Ping G20 Hybrid Review 2023 – Is it Good for High Handicappers & Forgiving?

Ping G20 Hybrid1

“If you are familiar with the Ping G15 hybrid, you can expect very similar performance from the Ping G20 hybrid with a couple of key changes.”

The G series of clubs from Ping are well-known to cater to high handicappers.

That was true when the Ping G20 hybrid came out and remains true in 2023. Still, this is an older golf club and it seems like manufacturers are coming out with new technology every year.

We have been revisiting the older G series clubs in our recent round of testing/reviews and we couldn’t possibly leave out the Ping G20 hybrid.

We know the Ping G20 hybrid is meant to be forgiving and provide optimal launch conditions for high handicappers. But does it deliver on these promises?

And what else, if anything, does it bring to the table. In the following review, we will be telling you everything you need to know about the Ping G20 hybrid so read on!

What Year Did the Ping G20 Hybrid Come Out?

The Ping G20 hybrid came out in the summer of 2011.

It was intended to replace the wildly popular Ping G15 hybrid. Surprisingly, Ping didn’t change much in the way of aesthetics from the G15 to the G20.

The color scheme is the same. However, the Ping G20 is a bit more compact than the G15.

Key Features

Refined Leading Edge

The front edge of the sole has been smoothed out so that it moves through the rough better.

One of the things we really liked about the Ping G15 hybrid is that tall turf didn’t seem to affect the openness or closedness of the face.

The same is true of the Ping G20 hybrid. In fact, the Ping G20 hybrid feels even smoother from the rough and other tough lies.

Offset Hosel

Behind the ball you can see how much offset the hosel produces.

This will surely be a turn-off for better players; but for high handicappers it’s a welcome sight.

The offset hosel makes it easier to square the face at address so that more of your balls fly true to your intended line.

Low CG Placement

Most game improvement clubs strive to deliver low CG for higher launch. And most GI clubs succeed.

But not many GI hybrids feature forward-oriented weighting. The weighting of the Ping G20 is low but more forward that what you would expect from a club intended for high handicappers.

Moving the weight a bit closer to the face effectively stymies spin for longer carry distance.

Is it Good for High Handicappers?

“One of the things we noticed when we tested the G15 hybrid was that it launched high; almost too high.”

Ping seems to have remedied that in the Ping G20 hybrid. The trajectory is a bit lower than the G15 hybrid which is really good if you tend to send the ball ballooning or if you tend to play in high-wind areas.

The Ping G20 will help high handicappers keep their balls out of the wind and achieve better carry distance.

The Ping G20 is just as forgiving as the Ping G15 hybrid. No matter where you make contact, you will get very good ball speed and distance.

The sound and feel were also very nice on mis-hits. Perhaps too nice. It was hard to tell judging by sound or feel when we mis-hit.

The Ping G20 plays longer than the G15 hybrid mainly by reducing spin rates.

While this detracts from stopping power, it’s nice to see that Ping made this hybrid longer for higher handicap players.

Available Shafts

  • Ping TFC 169H
  • Ping TFC 169H Tour
  • GrafAlloy ProLite

Is the Ping G20 Worth it?

“If you are in need of a forgiving hybrid, definitely.”

As long as you don’t mind a drop-off in stopping power, the Ping G20 is definitely worth the price (typically around $100).

Ping G20 Hybrid

Ping G20 Hybrid

In 20 Words or Less

“An upgrade over the G15 in almost every way. The Ping G20 is long, flies straight and is plenty forgiving.”

Ping G20 Selling Points

  • Low spin rates
  • Mid launch
  • Iron-like appearance
  • Good forgiveness
  • Great turf interaction

Ping G20 Hybrid First Impressions

Ping G20 Hybrid3

“We had recently tested and reviewed the G15 hybrid so the first thing we noticed when it came time to check out the G20 was that the head was slightly smaller.”

You still get the iron-like appearance at address but with a slightly smaller head than the G15 hybrid.

The top line and face profile definitely look more like an iron than they do a fairway wood or even a modern hybrid for that matter.

It’s clear that Ping wanted to make the Ping G20 hybrid look as much like an iron as possible without skimping on forgiveness.

Is the Ping G20 Hybrid Adjustable?

In 2011, Ping wasn’t making clubs with a ton of adjustability.

Unlike woods that Ping would release just a few years later, the Ping G20 hybrid does not feature an adjustable hosel or moveable weights.

How Much is the Ping G20 Hybrid?

It’s important to note that Ping no longer produces the G20 hybrid.

So you will most likely have to buy it pre-owned. The price for a pre-owned Ping G20 hybrid varies depending on the condition and the attached shaft (if any).

In general though, you’re at a $85 – $100 price range.

Who is the Ping G20 Hybrid for?

Ping G20 Hybrid2

“The Ping G20 hybrid would be good for high handicap players as you can hit the ball almost anywhere on the face and still expect a straight shot.”

Furthermore, it plays really smooth from the rough – like, still able to attack the pin smooth.

The lateral (heel to toe) forgiveness is particularly sweet as the Ping G20 has more of a shallow face design compared to the G15.

The Ping G20 delivers on its promise of optimal launch conditions and forgiveness.

If you want to improve your accuracy and aren’t worried about workability, the Ping G20 hybrid is a good choice.

Distance: 96/100

Accuracy: 95/100

Forgiveness: 97/100

Feel & Control: 97/100

Ping G20 Hybrid1

Overall Score: 97/100

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