less consistent strokes.

Ping G425 Driver – Selling Points

  • 26g Adjustable Weight In The Heel
  • Ultra Light Carbon Crown With Internal Dragon Fly Technology
  • Forged Face Insert For Incredible Ball Speeds
  • Version To Suit All Levels Of Player
  • Exceptional Feel And Consistency
  • Arcoss Smart Sensors Included

Callaway Epic Max Selling Points

  • Produces straight shots
  • Plays long & Forgiving
  • Weight Opitmization
  • Internal Jailbreak Bars
  • Triaxial carbon crown
  • 16g adjustable weight
  • Flash Face SS21
  • A.I. designed

Who Are The G425 Drivers For

These drivers are suitable for all players, they are fast hitting, consistent and forgiving with endless adjust ability. Just best sure to select the right option of club for your game.

Ping G425 Family Of Irons

The Max is the middle of the road driver in the G425 range. It offers tons of distance and consistency without sacrificing on forgiveness.

The LST has a smaller head and is for better players who want to hone in on the feel and workability of the driver. This one sacrifices a bit of forgiviness for more feel and distance. Perfect for better players.

The SFT is the most forgiving and easiest to hit out of the 3 versions. This one is going to suit beginner and high handicappers the best.

Distance: 94/100

Accuracy: 97/100

Forgiveness: 96/100

Feel And Control: 936/100

Overall Score: 97/100

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Callaway Epic Max – Who Is It For?

This driver would be a solid choice for any high, mid or low handicapper in need of distance and forgiveness.

The Epic Max driver inherently produces straight shots so that will help beginners as well. However, the sliding weight does open things up a bit in terms of ball flight.

We like that the head and sole are oversized as well. This will be a comforting site for beginners at point of address.

Epic Driver Family

The Epic Speed is for high speed swingers looking for maximum distance while giving up some forgiveness.

The Max offers distance but also more forgivness

The LS model is a low spin version that caters for those who struggle with consistency in their drivers.

Distance: 94/100

Accuracy: 93/100

Forgiveness: 95/100

Feel & Control: 91/100

Overall Rating: 94/100

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