Mitsubishi Diamana BF Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

Mitsubishi Diamana BF Shaft

As a golfer, you probably already know the name Mitsubishi Diamana. You may have seen your favorite pros use them in tournaments.

You may have even been coveting one for yourself. But the Mitsubishi Diamana line of shafts has a long and storied history.

There have been many new additions to the family over the years so it may be hard to know which one would be right for you.

Even among the fourth generation Mitsubishi Diamana shafts, there are many choices.

We recently reviewed the Mitsubishi Diamana ZF shaft – now we set our sites on the Mitsubishi Diamana BF.

Mitsubishi Diamana BF Shaft Overview

The Mitsubishi Diamana BF shaft undergoes a vacuum chamber coating process that gives it its remarkable shine.

Most of the shaft has a reflective blue finish while it gets silver-y near the tip. The Mitsubishi Diamana BF stands out for its looks and the technology that went into it.

Like the Mitsubishi Diamana ZF, the Mitsubishi Diamana BF utilizes a mixture of boron fiber and high modulus carbon fiber.

We’re not scientists but we suspect that it’s this combination that gives the Mitsubishi Diamana BF its smooth and stable feel.

According to Mitsubishi, the Mitsubishi Diamana BF has the same tip profile as the Mitsubishi Diamana ZF.

However, the Mitsubishi Diamana BF remains softer in the lower mid-section all the way up to the butt.

So in the end, you get an even softer feel than the Mitsubishi Diamana ZF but with the same amazing club head control.

The kick point is lower than that of the Mitsubishi Diamana ZF – just about two inches from the grip.

The feel is very similar though. The Mitsubishi Diamana BF has an active release but it manages to stay very smooth.

Why is the Mitsubishi Diamana BF So Popular?

We can’t speak for other people but for us, the Mitsubishi Diamana BF was a hit because it yields tremendous stability at impact.

And that’s really saying something about a shaft that feels this active in the midsection.

The same is true of all the latest generation Diamana shafts. It’s clear that Mitsubishi is stepping their game up and the golf world has taken notice.

How Does the Mitsubishi Diamana BF Perform?

We were surprised that the Mitsubishi Diamana BF had nearly the same launch profile as the Mitsubishi Diamana ZF.

Our launch monitor was reading angles ranging from 11 to 13 degrees. The Mitsubishi Diamana BF is billed as a mid launch and low/mid spin shaft and for the most part we would concur with that.

The spin rates were a bit higher than what we were getting from the Mitsubishi Diamana ZF; but that’s to be expected considering the fact that the Mitsubishi Diamana BF has a softer midsection.

Still, the spin rates were staying in the low 2000 RPM range which is overachieving for a shaft this active.

The flight was effortlessly straight. Even on slight mis-hits, we weren’t getting very much divergence.

Surprisingly, the shot dispersion of the Mitsubishi Diamana BF shaft was tighter than that of the Mitsubishi Diamana ZF.

And even with such an active midsection, none of our testers described the Mitsubishi Diamana BF as feeling loose.

The stiff tp section really helps to increase MOI and keep the mid section in check.

When you load up on this shaft, it doesn’t buckle or kick. It produces a stable feel even when you are swinging outside yourself.

Mitsubishi Diamana BF Shaft Specs

Specs Mitsubishi Diamana BF
Available flexes Regular, stiff, extra stiff, tour stiff
Weight 54 – 90 grams
Butt 0.629” – 0.648”
Tip 0.355”
Length 46”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The regular and stiff versions will likely suit the needs of players in the 85 – 90 MPH range.

The stiff version is good for 90 – 95 MPH swingers and the tour stiff will be the likely choice for 95+ MPH swingers.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The Mitsubishi Diamana BF comes in four weight classes: 50, 60, 70 and 80 grams.

The 50 and 60 weight classes are for your moderate swing speeds while the 70 and 80 gram classes would work for a variety of players swinging above 90 MPH.

Why is it So Good?

Mitsubishi Diamana BF Shaft1

What we really liked about the Mitsubishi Diamana BF was that it reacts the same to every kind of swing.

It’s consistent and will respond whether you swing within yourself or whether you swing for the fences.

Mitsubishi Diamana BF First Impressions

Mitsubishi Diamana BF Shaft2

We were first impressed by the finish of this shaft.

It shines; but not so much that it’s a distraction. It’s not gaudy but it is likely to garner attraction from your foursome.

Key Features & Performance

The most prominent design feature was the stiff tip.

This imparts a lot of control to a shaft that otherwise, would produce erratic ball flight.

Mitsubishi Diamana BF Driver Review

From the box, the Mitsubishi Diamana BF produces a mid launch with mid/low spin.

Dispersion was nice and tight – bordering on boring. It also allows you to take your strongest swing without being worried about losing control.

Mitsubishi Diamana BF Fairway Wood Review

With our fairway woods, the Mitsubishi Diamana BF produced a little more spin.

Still, the dispersion stayed tight and we were able to increase our average club head speed.

Mitsubishi Diamana BF Pros & Cons


  • Great club head control
  • Increased club head speed
  • Increased smash factor
  • Tight shot dispersion
  • Unique finish


  • Spin rates are a bit high
  • Almost no workability

Mitsubishi Diamana BF Shaft

Overall Score: 95/100

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Who Should Buy it?

 The Mitsubishi Diamana BF will most likely appeal to players who have a moderate to fast swing speed.

These types of players will likely benefit the most from the active profile of this shaft. There is no 40g weight class like the Mitsubishi Diamana ZF has so slow swing speed players need not apply.

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