Epon AF-705 Irons Review – Are They Good for High Handicappers?

Epon AF-705 Irons

“Epon may be a brand name that has flown under the radar up to now. But at the end of the day, the Epon AF-705 irons may be the best kept secret in golf.”

One doesn’t often come across a set of truly premium game improvement irons.

And even when you do, they are often loaded up with gimmicky features that don’t really translate to improved performance on the course.

But after having tested the Epon AF-705 irons, we believe we may have found a solid set of premium GI irons that will actually help high handicappers lower their score.

Will the Epon AF-705 irons be the right fit for you? Let’s find out.

Epon AF-705 Irons Overview

“The first thing you have to know about these irons is that they are forged.”

While we wouldn’t go as far as to say that they feel as soft and buttery as say, Mizuno irons, the Epon AF-705 irons are still definitely smooth-feeling.

And that’s already saying a lot for a set of game improvement irons. The Epon AF-705 irons are also cavity back irons with a considerable undercut cavity.

As you can imagine, we had no trouble with launch from these irons. The CG is low and the pronounced undercut cavity really lets you loft the ball at will. At address, the Epon AF-705 looks pretty beefy.

Even compared to some other GI irons like the Tour Edge C series, the Epon AF-705’s have a large and unique profile. The face profile is on the deep side; but the top line and the sole width are both moderate.

The offset is pretty pronounced as well. The Epon AF-705 irons come stock with Aerotech i80 shafts in regular flex and IOMIC golf grips.

Who Are Epon AF-705 Irons for?

Ideally, the Epon AF-705 would be gamed by high handicappers.

However, we can see how mid handicappers would benefit from the forgiveness and the spin rates.

The Epon AF-705’s don’t spin ridiculously high; but there is enough there to work some backspin onto a fast green.

How Forgiving Are the Epon AF-705 Irons?

“One of the most drastic performance aspects of the Epon AF-705 irons is that leftward misses are all but eliminated.”

We were very surprised at how straight these irons want to play. Even on (mostly) intentional mis-hits, the Epon AF-705 irons stayed on-line.

Couple that with a very forgiving look at address and you have a set that is ideal for beginners and high handicappers.

And if you are the kind of player that has trouble getting the ball airborne, the Epon AF-705 will be a great help. Launch was easy but not out of control.

The face feels active and there is plenty of sweet spot to work with. That’s the long way of saying, yes, the Epon AF-705 are adequately forgiving.

Are the Epon AF-705 Irons Easy to Hit?

Epon AF-705 Irons1

“Yes, the face profile is pretty deep so you get a lot of up and down forgiveness.”

We also mentioned earlier in the review that the Epon AF-705 irons have a “unique” profile. What we meant by that was the top line.

Normally when you have a deep face profile in an iron, you have a high toe area that drops down near the heel.

With the Epon AF-705 irons, there is no such drop-off. Above the heel is as high as the toe area.

While high heel misses aren’t as common as high-toe misses, it’s still nice that the Epon AF-705 irons have all the bases covered. Launch is easy and making consistent contact becomes easier with these irons.

Key Technology That Makes the Epon AF-705 Irons Good for Beginners

Epon AF-705 Irons2

“You can’t ignore the forged feel; but that’s not really what makes these irons a draw for newbies.”

In reality, it’s the easy launch and overall profile of these irons that make them a good play for beginners.

They are pretty chunky; but they don’t look like shovels at address. The Epon AF-705’s also sport variable face thickness so ball speed is preserved on mis-hits.

Are the Epon AF-705 Irons Good for Mid Handicappers?

We would say good but not great.

There is good spin in the short irons that will let most mid handicappers hold onto more greens; but there is also a lack of workability mainly due to the size of these irons.

Are the Epon AF-705 Irons Good for Low Handicappers?

“We wouldn’t recommend the Epon AF-705 irons to low handicappers.”

They have a soft, responsive feel; but there is just too much girth to them to be any use to skilled players.

The offset is also too pronounced. Better players will have a hard time bending the ball with these irons.

Pros & Cons of the Epon AF-705 Irons


  • They are very forgiving
  • They have a soft, responsive feel
  • These are forged, game improvement irons
  • It’s very easy to achieve optimal apex height with these irons
  • They will likely improve carry distance for many high handicap players
  • Variable face thickness reduces the effects of mis-hits


  • They are expensive
  • It’s virtually impossible to work the ball

Final Thoughts on the Epon AF-705 Irons for High or Mid Handicappers

Epon AF-705 Irons3

“The mid to high handicap market is really who these irons were made for.”

The soft, responsive feel you get from the face will certainly appeal to more experienced players.

And while there is almost no workability to speak of, around the pin you get good spin rates so you can manage fast greens.

Our major gripe with the Epon AF-705 irons is that they spin high in the long irons too.

A lot of distance can be added if they didn’t spin so much. But in the end, moderate distance gains are likely just because the face is active and the ball stays so straight.

Which leads us to our next point: the Epon AF-705 irons are great for high handicappers. They will keep you out of the cabbage and make it easier for you to flight the ball.

Epon AF-705 Irons3

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