Cart Bag Vs Staff Bag – What’s The Best Bag Style

How do you get around 18 holes? Do you drive a cart, or do you prefer walking and hiring a caddie?

Your answer to this question is pertinent in determining what type of golf bag best suits your needs.

Golf bags fit into four categories, staff, cart, stand, and pencil. In this post, we are focusing our attention on the cart bag vs staff bag.

We will highlight the features and benefits of each to help you decide which design is right for you.


Intro To The Different Types Of Golf Bags

As I mentioned in the introduction, there are four types of golf bags available on the market.

Golfweek’s Kate Evelyn explains that a staff or tour bag is the heaviest and widest option at your disposal.

She continues to suggest that you should have a caddie at all times if you go for this bag.

The next option Evelyn discusses is a cart bag, which is lighter than a tour bag but is not light enough to be carried.These are specifically made to attach to the back of your golf car or onto your pushcart.

The most common bag I see amateurs use is a stand bag. These bags are lighter in design.And, are fitted with a stand and a comfortable strap for you to lug your clubs around for 18 holes.

A pencil bag is the final type of golf bag available to you. It is the lightest of all the designs.

But it does not offer much space to store all your clubs, balls, tees, phone, wallet, and rainwear.

What Is A Cart Bag Good For?

As the name suggests, a cart bag is designed to rest on your golf car or pushcart while you lug it around the course.

Kate Evelyn says that while they are lighter than staff bags, they are heavier than your average carry bag and are not designed to be lifted and carried.


What Is A Staff Bag Good For?

Staff bags, also known as Tour golf bags, were designed for professionals who need to carry various accessories with them.

As the heaviest and widest product on the market, it is recommended that you hire a caddie every time you play.

The additional storage space of this bag fits all fourteen clubs with ease, along with your rainwear, balls, tees, and refreshments.


What Are The 5 Advantages Of A Cart Bag?


Golf cart bags offer ample space for you to store everything you need during your round.

The design provides various pockets to keep your bag organized and ensure easy access to your belongings.

Longer Lasting

The fact that this type of bag spends most of its time placed on a golf car or pushcart means it is spared the wrath of being placed on the ground before every shot.

As a result, the base of the bag and the material tend to keep intact for longer than a pencil or stand bag would.


Since these bags are built for use on a cart, the design includes front-facing pockets.

In turn, it makes it quick and easy for you to access whatever you need with ease.

Cart Compatibility

Although you can put other types of golf bags onto a cart, they do not fit as seamlessly as a cart bag.

These bags often contain a key lock base which helps secure the bag to the cart. Otherwise, your bag may jump off every time you navigate uneven ground.

Good For Your Shoulders

Since a cart bag is not made to be carried, it is an excellent option for those of you looking to reduce any strain on your back and shoulders.

Keep in mind that you still need to acquire a cart to lug your bag around.


What Are The 5 Advantages Of A Staff Bag?


When it comes to storage space in this sector of golf accessories, a staff bag is the creme de la creme.

It offers more space than any other golf bag, catering to professionals and competitive amateurs who need to carry various items with them during a round.

Whether it is your clubs, balls, tees, umbrella, rain gear, snacks, and personal items, you won’t have trouble fitting it into this bag.


According to Evelyn, most staff bags are crafted from leather to deliver a more durable and long-lasting material for your golf bag.

She further states that your average carry bag is made from nylon or plastic to reduce weight and enhance comfortability.

However, these materials damage and scuff faster than sturdy leather. Therefore, a staff bag will likely last longer than other designs.


Staff bags are often fitted with a balanced base to keep your bag upright.

This saves you from lying your bag on the ground and dirtying or scuffing the leather. Callaway’s Epic Staff bag demonstrates the power of a perfect balance base.


Besides the durability and optimal storage abilities of a staff bag, it is by far the best-looking golf bag.

The leather material combined with the logo on the side and the ample storage space delivers a slick, professional look for those who like to look the part.


These days staff bags are fitted with a comfort strap, designed to provide maximum comfort for your caddie when carrying the bag.

These straps conform to the shape of your caddie’s shoulder to provide comfortable cushioning while carrying the bag around the course.

3 Disadvantages Of A Cart Bag

Golf Push Cart With Umbrella


A cart bag is not conducive to carrying around the course.

Although it is lighter than a staff bag, the strap and design are not comfortable for carrying around 18-holes.

Requires A Cart

The biggest disadvantage of a cart bag is the fact that you need a cart.

Whether it be a pushcart or a golf car, it adds to the cost. If you don’t purchase your own vehicle, you will need to rent one every time you play.

Push Carts

If you own a golf push cart, you may experience the frustration of your bag falling off every time it traverses a slope.

I speak from experience when I say this is annoying, time-consuming, and the reason why I do not use pushcarts.

3 Disadvantages Of A Staff Bag


We have seen that the staff bag is the largest of all the golf bag options, which makes it heaviest and uncomfortable to carry around the links.

Furthermore, you better have a car with a large trunk. Otherwise, you may struggle to fit the bag in.


The biggest downside to the staff bag is its price. It is the most expensive golf bag option on the market.

Needs A Caddie

Considering the weight and size of a staff bag, you better be prepared to hire a caddie every time you play.

This is not a bad thing it just adds to the cost of your golf outings. But, if you have the budget for a staff bag, you probably have the funds to pay for a caddie every round.

Can A Staff Bag Fit On A Cart?

It depends on the size of the bed of the golf cart, however, in most cases the base of the bag will not fit, especially if you are sharing a cart.

A lot of staff bags will fit easily on a golf trolley so it may be worth trying the bag you want out with your cart to avoid any disappointment.

Do All Pros Use Staff Bags?

Yes, Pros use staff bags because of the optimal storage space, and the width of the bag and the sturdy material make it easier for sponsors to clearly display their logos on a player’s bag.

How Do Staff And Cart Bag Compare On Price?

If you are looking at a new release, you can expect to pay almost double the price for a staff bag over a cart bag.

Best Cart Bag – TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag

TaylorMade’s Cart Lite bag is a light design weighing 5.5 pounds. The base is engineered to fit securely onto the base of your cart.

Furthermore, it features eight pockets for ample storage, including two sections for your clothing and a specific pocket for your golf balls.

Finally, this Cart Lite bag includes fourteen top sections to keep your clubs organized from driver to putter.


  • Light design
  • Fits securely on your cart
  • Ample storage space
  • Two compartments for rainwear and garments
  • The 14-way divided top keeps all your clubs organized and in order.


  • Single carry strap not conducive to carrying the bag around 18 holes
  • Polyester material will not last as long as the leather on a staff bag
  • Requires a cart

Overall Score: 94/100

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Best Staff Bag – Callaway Epic Speed Staff Bag

Callaway’s Epic Speed Staff golf bag is a premium product crafted for serious golfers and those who want to look the part.

The bag includes nine pockets that ensure you fit everything you need in your bag for your round.

It is also fitted with a magnetic closure pocket to fit your GPS or rangefinder in. Added to the pocket compartments is an integrated umbrella sleeve to separate it from your clubs.

Finally, the bag contains a Padded OptiFit Comfort Strap, which adjusts to the shape of your shoulder for maximum comfort.


  • Considerable storage space
  • Slick design
  • Specific compartment for your GPS or rangefinder
  • Perfect balance base
  • 10 inch 6-way top


  • Heavy bag
  • You need to hire a caddie to carry it
  • Expensive

Overall Score: 93/100

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Which One Should You Buy Overall?

If you own a golf cart, then your decision is already made up. The TaylorMade Cart Lite bag is right up your alley.

However, if you don’t own a cart or intend to hire one I suggest spending extra and considering the Callaway Epic Speed Staff bag.

Conclusion On A Cart Bag vs Staff Bag?

Golf Tour Bag

There we have it. Our review on a cart bag vs staff bag is complete.

It is clear that while the staff bag is more expensive upfront, it is of superior quality, looks better, and offers optimal storage space.

A cart bag conversely is more affordable on the surface, but you need a cart to use it, which can add to the expense.

Therefore, if you are undecided between a cart bag and a staff bag and don’t own a cart, I recommend looking at the Callaway Epic Speed Staff bag.