Garmin S70 Vs Garmin S42 Comparison And Review 2023

The Garmin s70 is a cut above anything we have seen in the golf game to date.

That being said, it comes with a price tag and one could argue that a cheaper watch will still enable you to go around the course in the same amount of shots.

So the S42 is less than half the price, looks amazing, and has a color touch screen, and a decent battery. At the lower price point, it is easy to see why plenty of golfers continue to buy watches like the S42.

The s70 is next level altogether with its big AMOLED screen, awesome Virtual Caddy, and advanced fitness features. If you have an ample budget and like those extra features, this is going to be the watch for you.

Garmin S42 Overview

The Garmin S42 combines style, tech, and the sport of golf. The 1.2-inch colour touchscreen sets this one above the s12 and it has an auto-brightness feature that allows the dial to be seen in any lighting conditions.

We’ve got color maps of around 43,000 courses now with Garmin and we can get all the distances we need, layups, hazards, and front, middle, and back of the green.

One downside is that we can’t get the distance to any point on the course like with the s60, s62, and s70, making the watch a mid-level one.

It comes in three colors and looks amazing however so we can see that this one can easily be worn anytime and the 15-hour battery life in SSS mode is quite decent too.

The mid-level watch is cheaper than its more expensive premium counterparts and gets the job done well, with a virtual caddy suggesting what club to hit, and your scores and handicaps being tracked effortlessly in the Garmin Golf App.

Despite not being on the level of say, the s70, the s42 still offers a ton of bang for your buck and will be a great option for those looking for style, effectiveness, and value.

Garmin S70 Overview

The amazin AMOLED touch screen is easy to see in any lighting conditions, the layout is intuitive and the graphics are extremely crisp.

It also comes in two sizes to fit any golfer’s wrist. 1.2″ and 1.4″.

The Virtual Caddy has been given a big upgrade, it now suggests a club for each shot and shows you how it calculated its plays like distance to inspire more confidence.

Garmin has now mapped 43,000 Courses and we can pinpoint any spot on any course. We can now also see the contours of the greens to see the way the ball will roll.

The watch can always show the distance and direction to the green and the fitness features have also been dramatically improved with Strength training tracking, extended heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring.

The question about whether to get the S12 or the S70 comes down to Utlity and value.

Do you just want the simple distances and the score tracking while paying a lot less and still getting unbeatable battery life? The S12 is the product to go for.

If you want all the course and fitness features, with unbeatable battery and screen graphics, the S70 is the one to go with. Just keep in mind that it going to cost many multiples more than the S12 which will still get the job done.

Garmin S70 GPS Watch

In 20 Words Or Less

The Garmin S70 is the newest premium golf watch with an awesome AMOLED display, Superior Virtual Caddy, and Enhanced Fitness Tracking. This is the top dawg of golf watches.

Garmin S12 Golf GPS Watch

In 20 Words Or Less

An entry level golf gps watch with unbeatable speed and accuracy. With a never ending battery life of 30 hours in Gps, this is the king of entry level watches.

Garmin S70 GPS Watch – First Impressions

The beautiful Amoled touch screen of the Garmin S70 coupled with the improved design, upgraded battery life and enhanced features have knocked the S62 off the top spot in theGolg GPS market.

This one comes with 1.2″ or a 1.4″ display and will suit female golfers as well as males.

The graphics look much crisper and brighter on the new screen which also helps to save the battery which now lasts 20 hours instead of 15 in the S62.

We now have got 43,000 courses and it’s even going to pick up the backwater courses you mightn’t expect it to.

We can get the distance to any point on the green, we can now see the contours on the green and we can always see the distance and direction to the green, even on blind approaches.

The Playlike distance now shows the calculations right on the screen, inspiring more trust in the figures and they are very accurate.

The virtual caddy now suggests a club for every shot and gives you your expected average strokes when laying up or “going for it”.

It also shows where your mishits end up and how accurate you are with the big stick historically.

It also keeps the scorecard and calculates your handicap in the Garmin Golf App.

The health and fitness features are also next level now, Heart rate monitoring over extended periods, deep sleep monitoring and profiles for every sport you can imagine, the S70 has taken the strengths of the s62 to the next level.

Overall, the best watch in the market for many years to come.

Garmin S12 Golf GPS Watch – First Impressions

The first thing to notice about the golf gps watch is that the watch is slim and sleek with black and white .9″ x .9″ screen.

The watch is easy to use with 4 buttons, 2 on either side and the watch comes with either white or black straps.

The features are stripped down on this so it is perfect for anyone who just wants fast and accurate distances to the front middle and back of the green, hazards and lay up options.

Key Features:

The watch comes with 42,000 courses worldwide and we have noticed that Garmin loads the courses much faster than most of the competition.

You get all the basic features of the Garmin watch without any of the extra bells and whistles which might be distracting, unneeded and even troublesome for some less tech savvy players.

You do get green view which allows you to attack the pin more aggressively, autoshot which tracks the distance you struck the ball and a digital scorecard which asks for the amount of putts you had before auto progressing to the next hole

There is no advanced fitness features and this could be used just for golf or perfectly in conjunction with a golf rangefinder as you navigate the course.

The watch can hook up to your phone via bluetooth and display calls and messages but one of the key selling points with this one is that the battery lasts 30 hours in GPS mode.

A very nice upgrade on the S10 with incredible performance and a competitive price tag.

Garmin S70 – Selling Points

  • Amoled Touch Screen
  • Improved Graphics & Interface
  • Enhanced Virtual Caddy
  • Green Contours And Slope
  • Plays Like Calculations On Screen
  • Pinpoint Any Point On The Course
  • 43,000 Courses That Load Fast
  • Major Upgrade To Fitness Features
  • Improved Battery Life

Garmin S12 Golf GPS Watch – Selling Points

  • Sharp Black & White Screen .9″ x .9″
  • 30 Hours Battery Life In GPS Mode
  • 42,000 Courses Load Automatically
  • Fast Loading And Accurate
  • Green View And Distances To Front Middle And Back Of The Green
  • Free Garmin App And CT10 Sensors Compatible
  • Bluetooth Connection To Your Phone

Who Is The S70 GPS Watch For

The Garmin s70 is the new top golf GPS watch in the game and the price tag reflects the quality and features.

This is for anybody who wants the best golf watch and has the cash available to buy it.

It’s for anybody who is serious or becoming serious about the game and wants to knock strokes off their round with quality course management.

If you are a golf and fitness fanatic, the s70 will certainly offer a ton of value, once you are ok with the higher price point.

With two display sizes, the s70 is a perfect fit for any golfer.

If you only get out on the course once per month, the s70 may not represent the best value in the game.

Pros And Cons Of The S60


  • Awesome AMOLED Touchscreen
  • Improved Graphics
  • More Intuitive Design
  • Fits Any Sized Wrist
  • Green Contouring
  • Pinpoint Any Point On The Course


  • Expensive
  • Complex For Less Tech Savvy
  • Not Legal For Tournaments

Overall Score: 99/100

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Who Are The Garmin S12 Watches For

The Garmin S12 is for anybody who wants the best entry level golf watch and perhaps anybody who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on their watch.

The watch has everything you need to lower your strokes on the course without packing in any unnessasary features that can distract you from your game. This will be perfect for senior players.

This is perfect for someone who just wants the basic features and accuracy without spending a fortune.

Garmin S12 Pros And Cons


  • .9″ x. .9″ Black And White, High Res screen
  • Distances And Length Of Any Hazards
  • Fast, Accurate And Effective
  • Easy To Navigate Interface
  • Free Connection To Excellent Garmin App
  • Incredible Battery Life


  • Perfect For Technophobes
  • Could Be Cheaper, Look Out For Future Deals

Overall Score: 95/100

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