Early Release Vs Late Release In Golf & How To Fix Them

In his article The Timing Of A Golf Swing, Dr. Phil Cheetham mentions that the average PGA Tour player swings in 0.847 seconds. It is hard to fathom that so much can go wrong in a few milliseconds, but it can, and it does.

While one article is insufficient to cover everything that can go wrong during your swing, I will use the time to address two key issues. Early release vs late release in golf is the topic of the day, and we are showing you how to fix both of them.


Early Vs Late Release Overview

While early and late releases differ in their results, they share common ground, as neither is good for your golf game.

An early release can cause you to slice, hook, chunk, and sky shots, whereas a late release generates low ball flight and leads to a loss of distance.


What Exactly Is An Early Release

Golf instructor Peter Styles explains that an early release occurs when the back of the golf club, the front arm, and the shaft are released too early.

This often reduces your ability to transfer weight onto the front foot, leading to ballooned shots.

Another result of an early release is a slice or pushed shot. It is caused due to your inability to square the clubface up at impact.


What Problems Does An Early Release Cause

Push Or Slice

Golf columnist Jim Suttie writes that if you struggle with early release.

You will likely slice, shank, or push your shot. On some occasions, you may even hook or pull the ball.

Weight Transfer

When you release early from your swing it is difficult to rotate your hips and transfer your weight through impact.

As a result, you will lose power, hit on the up, and risk opening your clubface at impact.


When your hands come through before the rest of your body. You upset the rhythm and tempo of your swing.

It makes it harder to strike the ball cleanly and square your face up at impact. It is in these scenarios where you open yourself up for a shank, fat, or thin shot.


The position of your weight and hands at impact causes you to hit on the up, leading to ballooned shots and a loss of distance.


What Problems Does A Late Release Cause In The Golf Shot?

Reduced Clubhead Speed

If you release your clubhead late in the downswing, you may struggle to generate sufficient clubhead speed to transfer to the ball. As a result, your COR is reduced, and you achieve less ball speed.

Less Ball Speed

The reduction in ball speed stems from a player’s inability to generate the necessary clubhead speed to transfer to the ball.

The lower level of ball speed means you will struggle to achieve a high, powerful launch.

Low Ball Flight

As a result of less ball speed, players who struggle with a late release tend to experience lower ball flight.

The lower ball flight leads to a fair loss of distance.

Loss of Distance

When you combine less ball speed with a low ball flight, we get minimal distance. The inability to launch the ball high causes us to lose carry distance and ultimately total yardage.



Tips For Curing An Early Release

In my article Coming Out Of A Golf Swing, I detail the steps you can take to cure an early release.

From the one-handed swing to tees behind your ball and weight rotation exercises, there are several steps that you can take to cure an early release.

Tips For Curing A Late Release

One-Handed Swing

Swinging with the club in one hand helps you to guide it through the different points of the backswing and follow-through.

It helps you understand where the correct point is on your downswing to release.

Swing A Power Stick

Using a straight stick to practice makes you focus on your hands which helps you understand your forearm rotation better.

In the long run, this ensures that you get the clubface to the optimal position at impact for increased ball speed and a high launch.

Club Weight

If you are still struggling with a late release, you may want to check if the club’s weight is too heavy.

A lighter option may help you increase your clubhead speed on your downswing and release at the optimal moment.

Our Favorite Training Aid For Early Release

Total Golf Trainer 3.0 Kit

The Total Golf Trainer (TGT) 3.0 comprises a set to train every element of your swing.

The kit contains three core components, the TGT V2, TGT Arm, and the TGT Hip. These elements combine to ensure your swing follows the correct plane from takeaway to impact.

The TGT Arm component works to improve your takeaway and wrist action to prevent an early release. This helps you control your backswing and downswing to achieve a squarer face at impact for a straighter shot.

The next feature of interest is the TGT V2, which extends the lag of your clubface to square it up at impact for straighter ball flight.

The final component of the kit is the TGT Hip, designed to help you optimize your hip rotation and weight transfer for a cleaner strike and more power at impact.

The TGT 3.0 is a handy aid for all golfers. However, mid to high handicappers stand to benefit the most from the set.


  • Sets your swing on the right path from takeaway
  • Prompts a squarer face at impact
  • Promotes controlled wrist action
  • Improves hip rotation
  • Helps you transfer your weight


  • Expensive for a training aid
  • It is not the most comfortable set-up

Overall Score: 96/100

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Our Favorite Training Aid For Late Release

Sure-Set Swing Training Aid

The Sure-Set training aid is designed by Dan Frost. A man who is regarded as one of the best golf coaches on the planet.

The product is also endorsed by Golf Channel personality Martin Hall, who claims it trains the backswing and downswing beautifully.

Sure-Set’s swing training aid aims to assist you with three elements of your game, shoulder turn, forearm rotation, and wrist hinge. By working on these areas, you will increase your clubhead speed for a high launch.

Furthermore, the training aid is fitted with an ergonomic, padded handle for a comfortable grip. Plus, you can adjust it to your preferred stroke angle, arm length, and swing type.

Finally, Frost is confident that the Sure-Set swing training aid will improve your game in seventeen areas. Including power, ball-striking, consistency, and control.

Overall, this product is ideal for players who struggle with late release and generating sufficient clubhead and ball speed for a higher flight.


  • Improves your swing seventeen ways
  • It helps you perfect forearm rotation
  • Promotes increased clubhead and ball speed
  • Available in left and right-hand options
  • Adjustable to your preference


  • The wrist hinge feature of this training aid weakens the handle over time, leading to it cracking or snapping off.
  • Uncomfortable design that takes time to get used to.

Overall Score: 94/100

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Conclusion Of Early Release vs Late Release In Golf

I hope that this article opens your eyes to the fact that the only way to play better golf is to improve your swing.

It doesn’t matter what clubs you own. If you can’t swing them, you will get frustrated and despise the game.

However, in our review of early release vs late release in golf, we found solutions to these challenges. So you don’t need to continue suffering. Follow the guide above, keep practicing, and you should see those scores improve.

If you would like additional support during your practice sessions, it is worth looking at the Total Golf Trainer Kit and the Sure-Set Swing training aid.