Dynamic Gold DST 98 Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

Dynamic Gold DST 98 Shaft

If you’ve ever read any of our reviews on True Temper shafts you have probably sensed a theme.

It’s no secret that we are fans of these shafts. But we’re not just jumping on a bandwagon for no reason. True Temper shafts are some of the best-feeling best-performing iron shafts on the market.

Today’s review is a bit of a vanity project because we will be taking a look at the Dynamic Gold DST 98.

Why this shaft specifically? Because, no surprise here, we’re big fans of it. But in this review, we will be taking as unbiased a look as possible so join us as we tell you about the Dynamic Gold DST 98.

Dynamic Gold DST 98 Shaft Overview

The Dynamic Gold DST 98 irons shafts have standard Dynamic Gold aesthetics.

Most of the shaft is polished chrome with a rectangle of branding in the middle. The looks are nothing to write home about and may actually be a hindrance.

For instance, the polished chrome is very reflective so you might actually catch some glare on sunny days.

But in the grand scheme of things, that’s a minor blemish on the reputation of this shaft.

The Dynamic Gold DST 98 shaft feels incredibly smooth and easy to swing. In fact, after our test session, the phrase “easy to swing” came up more than once from our testers.

Part of that ease comes from the lightweight design of these shafts. As the name implies, the Dynamic Gold DST 98 shaft weighs 98 grams.

A lot of our slow swing speed testers were able to get great distance from these shafts by merit of achieving faster club head speed.

The kick point is in the middle of the shaft and it isn’t very obvious. You can certainly feel a load and release; but you don’t feel like you’re losing control of the club head.

It strikes a nice balance between stability and activity.

Why is the Dynamic Gold DST 98 So Popular?

The Dynamic Gold DST 98 is popular because it allows golfers who want the Dynamic Gold feel but in a lighter shaft.

The Dynamic Gold DST 98 feels incredibly manageable throughout your swinging motion.

How Does the Dynamic Gold DST 98 Perform?

The Dynamic Gold DST 98 shaft offers up a mid launch that can be worked higher if needed.

Our testers had no problem tinkering with apex height and were able to get steeper launch angles when they wanted.

The flight is strong – the ball launches like a rocket initially and doesn’t lose much penetration.

Our testers were able to average a 6-iron distance of 159.8 yards after three swings apiece.

The spin rates were a bit on the high side which some of our testers liked. Of course, not all of our testers were exactly happy with the spin rates and lost some yardage in the long irons.

But the dispersion pleased everyone. We got the sense that you could use the Dynamic Gold DST 98 to launch a ball down a narrow corridor.

The Dynamic Gold DST 98 shaft is very accurate and even on full swings, it’s easy to achieve a square face at impact.

Plus, the Dynamic Gold DST 98 is a light shaft so even slow swinging golfers can feel like they’re Bryson DeChambeau with it.

Shaft Specs

Specs Dynamic Gold DST 98
Available flexes Stiff
Weight 98 grams
Tip .355”
Length 35” – 37.5”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The Dynamic Gold DST 98 specifically is available in stiff flex.

This is a good option for anyone swinging their irons between 80 and 95 MPH.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The Dynamic Gold DST 98 is a 98 gram shaft.

Again, this is a good weight for players swinging between 80 and 95 MPH.

Why is it So Good?

Dynamic Gold DST 98 Shaft2

The reason we really love this shaft is because it is incredibly accurate even though it’s on the lightweight side.

It packs all of the Dynamic Gold advantages into a shaft that is more manageable and playable.

Dynamic Gold DST 98 First Impressions


It was pretty much love at first swing with this shaft.

Even the testers who had never tried the Dynamic Gold DST 98 before were able to find the sweet spot after just a couple of swings.

It feels very fast and fun to swing. Some of our testers even used the word “addicting” when describing their experience with this shaft.

Key Features & Performance

The main even so to speak is the lightweight design.

And even though the Dynamic Gold DST 98 is a light-feeling shaft, you never get the feeling that it is ovalling at impact.

Dynamic Gold DST 98 Irons Review

The Dynamic Gold DST 98 shaft offers more distance from your long irons and good apex height for your scoring irons.

You will likely never feel apprehensive about taking a full swing when you have these shafts plugged into your long irons.

Dynamic Gold DST 98 Wedges Review

The high spin rates naturally come in handy with the wedges.

Lighter swings are met with great stability and balance.

Dynamic Gold DST 98 Pros & Cons


  • They increase iron accuracy
  • They are very easy to swing with
  • Very tight shot dispersion
  • Apex height is workable
  • Lightweight design


  • Not great for powerful swingers
  • Glare may be an issue

Dynamic Gold DST 98 Shaft

Overall Score: 97/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The Dynamic Gold DST 98 shaft should work for a wide array of players.

In fact, the only kind of player it may not work for are 95+ MPH swingers with aggressive tempos.

Not that the Dynamic Gold DST 98 wouldn’t be able to handle such swings; but these kinds of players may shy away from the launch and spin that this shaft produces.

Instead, the Dynamic Gold DST 98 would be great for moderate swing speed players seeking improved accuracy.

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