Garmin S12 Vs Garmin G12 Comparison

Garmin S12 Vs Garmin G12 Comparison

In the following comparison we take a look at the important differences between the Garmin S12 and the Garmin G12 devices.

Garmin S12 Overview

“The Garmin S12 is actually a golf watch and as such has clock features that the G12 doesn’t have.”

So you get time and date info with the Garmin S12. Another big difference is that the Garmin S12 has a GPS sensor as opposed to the high-sensitivity receiver of the Garmin G12.

This made the Garmin S12 a bit more accurate with distance readings and course maps during my testing.

The Garmin S12 is also water-resistant up to 5 atmospheres compared to the IPX7 waterproof rating of the G12. The display resolution (176×176 pixels) and display size (0.9”x0.9”) are identical to the G12 though.

This was a blessing and a curse for me. Because while the relatively small watch display was comfortable on my wrist, it also made it a bit difficult to see.

That being said, another important difference between the Garmin S12 and the G12 is that the S12 display is readable in direct sunlight.

Garmin G12 Overview

“The Garmin G12 is not a watch but a handheld golf GPS device.”

It’s important to note that as far as golf features and metrics are concerned, the Garmin S12 and the G12 are identical.

Both have essential features like pin distance, green view, digital score cards, course maps (43k+ for each device), manual pin positioning, distances to hazards and layups, round timers and more.

For convenience, the G12 comes with a clip and a lanyard so you can attach it to multiple surfaces.

“The Garmin S12 is $50 more expensive than the Garmin G12 and it’s actually worth the extra cost.

The GPS makes the S12 more accurate and the fact that it’s a direct-sunlight-readable watch just makes it more convenient.”

Garmin S12 Golf GPS Watch

In 20 Words Or Less

An entry level golf gps watch with unbeatable speed and accuracy. With a never ending battery life of 30 hours in Gps, this is the king of entry level watches.

Garmin S40 Golf GPS Watch

In 20 Words Or Less

The S40 is a mid range golf watch from esteemed brand, Garmin. It combines a color touchscreen with exquisite looks and plentiful features.

Garmin S12 Golf GPS Watch – First Impressions

The first thing to notice about the golf gps watch is that the watch is slim and sleek with black and white .9″ x .9″ screen.

The watch is easy to use with 4 buttons, 2 on either side and the watch comes with either white or black straps.

The features are stripped down on this so it is perfect for anyone who just wants fast and accurate distances to the front middle and back of the green, hazards and lay up options.

Key Features:

The watch comes with 42,000 courses worldwide and we have noticed that Garmin loads the courses much faster than most of the competition.

You get all the basic features of the Garmin watch without any of the extra bells and whistles which might be distracting, unneeded and even troublesome for some less tech savvy players.

You do get green view which allows you to attack the pin more aggressively, autoshot which tracks the distance you struck the ball and a digital scorecard which asks for the amount of putts you had before auto progressing to the next hole

There is no advanced fitness features and this could be used just for golf or perfectly in conjunction with a golf rangefinder as you navigate the course.

The watch can hook up to your phone via bluetooth and display calls and messages but one of the key selling points with this one is that the battery lasts 30 hours in GPS mode.

A very nice upgrade on the S10 with incredible performance and a competitive price tag.

Garmin G12 – First Impressions

The first thing we noticed about the Garmin G12 was the button-operated interface.

To be honest we were a bit disappointed that this wasn’t a touchscreen device but it won us over in other ways as we tested it.

Key Features

The Garmin G12 automatically detects which course you are on and pulls up vital par information and even maps of the greens.

It also has a “green view” which shows you distances to the back, middle and front of the green. It will also tell you how far you are from layups and doglegs on any given hole.

If the pin needs to be moved, you can do that manually with the Garmin G12. Of course, the Garmin G12 comes with a digital scorecard that keeps track of important stats like putts per round and fairway shots.

You can also connect the Garmin G12 to the Garmin golf app for more detailed course maps and even shot distance data.

While operating the device with the 4 side-mounted buttons can take some getting used to at first, you pick it up pretty quick.

Garmin S12 Golf GPS Watch – Selling Points

  • Sharp Black & White Screen .9″ x .9″
  • 30 Hours Battery Life In GPS Mode
  • 42,000 Courses Load Automatically
  • Fast Loading And Accurate
  • Green View And Distances To Front Middle And Back Of The Green
  • Free Garmin App And CT10 Sensors Compatible
  • Bluetooth Connection To Your Phone

Garmin G12 Selling Points

  • 30 hour battery life
  • Charges quickly
  • Shot distance calculator
  • It can be paired with Garmin Approach club trackers
  • Easily readable
  • Distance to hazards

Who Are The Garmin S12 Watches For

The Garmin S12 is for anybody who wants the best entry level golf watch and perhaps anybody who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on their watch.

The watch has everything you need to lower your strokes on the course without packing in any unnessasary features that can distract you from your game. This will be perfect for senior players.

This is perfect for someone who just wants the basic features and accuracy without spending a fortune.

Garmin S12 Pros And Cons


  • .9″ x. .9″ Black And White, High Res screen
  • Distances And Length Of Any Hazards
  • Fast, Accurate And Effective
  • Easy To Navigate Interface
  • Free Connection To Excellent Garmin App
  • Incredible Battery Life


  • Perfect For Technophobes
  • Could Be Cheaper, Look Out For Future Deals

Overall Score: 95/100

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Who is the Garmin G12 for?

The Garmin G12 is a great choice for anyone looking for an entry-level golf GPS device.

It’s compact and provides all the pivotal data you will need on the course.


  • Clean design
  • 42,000 preloaded courses
  • Auto-updates
  • Exceptional battery life


  • Course loading takes a while
  • Shot distances aren’t totally accurate

Overall Score: 95/100

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