Garmin Approach CT10 Vs Arccos Smart Sensors Comparison Review

Using golf club sensors can do a lot to improve your game and lower your handicap; but it can be hard to decide which ones are right for you.

For however cumbersome they might be, there’s no denying that having a smart sensor on each of your clubs can provide you with data that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. However, there’s also no denying that some sensors are more trouble than they’re worth

Today we are going to be taking a look at a couple of golf club sensor sets that promise ease of use and valuable swing data to see if they really deliver on these claims.

Garmin CT10 Overview

The Garmin CT10’s work just like most other smart sensors do: they attach to the end of your club through the grip and feed data to your connected, compatible Garmin golf watch and onto the Garmin App on your smartphone.

The Garmin Approach CT10 smart sensors are 1.1 inches across and only a half inch thick. So right off the bat, we would say that these won’t encumber your swing at all.

We tested them on the range and through a full course and none of our testers had any complaints about comfortability. So at the very least, we can honestly say that Garmin lives up to the hype it has made about the CT10’s not being a hindrance.

The Garmin Approach CT10 sensors are pretty standard in terms of what kind of stats they keep for you and what kind of data you get. So while they aren’t anything to write home about, they can give you valuable insight into your swing with each club.

For us, the most important benefits of the Garmin Approach CT10 smart sensors was that they do nothing to hinder your swing.

Arccos Smart Sensors Overview

The Arccos Smart Sensors have more robust metrics for the player and offer just a bit more help than the Garmin Approach CT10’s

First of all, anyone reading this should know that for this test we tried out the 3rd generation of the Arccos Smart Sensors.

The Arccos Sensors connect directly to your phone or else the Arccos Link Device, it doesn’t need a smart watch.

The Arccos Smart Sensors were also comfortable to play with but the setup process was a bit more taxing.

There were some issues with lost connections but once we got that dialed in, we were really impressed with the features we had access to. Having the Arccos Smart Sensors on your clubs is sort of like having your own personal caddie.

We enjoyed the more robust golf stats we got with the Arccos Smart Sensors but it would be nice if the connection technology were a bit more reliable.

Garmin Approach CT10 in 20 Words or Less

In 20 Words Or Less

The Garmin Approach CT10 sensors will provide you with basic yet essential information on your shots with each club, utilizing your Garmin Smart Watch.

Arccos Smart Sensors in 20 Words or Less

In 20 Words Or Less

The Arccos Smart Sensors will do more for you in competitive play and have a tournament mode, without slope. It works through your phone or the Arccos link device.

Garmin Approach CT10 First Impressions

The Garmin Approach CT10 sensors were easy to set up so they got off on the right foot with us.

They continued to be the more user-friendly sensors as well as we had fewer connectivity issues with them than the Arccos Smart Sensors.

Key Features

The features of the Garmin Approach CT10 sensors are relegated to your basic shot analytics.

First of all, one of the most important metrics you get with the Garmin Approach CT10 sensors is club distance. The Garmin Approach CT10’s will store your swing data with each club and let you know your average distance so you know which club you should really be using for each shot.

The Garmin Approach CT10 sensors will automatically detect which club is being used. They also turn themselves off when they are not being used to save battery.

The Garmin Approach CT10’s have the essential features you need for practice.

Arccos Smart Sensors First Impressions

We were honestly a bit overwhelmed when we opened up the Arccos app and saw all the metrics available.

It took us a while to navigate everything and really see what we were dealing with.

Key Features

The features of the Arccos Smart Sensors will actually be more helpful during competitive play.

That’s because the sensors will actually suggest which club to use on given shots based on your swing data.

These sensors also have onboard range-finding capabilities so it can tell you how long your shots are.

The Arccos Smart Sensors also take into account weather factors when calculating distance. You can even compare distance with each club to those of pros.

There is also a tournament mode that makes these sensors tournament legal.

Garmin Approach CT10 Selling Points

  • 14 sensors included
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Club tracking
  • Distance tracking
  • No subscription needed
  • Stat archives

Arccos Smart Sensors Selling Points

  • Auto shot tracking
  • Rangefinder capability
  • Club tracking
  • Distance tracking
  • Stat comparison
  • 14 sensors

Who are the Garmin Approach CT10’s for?

The Garmin Approach CT10’s will be great for anyone focusing on learning their clubs.

They are most useful in practice and don’t have the same kind of connection problems as the Arccos sensors. However, it did sometimes register shots that never occurred.


  • Easy to set up
  • Great for practice
  • Left/right calculation
  • Manual score editing
  • Enhances already excellent Garmin Watches


  • Fewer shot metrics
  • It sometimes counted shots that didn’t happen

Overall Score: 93/100

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Who are the Arccos Smart Sensors for?

The Arccos Smart Sensors will be ideal for anyone who regularly plays in tournaments.

Despite the trouble we were having with connection, the Arccos Smart Sensors provided very valuable information. Even when we thought the club suggestion was wrong, 9 times out of 10 it was actually right.


  • The Arccos golf app is provides a lot of helpful shot and course information
  • The club suggestions are really helpful
  • These are great sensors to use if you actually want to play better in tournaments
  • The club sensors are pretty good about accurately detecting which club is being used


  • The putter sensor isn’t very accurate
  • You have to pay a subscription fee after a year
  • Needs a phone in your front left pocket or link device (Extra)

Overall Score: 92/100

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