What Should Women Wear To Golf – A Look At The Female Golfers Dress Code

It’s a well-known fact of golf that you tend to have to dress in a certain way in order to play.

Like it or loathe it, this is how it is, but although the men’s dress code is known sometimes it can be a bit more confusing for women and girls. Today we will fix that.

This article is dedicated to the female dress code and will help you decide what to wear when you’re getting ready for a day on the links.

As the old adage goes, “If you look good, you feel good and if you feel good you play good”. Let’s get you looking sharp for your round.

Intro To Women’s Golf Attire – The Past & The Present

Look back on old images of women golfing and you’ll see long skirts, corsets and uncomfortable jackets.

We aren’t talking about performance technical fabrics that are made to move. In these early days, women had to maintain their modesty so as not to put off the gentlemen golfers.

Thankfully times have changed and we moved away from those clothes to a more traditional country club look. Women started wearing things like knitwear and chinos.

Again we still aren’t talking about ideal golfwear but at least it was similar to what contemporary men wore.

Is There A Dress Code For Women’s Golf? What is it?

Women’s golf is booming, if you’re thinking about or even have a golf trip planned do you know what to wear?

It’s fair to say that women have more options than men in the dress code and they actually get to wear more comfortable clothing on the course.

Women can wear trousers, polo shirts and sweaters, the usual stuff men can wear. They can also wear skirts/skorts, sleeveless polos and some places even allow women to wear crew neck shirts.

That’s a rough overview but what else should you be thinking of when choosing your golf clothing.

Things To Consider


Depending on where and when you are playing, it can be important to stay warm.

Things like gilets, sweaters, hats and gloves are all useful. In golf you must always balance your warmth with the ability to move freely and this can be a real challenge, layering up is the key.


Coming from Scotland, I’m no stranger to the breeze especially when you’re out playing on a links course.

Wind breakers can be light enough to be worn on warm days and light enough to be worn over warmer layers.


Being a sport that has you outside for a few hours at a time, it is common for rain to dampen your day on the course.

A good waterproof set is well worth investing in as they can pack away in your bag. This means you’ll be prepared for the rain if it should come, bring an umbrella too!

Tips For Tops To Wear

Most importantly, when you’re choosing golf clothing you want to make sure that your tops are comfortable and allow for good range of motion.

If you can’t swing freely in your golf clothing then it isn’t going to help you play your best.

What To Wear In Hot Weather

In hot weather you want something that is breathable, technical fabrics are by far the best however, light cotton can also be good on hot days.

The J. Lindeberg Tour Tech polo is one of the best in the market for comfort in hot weather.

What To Wear In Cold Weather

In cold weather you will want to layer up to maximise heat whilst minimising bulk.

A base layer is a great place to start. Galvin Green make some of the best weather wear on the market. On top of that you will want a mid-layer and even a jacket on the coldest of days.

Tips For Bottoms To Wear

It’s not just the top half that you need to think about for your round.

If you get the bottom-half wrong then you could be in trouble too, comfort is queen! Whilst mobility isn’t so important on the bottom-half, it can make or break you temperature control.

What To Wear In Hot Weather

Shorts or a skort can be a great for keeping you cool on your lower half and making you feel athletic/ready to play your best.

You will want ankle socks to maximise that sporty look and help keep you as cool as possible.

What To Wear In Cold Weather

Again, on the coldest of days, you could start with a base layer.

This locks in your body heat and keeps it close to your skin. After that you may want to go straight to waterproof trousers or maybe even have trousers in between for maximum insulation.

Do You Need To Wear Proper Golf Shoes?

Proper golf shoes are recommended, especially on wet ground.

Not only will they help you play better but they will also make you more stable on your feet and prevent slips. Modern golf shoes can look like trainers and need not be too expensive.

What Shoes Do We Recommend?

If you are looking to splash the cash and want that sporty look then the Nike Air Max 270 golf shoes are fantastic.

If you want something a little less expensive with a more classic look then the Footjoy Traditions are perfect.

What Types of Accessories Are There?

Accessories are a minefield in golf. Some love them, some judge them.

Please don’t be the person who shows up for a game with every accessory you saw on TV or online, it’s not a good look. Belts are a good staple but really try to leave it there.

What Types Of Headwear Are There?

The baseball cap is a classic but some like to go with the bucket hat these days, J. Lindeberg are making that more popular.

The main thing is you want something to keep your hair out of your face if it is long.

How Do I Choose What To Wear?

Weather is going to be a big factor in this, but we will get to that.

Another thing you want to consider is where you are playing and what are their dress code rules. Older clubs tend to have more traditional rules. Finally, what will you feel good in? That’s the most important factor.

The Weather

Clearly, sometimes you don’t get to decide and the weather will dictate that you need to dress warm or to stay dry.

Again, think of your comfort here, a round of golf takes a long time so you need to dress in something that will feel good for a few hours in whatever conditions face you.

Dressing For The Summer

On those glorious hot days on the course, you need to stay cool but also protected from the sun.

A nice floaty shirt paired with shorts or a skirt will help keep you feeling good. You will probably also want a hat to keep the heat off your head. Also, ensure you wear sun cream.

Women’s Golf Clothing Brands We Recommend


This Swedish label single-handedly revolutionised golf fashion in the 2000s and they are hard at it again with the women’s game.

Their clothing seamlessly fits into the golf club and the bar or work so you can look great at all times no matter where life takes you.


Golf is a sport and golfers are athletes.

Nike are renowned for making some of the best athletic gear in the world and their women’s golf stuff is no exception.  At a middle price point, Nike clothing is perfect for many golfers who want to dress like they’re there to win.


FootJoy sits somewhere between the at-leisure fashion of J. Lindeberg and the outright sportiness of Nike.

They won’t break the bank but you will look good and the quality of their products is very difficult to beat.

Tips For Women’s First Golf Trip

Most importantly, enjoy it and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Pack for different conditions, buying a new jacket at the pro shop because you forgot your own can be an expensive mistake. Ask more experienced golf trippers for packing tips, they know best.

What Should Women Wear To The Driving Range?

Something comfortable is the easy answer.

The range is a casual golfing experience and there is no dress code, I usually wear gym clothes. Also, consider not wearing golf shoes. Normal trainers can be better for your knees when hitting balls from the mats.

Who Are The More Stylish Women In Pro Golf?

Nelly Korda

World number one and Olympic gold medal winner, Nelly Korda is a J. Lindeberg athlete and so is always looking sharp on the links. She perfectly navigates the country club/athlete look.

Georgia Hall

With a more classic look than Korda, the way Georgia Hall dresses may appeal to more.

She dresses in a very understated way and lets her incredible golf do the talking on the course.

Anna Nordqvist

The Swede is known for her shirts and the fact that they are often crew necks rather than polos.

It has to be said that she always looks comfortable and maybe that helped her win The AIG Women’s Open at Carnoustie this year.

Is It Okay To Wear Skirts?

Whilst many women wear skirts, you are more likely to see a girl playing golf in skorts.

These are skirts with shorts sewn into them and they can be a lot more comfortable when playing as you don’t need to worry about your modesty.

Can Girls Wear Leggings Golfing?

Jazzy Golfer, of Instagram fame, has made leggings her trademark.

Jazzy is one of the greatest ambassadors in golf right now and she often meets very young golfers to play with them. She wears bright “jazzy” leggings to play. Yes, they are fine and they can be very comfortable.

Are Things Getting More Progressive With All The Golf Influencers?

Frankly, no, I don’t think they are. Many of the influencers in golf are pushing the “sex sells” card too hard.

Some people like Jazzy Golfer and Rachel McQueen are certainly not playing that card and they are helping to drive women’s golf.

The women’s game is benefitting the most from the fact that these girls are so good to watch. The incredible quality of the events at the Olympics, the AIG Women’s Open and the Solheim Cup have shown the golfing world that everyone should be taking note.

Golf Dress Code No-Gos

One of the worst things you can wear on a course or in a clubhouse is denim or jeans.

If you want to ruffle feathers then show up in ripped jeans and you’ll hear a chorus of tuts and be faced with more disapproving looks than you’ve ever seen. Golf and jeans don’t like each other.

What To Wear If You Don’t Have Golf Clothes

In this situation then you would be fine wearing black leggings and a polo shirt.

If you don’t have a polo then you could wear a smarter sweater. Tailored shorts are fine, a tennis skirt is also fine and generally looking a bit smarter is always the safer way to go.

Golf clothes need not be too expensive so you could go and pick up some clothing. You could also borrow some from a friend who plays.

It can be a little daunting, which is an annoying thing about golf, but try not to worry too much.


Women’s golf is growing faster than ever and it makes me incredibly happy to be writing that. Please don’t let the dress code put you off playing golf, most places are incredibly welcoming.

The most important thing is to be comfortable enough to last a whole round out there.

If you look good, you tend to play better and that’s what this is all about. You don’t need to break the bank in order to stay bang on trend but buying good clothing can certainly be a worthy investment.

It also means that even if you don’t play your best, you can still look your best.