Honma TR20 Irons Review – Are They Good for High Handicappers & Forgiving?

“The Honma TR20 line of irons is everything you would expect from Honma blades: sleek, stunning and seductively playable.”

“But which specific model is right for you? Let’s take a closer look at the entire line.”

The Honma TR20 irons offer skilled players the opportunity to mix and match irons within the same family. In fact, Honma actually encouraged players to do this when the Honma TR20 line came out in 2020. 

As you can imagine, all of the sets in the Honma TR20 line are made from forged steel. No matter which one you choose, you can expect a soft feel and excellent overall control. However, it’s the subtle difference that you should be aware of so join us as we compare every iron set in the Honma TR20 line.

The Honma Honma TR20 Family of Irons

“Within the Honma TR20 lineup of irons, you have the Honma TR20V, the Honma TR20P and the Honma TR20B.”

The basic thing you need to know about these irons is that the Honma TR20P is sort of the entry level set in the family. This is probably the most forgiving set in the Honma TR20 lineup. The Honma TR20V and Honma TR20B irons are really geared towards scratch and single-digit handicap players. 

Interestingly enough, the Honma TR20P irons are the strongest-lofted in the series with its 9-iron checking in at 38 degrees. When we tested these irons though, we could see why. The strong loft is meant to counteract the naturally high flight of the slightly beefier sole and the enhanced spin dynamics. The Honma TR20V irons have about average loft characteristics while the Honma TR20B’s have the weakest lofts. 

Are They Good for High Handicappers?

“The best iron set in the family for high handicappers is the Honma TR20P set.”

Honma has said that these irons were designed to combine the shape and sizing of player’s performance irons with the playability of game improvement irons – and it shows. One of the most helpful features of this particular set is the L-shaped face design that bleeds into the sole at the bottom of the face. 

This allows for preservation of ball speed on low-face hits. But what we really liked about the Honma TR20P irons for high handicappers is that they have fast faces that are also consistent. You get the explosiveness of thin, MS300 steel with almost nothing lost in terms of dispersion and control. 

The Honma TR20V and Honma TR20B irons also afford the player great control and consistency; but they are certainly not ideal for true high handicappers. 

Are They Forgiving?

“If you are looking for max forgiveness, the Honma TR20 series of irons may disappoint.”

Again though, the Honma TR20P irons will afford players the most forgiveness in this series.

In the Honma TR20P series, there is up to 26 grams of tungsten in the toe area. That weight shrinks down as you make your way down the set; but in the long irons, the weights work to add forgiveness to the relatively compact heads of these irons. 

Another great thing about the Honma TR20P in terms of forgiveness is how little shout dynamics change from on-center strikes to off-center strikes. We were seeing minimal drops in ball speed, back spin and carry distance for strikes made away from the center with the Honma TR20P irons. 

They also launch surprisingly high and pick up a bit in spin in the short irons. Again, this is more of a short game accuracy performance detail; but it will still help mellow out the distance nearly automatically for high handicappers playing around the pin. 

Differences Between the Honma TR20 Irons and the Taylormade P790 Irons

“Like the Honma TR20 irons, the Taylormade P790’s are geared towards better players seeking excellent feel and performance.”

The main difference can be a deal-breaker for some players though: the Taylormade P790 irons are hollow-body irons. While this helps with ball speed and distance, you do lose some control and consistency compared to any of the Honma TR20 irons. 

Available Shafts

  • Nippon Modus3
  • Nippon NS950GH Neo
  • Honma Vizard IB-WF100

Are the Honma TR20 Irons Worth it?

“If you are looking for superior feel and accuracy, definitely.”

It’s hard to top forged feel and every iron set in the TR20 line is beautifully forged. The shaping of each iron head is also something that better and more discerning players will appreciate. The Honma TR20 irons may not be a wise investment if you are a beginner or high handicapper though. 

Honma TR20 Irons

In 20 Words or Less

“The TR20 line is a work of art that smacks of classic Honma forging and shaping.”

Honma TR20 Irons – First Impressions

“All of the irons in this line have an exceptionally soft feel which is what most of our testers talked about early on in our session.”

Feedback was excellent throughout the Honma TR20 series – pretty much exactly what you would expect from Honma. Short game spin control and launch were almost ideal as well. 

Honma TR20 Selling Points

  • Forged bodies
  • Tungsten toe weighting (Honma TR20P)
  • High toe shape (Honma TR20B)
  • SC20 steel construction
  • MS300 face construction

Who Are the Honma TR20 Irons for?

“Players with handicaps from 10-0.”

These irons are definitely not for the faint of heart. They look intimidating at address if you are a high handicapper. 

Honma TR20P Vs Honma TR20B Vs Honma TR20V

Again, the Honma TR20P is the most forgiving entry in the series. It has toe weighting, thicker soles and the L-shaped face insert that makes it slightly more congenial to mid handicapper than the other entries. 

The Honma TR20V is a nice middle ground. You still need to have a consistent strike, but the nice V-shaped sole improves turf interaction which is great in tough lies. The Honma TR20B is compact, has a high toe area and less offset compared to the V and P series. The Honma TR20B is definitely more for scratch players. 

Distance: 96/100

Accuracy: 97/100

Forgiveness: 94/100

Feel & Control: 97/100

Overall Score: 96/100

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