Fujikura Diamond Speeder Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

Fujikura Diamond Speeder Shaft

If you don’t have a lot of experience or exposure to the Fujikura Diamond Speeder, don’t be embarrassed.

These are premium-level shafts that don’t get used as widely as other Fujikura shafts.

Still, if you have the dough to spend and are looking for a good lightweight driver shaft, the Fujikura Diamond Speeder should be on your radar.

To give you an idea of how light these shafts are, the heaviest one clocks in at just 68.5 grams.

So if you’re a slower swinger but have higher ambitions, pay close attention to the following Fujikura Diamond Speeder review.

Fujikura Diamond Speeder Shaft Overview

The Fujikura Diamond Speeder uses premium materials.

So much so that they typically go for upwards of $500. Like some other Fujikura shafts, the Fujikura Diamond Speeder uses full length 90 ton carbon fiber – an incredibly strong yet lightweight material.

In fact, this type of carbon fiber is used in airplane construction.

With the Fujikura Diamond Speeder, the company sought to produce an incredibly low torque shaft that was light.

After testing the Fujikura Diamond Speeder, we can say that they succeeded. The torque numbers of the Fujikura Diamond Speeder are commonly seen in shafts that are significantly heavier.

This allows for incredible stability – stability that you usually only get with heavier shafts.

Over the years, Fujikura has treated players to these kinds of shafts – ones that felt stable while maintaining a light weight.

The Fujikura Diamond Speeder is the apex of that design emphasis.

Beside all that, the Fujikura Diamond Speeder looks every bit the premium shaft that it is. The black background contrasts strikingly with the shimmering silver lettering.

Why is the Fujikura Diamond Speeder So Popular?

Two words: ultra-premium materials.

Maybe that counts as three words but anyway, the Fujikura Diamond Speeder performance reflects the high quality materials used to make it.

It feels incredibly smooth with a mild kick and offers the stability and consistency of shafts 15 grams heavier.

How Does the Fujikura Diamond Speeder Perform?

The Fujikura Diamond Speeder is like a rocket launcher for your driver.

Even if you have a moderate swing speed with a slower tempo, you will feel like you can swing outside of yourself with this shaft.

It’s incredibly lightweight but holds its own on really strong load ups. The Fujikura Diamond Speeder is incredibly stable and there is an ever-so-slight kick. But it still  feels smooth.

The torque is incredibly low which allows for great accuracy from the tee. If you are facing down a narrow fairway, the Fujikura Diamond Speeder is the shaft  you want to have.

Mis-hits maintain ball speed very well. And while you will get some divergence on mis-hits, they should never exceed 13 yards. So yes, the Fujikura Diamond Speeder is accurate.

The Fujikura Diamond Speeder also produces low launch angles and low spin rates.

We were getting great club head speed and ball speed when testing this shaft. Smash factor was also improved for most of our testers.

You can swing  out of your shoes with this shaft and still make clean contact with the ball. You know what you’re getting on every swing. The consistency is amazing.

Our testers also commented that it was easy to square the face up.

Fujikura Diamond Speeder Shaft Specs

Specs Fujikura Diamond Speeder
Available flexes R, S, SR, X
Weight 49.5g –  68.5g
Butt 0.595”, 0.600”, 0.605”
Tip 2.5 (parallel)
Length 47”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

Senior and regular flex would be good for players with a slow swing speed and a very deliberate tempo.

Stiff and extra stiff would be good for players in the 80 – 90 MPH swing speed range.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The 49.5g to 57g weight class would be good for people swinging their driver between 75 and 80 MPH.

Everything from 58 grams up would be better for players in the 80 – 90 MPH swing speed range.

Why is it So Good?

Fujikura Diamond Speeder Shaft2

The Fujikura Diamond Speeder just makes you feel that you can swing faster than normal.

And you do. The smash factor and club head speed are the proof. There is no twisting or looseness in this shaft.

It’s great because it allows you to be as accurate as you possibly can.

Fujikura Diamond Speeder First Impressions

Fujikura Diamond Speeder Shaft1

To be honest, we were more than a little intimidated by this shaft.

It’s just so expensive and we felt like we weren’t even worthy to play it. However, we came back down to Earth and remembered who this shaft was made for: less than powerful swingers.

After we realized that, we had a lot of fun with this shaft. It’s extremely consistent and provides a confidence boost.

Key Features & Performance

The 90 ton full-length carbon fiber is what gives this shaft its stability and consistency.

The bias layer has also been moved closer to the straight layers which imparts a smooth feel when you load up. Loading and releasing with this shaft feels like a dream.

Fujikura Diamond Speeder Driver Review

From the box, the Fujikura Diamond Speeder loads up and releases smoothly.

You can feel the premium materials and meticulous engineering at work.

Fujikura Diamond Speeder Fairway Wood Review

While the spin rates picked up a bit from the deck, the increase wasn’t shocking. It’s still within low/mid parameters.

Fujikura Diamond Speeder Pros & Cons


  • Very consistent
  • Low spin rates
  • Low launch
  • Smooth loading
  • Increases club head speed


  • Very expensive

Fujikura Diamond Speeder Shaft

Overall Score: 97/100

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Who Should Buy it?

First of all, someone who can afford it.

This shaft can cost as much as $500. Secondly, the player who would benefit the most from this shaft is the aspirational moderate swing speed player.

With the Fujikura Diamond Speeder, you will gain more confidence and more accuracy. And you will likely get a distance boost from tighter dispersion and increased smash factor.

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