Ping G Vs Ping GMax Irons Comparison Overview

Nearly 12 years separates the respective launches of the Ping GMax and Ping G irons.

Yet, at a glance (or rather, on paper) there isn’t a lot of technology that differentiates these sets from each other.

Both are renowned game improvement irons. When it came time to test them for a comparison review, we were really surprised that the feature list didn’t change much from the Ping G to the Ping GMax irons. When we actually tested them though, we discovered a few key differences.

Ping G Irons Overview

Ping G Irons1 

“The Ping G irons were released in 2003 and were immediately hailed as the standard for game improvement irons.”

The first thing we noticed about these irons was the deep cavity undercut. This makes it much easier for players to loft the ball and land dead on fast greens. In terms of distance, the Ping G irons played only 1-3 yards shorter than the Ping GMax irons.

However, the shot-making ability of the Ping G irons was superior. The Ping G irons feature perimeter weighting and have undergone a heat-treatment in order to thin out the stainless steel faces. They honestly feel a bit muted at impact – even on dead-center strikes. But that doesn’t stop them from playing long. We were averaging 150.7 yards with the 7-iron.

Egregious mis-hits were met with weaker penetration and erratic flight; but that’s only to be expected. Otherwise, the Ping G irons want to fly straight.

Ping GMax Irons Overview

“The Ping GMax irons have noticeably longer blades than the G irons. The offset is about the same though.”

Distance is also very similar to the G irons as we stated in the last section; but the Ping GMax irons were ultimately a bit longer. However, you lose a lot of stopping power with the Ping GMax irons. They launch about as well as the Ping G irons; but there is significantly more rollout.

While this is a boon for beginners struggling with distance, it can be very frustrating for players actually trying to score. The Ping GMax do feel like they have a lower CG though which makes them easier and more comfortable to swing.

“The Ping GMax irons are clearly made for 25+ handicappers and beginners. They can naught but fly straight and far. The Ping G irons offer a bit more versatility and shot-making capability.”

Ping G Irons

ping g

Category: Game Improvement Irons

Ping G First Impressions

Ping G Irons2

“The Ping G irons have a deep cavity back and a tuning port that stretches all the way down into the sole.”

Perhaps the most striking thing about the Ping G irons is their design. In 2022, the Ping G irons still have a distinctive look.

The face profile is a bit shallow but also wide so lateral forgiveness is enhanced a bit. The notched hosel gives these irons a distinctively “Ping” look as well.

While not the cleanest looking irons in the world, the Ping G’s inspire confidence almost immediately.

Of course, we were first impressed by the immediate improvement in apex height over traditional blade irons.

Ping G Selling Points

  • Vibration dampening multi-material badge
  • Deep undercut
  • 17-4 stainless steel face
  • High launch angles
  • Perimeter weighting
  • Custom tuning port

Who Are the Ping G Irons for?

ping g2

It’s clear that the Ping G irons were built almost specifically for high to mid handicappers.

There isn’t enough short game control or feedback for them to be viable for low handicappers.

The distance leaves something to be desired though. After three swings with the 5-iron in this set, our testers were averaging just 153.4 yards.

A lot of the distance is lost because these irons naturally launch so high. For that reason, we would go even further to say that they would be best for players with moderate to fast swing speeds.

But the forgiveness is enough to make them a viable play for pure beginners and 20-25 handicap range players.

Don’t expect a ton of feel or spin control from these irons; but if that’s not your concern, the Ping G’s would be a great set of game improvement irons for you.

The Ping G Family of Irons

Other than the Ping G irons, Ping also produces the G425 and the G410 irons.

The G410 irons have less offset than the Ping G irons and the profile looks more like a player’s performance iron.

The lofts are a little weaker in the Ping G410 irons as well so they produce a lower, more piercing shot trajectory.

The Ping G425 irons are a good mix of player’s performance and game improvement aspects.

The G425 irons have shorter blade lengths than the G410’’s though so just keep that in mind if you are looking for max forgiveness.

The Ping G425 irons are plenty workable though and will help you shape your shots more acutely around the pin.

Distance: 92/100

Forgiveness: 94/100

Accuracy: 94/100

Feel & Control: 92/100

ping g2

Overall Score: 93/100

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