Garmin S40 Vs Garmin S60 Comparison And Review 2021

For many years, there was no question that the Garmin S60 was the top premium watch in the game with it’s color touch screen and advanced features, but that has changed in recent times.

In 2020 we saw the release of the S62 which blew the S60 out of the water quite frankly but 2020 also saw the introduction of a mid level watch in the form of the S40.

In reality, the watches are quite similar but there are some key differences to consider.

The S40 looks a lot better and is less bulky on the wrist with its 1.2″ color touch screen. You get a lot of the same features with the S40 but it doesn’t have everything.

The S60 doesn’t look as good as the S40 but it offers a little bit more in terms of features and it also comes with a slightly higher price.

These watches are still both worth considering despite both being upgraded by the S42 and S62 respectively.

Garmin S60 Overview

The S60’s position at the top of the market looked like it was going to last forever, but the S62 has blown it out of the water, albeit at a much higher, premium price point.

As you expect with Garmin, you get the 42,000 courses around the world and they load faster than any other competitors watch we have seen to date.

Off the bat, you get a full view of the hole you are playing with distances to the front, middle and back of the green along with distances to hazards and layups for dog legs.

You pick any point on the hole and get the distance to that point along with the remaining distance to the hole from that point for ultimate course management.

You can even get a full view of the green and manually position the pin to suit the day you are playing.

The Plays like feature will give you a slope adjusted distance to the green but this will be illegal for tournament play.

The watch comes with a free subscription to the Garmin golf app which tracks your progress over time and if you buy the CT10 sensors you can get a superior look at your game and progress for each club.

You get a digital scorecard which uses autoshot to automatically count your strokes, and the distance of your shots, simply input your putts at the end of the hole and it will automatically proceed to the next hole.

Swing tempo will even point out any faults with your swing which is quite an exclusive feature for Garmin.

Bluetooth will connect your watch to your phone and the battery lasts about 10 hours in GPS mode which is at least 1 round.

Garmin S40 Overview

The S40 burst onto the scene in 2020 as a mid level watch and at the time, with a relatively high price point, I wasn’t actually blown away by the offering.

It didnt have all the features of the S60 and it almost cost as much, but that price has dropped considerably and it is now a watch, certainly worth considering.

This watch looks amazing, it comes in three colors, grey, white and black. It has quick change bands and you can download different interfaces for a different look and feel whenever you want.

You get the 42,000 courses with the watch but there is no full hole overview available. You get distances to F/M/B of the green with full green view and manual positioning.

You also get distances to hazards and lay ups but you don’t get as much control as with the S60.

The fact that there is no slope feature makes it completely legal for tournament play.

You get access to the free Garmin app and the Autoshot feature is still available.

The watch lasts about the same 10 hours in GPS and it also has the step counter and bluetooth connectivity.

For us the S60 is the better watch. The S62 is much better than both but costs a lot more. The S40 is cheaper than the S60 and it does a good job. It is also legal for tournaments with no slope feature being offered. The S40 also looks better and has more customization options. Both watches are worth buying depending on your preferences and budget.

Garmin S40 Golf GPS Watch

In 20 Words Or Less

The S40 is a mid range golf watch from esteemed brand, Garmin. It combines a color touchscreen with exquisite looks and plentiful features.

Garmin S60 GPS Watches

In 20 Words Or Less

The Garmin S60 long reigned as the heavyweight king of premium Golf GPS watches, until the Garmin S62 came along with superior features and performance.

Garmin S40 Golf GPS Watch – First Impressions

The Garmin S40 is a beautiful looking watch that sits excellently on the wrist, it is also packing a crystal clear colour touch screen and ample features.

The watch looks a lot less bulky than the S60 and it has changeable straps and downloadable interfaces to suit your mood or the occasion.

The watch comes in White, Grey and Black with downloadable interfaces and quick change bands which allows you to have a completely different looking watch to suit your clothing or any occasion.

Key Features:

As you would expect with any Garmin watch, the features, performance and responsiveness of the watch are second to none.

For a start, you get 42,000 courses around the world and they load faster than the competition.

You get the Free Garmin app as expected which can track your performance over time through autoshot which tracks your strokes on the watch.

If you buy the CT10 censors, also from Garmin, you can get a real idea of how your game is progressing and which areas are letting you down, to the exact club.

You get an automatic scorecard with auto hole progression and the watch will ask for your amount of putts when you finish each hole.

The colour touch screen gives distances to the front middle and back of the green, distances to lay ups and an impressive green view with manual pin positioning to suit the course on the day you are playing.

You can connect to watch to your phone via Bluetooth but where this watch comes into it’s own is in it’s appearance.

This is a slick looking watch and the screen is 1.2″ wide and high. Quick change bands and downloadable interfaces give a different look and fell depending on what you want on the day.

The battery life, unfortunately will only guarantee one round in GPS and is perhaps the biggest set back of the watch

For the current price of $200, this watch is very competitive in the market and certainly worth considering for most shoppers.

Garmin S60 GPS Watch – First Impressions

Before the Garmin S62 came along, the Garmin S60 was the undisputed champion of Golf GPS watches but it looks to be overtaken by the enhanced performance and features of the S62.

The first thing to notice about the watch is the 1.2″ color touchscreen with the watches quick change bands available in black and white colors.

You get over 40,000 courses and when you arrive at the course the satellites load the course much faster than the competition in our opinion, often by a number of minutes.

The watch is clean, sharp, fast and accurate on the course with a sun resistant screen which is viewable in any lighting conditions.

You get distances to back middle and front of the green, distances to any point on the hole you are on and distances to doglegs and hazards.

Green view offers manual pin position for an exact distances and the plays like feature also takes slope into account allowing accurate club selection for pin and fairway hunting.

Tru swing offers insight on your game and the watch hooks up to the free Garmin app to track your stats over time which can be taken to the next level by attaching the CT10 sensors to your clubs which are sold separately.

The battery lasts about 10 hours in GPS watch which should do at least 1 round and nearly 2 while the watch will last 10 days in watch mode.

While the watch doesn’t have a heart monitor, it does have a step counter and profiles for a wide array of sports from running to cycling and even skiing for a watch that can be worn at all times.

Maybe watches have tried to overtake the S60 in recent years and come up short with the S60 remaining as one of the top premium GPS watches available.

Garmin S40 Golf GPS Watch – Selling Points

  • 42,000 Courses Worldwide that load fast
  • Excellent looking watch with variable customization available.
  • Distances F/M/B of Green, Hazards and lay up options.
  • Green View with manual pin positioning
  • Free Garmin Golf App
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Add the CT10 features for more detailed performance tracking over time.

Garmin S60 – Selling Points

  • Color Touch Screen Of 1.2″ x 1.2″
  • 40,000 Course That Load Fast
  • Distances To Any Point On Each Hole
  • Green View With Manual Pin Position
  • Tru Swing And Garmin Free App
  • 10 Hours In GPS Mode
  • Quick Change Bands

Who Are The Garmin S40 Watches For

The Garmin S40 is mid level watch that was released in 2020 and at the time, it was a little bit overpriced.

When the S42 came out as pretty much the same watch, the S40 has dropped to $200 and it is now a very strong canditate for a mid level watch.

For anyone looking for a very good quality, excellent value, exquisite looking color touchscreen watch, this is definitely worth a look.

For anyone interested in the best looking watch, this is also a runner.

If you need a watch without slope for tournaments, this is a quality watch to think about as well.

Garmin S40 Pros And Cons


  • 1.2″ x 1.2″ Color Touchscreen Watch
  • Fast & Responsive, Highly Accurate
  • One Of The Best Looking and Fitting Watches
  • Quality, Customizable Looks
  • Free Garmin App
  • Green View With Manual Pin Position
  • Add CT10 Sensors For Better Tracking
  • Auto Score Tracking
  • Step Counter And Fitness Features
  • Excellent Value


  • Battery Life Could Be Better
  • Gorilla Glass Not Included For Free
  • No Heart Rate Monitor
  • Lacking More Advanced Features

Overall Score: 94/100

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Who Is The S60 GPS Watch For

The Garmin S60 is for any who wants a premium golf gps watch that is fast and accurate with a sharp color touch screen.

The 1.2″ touchscreen leads to a sleek watch which can be used at all times and not just on the course, this would be one of the only reasons to favor the S60 over the superior S62.

This is not for a player that is looking for a watch that simply offers the basic distance information or anyone that would struggle with technology, like a senior player perhaps.

Pros And Cons Of The S60


  • Large Color Touchscreen, Sun Resistant
  • Every Course And Fast Loading
  • Sleek Design And Fits Well On The Wrist
  • Fast, Accurate And Easy To Use
  • Quick Change Bands
  • Pinpoint Any Point On The Course


  • Battery Level Could Be Better
  • No Heart Rate Monitor
  • No Gorilla Glass
  • Autoshots Misses Some Strokes

Overall Score: 93/100

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