Are the Ping G30 Fairway Woods Still Good? Are They Forgiving for High Handicappers?

Ping G30 Fairway Woods

“Even the Ping G30 fairway woods came out nearly a decade ago, they have the air of a modern set of fairway woods.”

We recently tested the Ping G25 and Ping G20 fairway woods. So when it came time to test the Ping G30 woods, we were blown away at how much had changed.

Especially since not a lot changed between the G20’s and the G25’s.

The difference between the Ping G30 and the Ping G25’s is pretty stark. With the G30’s it seemed that Ping was really wanting to make a splash.

Still, the Ping G30’s came out in 2014. Can 9 year old fairway woods be any good by 2023’s standards? We took to the range to find out.

Are the Ping G30 Fairway Woods Still Good?

“We don’t want to give too much away too early but we have to say that we didn’t find many flaws in the Ping G30’s.”

The Ping G30 fairway woods sport a slew of new features compared to the Ping G25 woods.

For instance, now we have an adjustable loft sleeve that allows for five different loft settings. The material of the face has also been upgraded to high-strength  475 carpenter steel.

When taken as a complete package, the Ping G30 resembles modern Ping fairway woods much more closely than the Ping G25’s.

And you can get them for a price significantly lower than new Ping woods so yes, we must say that the Ping G30 woods are still good.

Speaking from a performance standpoint, the Ping G30’s still offer what the G series is known for: easy launch and forgiveness.

The Ping G30 fairway woods are every bit as forgiving as the G25’s; but with an added focus on distance.

One of the caveats that the G25 and G20 fairway woods shared was that they weren’t exceptionally long woods.

The Ping G30’s have addressed that with a lighter overall design and the crown “turbulators” that cut down on drag.

So if, like us, you love the forgiveness factor of older G series woods but always wanted more distance, the Ping G30’s may be the answer to your prayers.

Are the Ping G30’s Good for High Handicappers?

“The Ping G30 is not only good for high handicappers; we can definitely see mid and low handicappers get good use from it too.”

For now, let’s stick with high handicappers. The Ping G30 woods have a light feel in the hands and on the downswing.

For our higher handicap testers, this meant slightly faster swing speeds (1-3 MPH improvements during our testing session).

Our launch monitor data also confirmed that we were getting good club head speed as well (upwards of 99 MPH).

The Ping G30 woods also have fairly deep face profiles which makes low-face shots fly higher and farther.

The carpenter steel face can also be made to be thinner so more of the face acts like a springboard for the ball.

In reality, we were only getting punished with ball speed loss and pushes when we heeled the ball pretty seriously.

For the most part, our testers were getting consistent fades and draws with divergences in the 8-11 yard range. This kind of easy accuracy is great for high handicappers.

Even better for high handicappers is the improved swing speed which, for us, resulted in an average carry distance of 258.4 yards after three swings.

Ping G30 3 Wood Review

Off the tee, the Ping G30 fairway wood was producing carry distance akin to our gamer drivers.

It truly feels light and nimble throughout your swing so it would appear that the turbulators and thinner face really do make a difference.

The Ping G30 3-wood has a 167cc head too so it’s big and plenty forgiving.

Ping G30 5 Wood Review

The 5-wood produces a mid high launch. Our better testers were able to flight it down on punch shots too.

The Ping G30 5-wood has a 151cc head.

Ping G30 7 Wood Review

The Ping G30 7-wood was as viable out of the rough as it was on the fairway.

It launches high and features a 145cc head.

Ping G30 First Impressions

Ping G30 Fairway Woods1

“Our first impression was that the features of the Ping G30 fairway wood reminded us a lot of modern Ping woods.”

Namely, the adjustable loft sleeve. This feature alone makes the Ping G30 very versatile and a viable play for most handicaps.

Ping G30 Fairway Woods Selling Points

  • Moderate spin rates
  • Excellent carry distance
  • Reduced drag on the downswing
  • Low CG
  • They play longer than previous G models

Ping G30 Key Technology

“The technology used to make the Ping G30 woods is still used in some modern Ping clubs.”

475 Carpenter Steel Face: This is a very resilient type of metal so it was milled thinner to save on weight without detracting from stability and flex.

Crown Turbulators: These are essentially fins on the top of the crown that work to cut through the air faster and as alignment markers.

Adjustable Hosel: The adjustable hosel allows your fitter to fine-tune the flight to match your swing speed/type.

Ping G30 Fairway Wood Specs

Club Loft (degrees) Lie (degrees) Length (inches)
3 Wood 14.5 57 43
5 Wood 18 57.5 42.50
7 Wood 21 58 42

Who Should Buy the Ping G30 Fairway Woods?

Ping G30 Fairway Woods2

“So do 9-year old fairway woods have anything to offer golfers in 2023?”

If you’re talking about the Ping G30 fairway woods, the answer is an emphatic yes.

What we really like about these woods is that the weight placement moves up in the head a little bit in the 5 and 7 woods.

This may appeal to stronger swingers and lower handicap players since it will mute some of that pesky spin.

But even the 3-wood delivered moderate spin so these are great woods for not only forgiveness; but distance as well.

Distance: 98/100

Forgiveness: 97/100

Workability: 96/100

Overall Performance: 97/100

Value: 96/100

Ping G30 Fairway Woods

Overall Score: 97/100

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