Dynamic Gold s200 vs s300 vs s400 – What’s The Most Effective Option


It is hard to imagine that there is a golfer out there who hasn’t used a Dynamic Gold shaft in their iron.

This is a product that seems almost ubiquitous in the world of golf but don’t let that think any less of them. These are truly fantastic shafts and definitely ones that you should consider. 

In a world of custom-fit driver shafts, you should be considering that maybe your irons could do with a custom shaft. Today we are looking at these shafts to see what could be the best option for your irons. The Dynamic Gold is the most successful shaft in golfing history. 

Intro To Golf Shafts & Their Importance

I often refer to shafts as the engine room of the golf club.

The shaft is where the energy is stored during the swing and how it is released at impact. When you have the correct shaft, this system works beautifully, if you don’t have the right shaft then it can be your biggest enemy.

There is a reason that many tour trucks follow the best golfers in the world. They need constant fine-tuning of their equipment to perform at their most optimal. The shaft is arguably the most vital part of the club.

Dynamic Gold s200 Overview

With “s” standing for stiff and 200 a denotation of weight, the s200 is the lightest of the three shafts in this article.

This is a low launch and low spin shaft for those with a moderate swing tempo. With it being the lightest then it is great for those just moving up from a regular shaft.

Many juniors and seniors would benefit from this shaft. The extra stability of the stiff shaft with the lighter weighting brings a powerful combination to many golfers. This is the most rare shaft of the three discussed in this article.

Quick Facts

Product s200
Flex Stiff
Weight (g) 127
Length (in.) 41.0
Tip Diameter (in.) 0.370
Butt Diameter (in.) 0.600
Launch Low

Dynamic Gold s300 Overview

This is the most common shaft in the line-up, this is a the mid-weight option and the one that will suit most golfers.

It is also a low spin, low launch shaft for a moderate tempo golfer. For golfers who use a stiff shaft in their driver then this is a good option for you.

Being the middle of the road option, this shaft is going to suit most golfers. You are likely to find this in the bag of around half of the golfers at your club!

Quick Facts

Product s300
Flex Stiff
Weight (g) 130
Length (in.) 41.0
Tip Diameter (in.) 0.370
Butt Diameter (in.) 0.600
Launch Low

Dynamic Gold s400 Overview

The heaviest shaft in the line-up, the Dynamic Gold s400 is made for those golfers who want to feel more weight in their clubs and a little more control.

These shafts will tend to suit golfers who don’t quite have the speed for extra-stiff but are close.

These are tried, tested and very trusted shafts, like the other above. If you want ultimate control of your spin rate and your trajectory then these will definitely help you out.

Quick Facts

Product s400
Flex Stiff
Weight (g) 134
Length (in.) 41.0
Tip Diameter (in.) 0.370
Butt Diameter (in.) 0.600
Launch Low

Dynamic Gold s200 Pros And Cons 

The weight of these shafts is both a pro and a con.

It is great for those that need it and not ideal for those that don’t. Of the three models in this article, these are the most rare and can be harder to find.

The major pro of these is that even though they are light, they will still give you that penetrating low ball flight with minimal spin.  

Dynamic Gold s300 Pros And Cons

The Dynamic Gold is the most successful shaft in the history of golf, it is unsurpassed.

The s300 is the most common version of this shaft that you will find. The most major pro for this shaft is it comes with tons of legacy and history.

The con, and this is a minor one, is that it is very common. We all know the gear heads that want those rarer pieces in their bag, this is definitely not it. 

Dynamic Gold s400 Pros And Cons

These shafts are quite heavy and won’t suit many golfers.

The weight combined with the low launch and low spin characteristics mean that many will struggle to get the ball in the air with these.

The pro on this shaft is that it is the supreme controller of the ball and it feels so smooth through the ball. For those that want a little extra weight and perfect control, don’t look further than this product!

Who Should Use The s200?

This shaft is perfect for seniors that can still pull decent speed, juniors who are building speed and many girls.

It will give you great shot control whilst the lightweight of this model helps helps you with speed.

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Who Should Use The s300?

Any golfer who can swing the driver at around 105 mph will get a lot out of this shaft.

The Dynamic Gold s300 will help you keep the ball flight under control and give you a perfect penetrating flight. If you hit it a little high then these are tasty.

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Who Should Use The s400?

The heavyweight in this division, the s400, is great for those players who love the feel of more weight in their hands.

If you have a swing speed of around 110 then you will love these shafts. They feel smooth and give you all the control you could eve hope for.

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Any Alternatives To Consider?

If the fact that these shafts are quite ubiquitous makes you want an alternative, then the Nippon NS Pro Modus is a stunning option.

They are growing in popularity, especially on tour. They are more pricey but they are really beautiful shafts.

Another shaft that is deservedly growing in popularity is the KBS Tour. This is a shaft that I have used for many years and absolutely loved. It feels sublime and it has wonderful flight characteristics. I absolutely recommend this shaft as a solid alternative. 

There are many other stepless shafts like the Rifle Shaft from True Temper. This is another shaft that I have used and loved. It has a higher flight than most mentioned here already but it has a really nice low spin which is great for extra control.


When a product dominates a market in the way that the Dynamic Gold has then you have to celebrate it and consider it when you’re in the market.

These shafts are fantastic and there isn’t a golfer in the world that wouldn’t be able to put these in the bag and feel the difference.

I think that shafts in your irons are all about feel. These are the kings of feel. You get so much feedback during the swing and they feel like they are there to help you. If you are in the market for a new set of iron shafts then you must try these out! 

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