Mizuno JPX 921 Vs. Titleist T200 Irons Comparison Overview

When shopping for a premium set of irons, it’s important to remember one thing: even though you are getting an expensive set of irons, it doesn’t mean that they will suit you as a player.

That’s why it’s always the best idea to go in for a fitting if at all possible.

You can’t simply fork over a couple thousand dollars on an iron set and hope for the best.

So to help you dial your decision in a bit more, we compared a couple of very popular performance iron sets from two top manufacturers.

Titleist T200 Irons Overview

The Titleist T200 are a good combination of feel and distance. They have a sleek and clean player’s look with surprising performance.

When you take a look at the short blade and compact head shape of these irons, you wouldn’t expect them to be so explosive.

In the bag and at point of address, they just look like player’s irons. However, the denser D18 tungsten use to weight these irons give them impressive distance that belies their category.

The denser tungsten weights are smaller so Titleist was able to maintain a slim shape with the T200’s while still providing plenty of punch in the long irons.

It should be noted in fact, that the T200’s played nearly 10 yards longer than the Mizuno JPX 921’s on average.

The scoring irons in this set deliver great control as well.

The forged face insert really comes through in the shorter irons, providing robust spin control where better players need it the most.

Mizuno JPX 921 Irons Overview

The Mizuno JPX 921 Forged irons feature a one-piece grain flow construction which imparts an incomparable feel.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a set of irons that feels better or provides more consistency across the face than the Mizuno JPX 921 forged irons.

They are a bit on the heavy side but we really liked the beveled leading edge which helps a lot with turf interaction.

They are forged from Chromoly which is an incredibly resilient alloy.

When you take a few swings with these irons you can tell that they will last season after season so if longevity is what you’re after, these would be a good investment.

The T200’s are more for players seeking better distance without giving up short-game control. The Mizuno JPX 921’s are for players seeking superior feel.

Mizuno JPX921

Category – Forged Irons

Titleist T200 Irons

Category – Player’s Irons

Mizuno JPX921 Pros & Cons


  • Good accuracy
  • Forgiving
  • Played longer
  • Great feedback
  • Toe bias
  • Milled back


  • Pricey
  • Heavy
  • Fewer long iron options
  • Not for beginners

Titleist T200 First Impressions

You can tell just by looking at them that the Titleist T200 irons are player’s irons

The first thing you will notice about these irons is the size of the head. The Titleist T200 feature a player’s profile shape and a very thin topline. However, the Titleist T200’s also have strong lofts which becomes apparent pretty quickly.

You wouldn’t expect the high level of feel that you get from these irons just by looking at them though. The engineered muscle back plates are tuned to enhance feedback and feel while at the same time dampening unwanted vibrations.

The Titleist T200 can surprise in terms of forgiveness and distance too. While certainly not the longest or most forgiving irons in the T series, the L-shaped face insert helps expand the sweet spot out towards the toe.

What advanced players will be able to enjoy almost immediately is the feel from the forged face insert. These irons give an unmistakable forged feel that low handicappers will go crazy for.

The “Max Impact” polymer insert also helps out with ball speed. It acts as a springboard behind the face to push the ball further and faster. The only catch is that you pretty much have to hit the ball dead-center to benefit from the Max Impact insert.

The Titleist T200 feature a unique combination of features that mostly improve feel and accuracy.

Taylormade P770 Irons Selling Points

  • Wrap-around face makes for an expansive sweet spot
  • Hollow body design
  • Clean muscle-back design
  • Great feel from the forged construction and speedfoam
  • Good launch angles
  • Soft, clean feel and excellent workability

Titleist T200 Irons Selling Points

  • Tight shot dispersion
  • Amazing feel from the forged face insert
  • Great for low handicappers
  • Tour-grade irons
  • Plenty of premium shafts to choose from
  • They produce high-arcing shots

Who Are The Taylormade P770 Irons For?

The Taylormade P770 are for mid to low handicappers who are looking for a good combination of feel, distance and workability.

If you want to take a step up in terms of performance from your Big Bertha’s, P790ti’s and other distance irons, the Taylormade P770 irons would be a good next logical step.

They are a great combination of workability and shaping shots without compromising much in either department.

They produce mid-level range spin which can be a problem in the long irons but is a benefit in the shorter ones.

So they’re certainly not perfect but they strike a good balance between distance and accuracy.

If that sounds like the kind of iron set you need then you should definitely check out the Taylormade P770’s.

The P Series From Taylormade

The P series of Taylormade irons run the gamut from pure distance to pure feel to pure accuracy and everything in between.

While only the P790 irons can be considered more distance irons, the P series is mostly focused on the performance that mid to low handicappers need on the course.

In fact, every other line of irons in this series rocks a mid-level range spin so you can control roll around the green and on approaches.

The P7MB and P7MC iron sets offer the highest degree of accuracy and workability if that it your aim.

Distance: 90/100

Accuracy: 95/100

Forgiveness: 91/100

Feel and Control: 96/100

Value: 90/100

Overall Rating: 94/100

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Who Are The Titleist T200 Irons For?

It’s apparent that the Titleist T200 irons were designed for advanced, low handicap players.

The Titleist T200 irons are definitely for low handicap player who are seeking irons that feel really nice. They would also be a good fit for you if you like to shape your shots and need higher spin rates and more accuracy.

The T Series

The T series of irons from Titleist run the gamut from beginner-friendly sets to ones reserved for tour-level players.

The great thing about the T series is that every kind of player can benefit from them. They all have technologically advanced features but each one was designed for a specific skill level.

Distance: 92/100

Accuracy: 96/100

Forgiveness: 88/100

Feel and Control: 96/100

Value: 92/100

Overall Rating: 94/100

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