Diamana DF Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

Diamana DF Shaft

If you are familiar with any of the Mitsubishi Chemical Diamana shafts then you know that they can all be counted on to have exceptional feel.

At this point, smooth feel is almost a given with this line of shafts. So to get it out of the way now, yes, the Diamana DF carries on that tradition with a very smooth, satisfying feel.

But the Diamana DF shaft is claimed to combine the Blue Board and the White Board profile. This is what intrigued us about this shaft and was one of the unknown variables in terms of performance.

So how did the Diamana DF fare at the range during our testing? Let’s talk about it.

Diamana DF Shaft Overview

Even with longstanding lines like Diamana, Mitsubishi always makes sure to incorporate some new technology or feature to give their fans something to be excited about.

In the case of the Diamana DF shaft, a new material called boron fiber. Boron fiber is made from a combination of strong modulus and extremely flexible modulus.

We’re no scientists but that sounds like a good material to use for a golf shaft.

At its heart, the Diamana DF is a graphite shaft – albeit an advanced one. The appearance of the Diamana DF shaft is very similar to that of the Diamana BF shaft except it’s black instead of blue.

The highly reflective black finish gradiently yields to a silver finish near the tip section. It looks really nice in the bag and it isn’t too distracting behind the ball.

Like the Diamana BF shaft, the Diamana DF utilizes boron fiber in the tip section in order to make it stiffer. Still, there is a clear, smooth kick in the midsection of this shaft.

Overall, the Diamana DF is a relatively lightweight shaft. The heaviest version of it checks in at just 88 grams. However, the profile suggests that it would be best for powerful swingers.

Why is the Diamana DF So Popular?

The Diamana line of driver shafts is one of the most popular and storied in the sport.

The Diamana DF is the fourth generation of this profile so it comes with preloaded fans, so to speak.

We can see how it would be a favorite among players with faster swing speeds or players who want a lighter driver shaft that doesn’t sacrifice any stability.

And of course, all Diamana shafts are known for having a silky feel.

How Does the Diamana DF Perform?

When we tested the Diamana BF shaft, we were blown away with how tight the shot dispersion was with the distance it was yielding.

The Diamana DF took things to another level. The Diamana DF played longer and the dispersion was even tighter – for the most part.

On extreme mis-hits, the offline yardage got up to 12.5 yards; but that’s still pretty darn good in the grand scheme of things.

One thing to take note of though is that these are pretty light shafts. If you are currently gaming a heavier shaft, there will no doubt be more of a learning curve.

But once you get over that, you will be treated to a mid/low launch and low spin. The spin rates of the Diamana DF were almost exactly the same as the BF shaft: consistently in the low 2000 RPM range.

But the Diamana DF launches a little lower than the BF overall.

We would also say that the Diamana DF isn’t quite as forgiving as the Diamana BF. On mis-hits, there would be strong pushes that didn’t look pretty.

This was a sort of affirmation of our suspicions that the Diamana DF was made for stronger swingers and lower handicappers.

Shaft Specs

Specs Diamana DF
Available flexes Regular, stiff, extra stiff, tour extra stiff
Weight 60g – 88g
Butt .598”, .606”, .610”, .600”, .608”, .612”, .614”
Tip .335”
Length 46”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

Players in the 80 – 90 MPH swing speed range would likely do well with regular or stiff flex.

If you’re swinging your driver between 95 and 105 MPH, try out extra stiff or tour extra stiff.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

If you swing your driver between 80 and 90 MPH, check out the 50 and 60 gram weight classes.

The 70 and 80 gram classes should work for 90+ MPH swingers.

Why is it So Good?

Diamana DF Shaft1

Amazingly, the Diamana DF plays even longer than the Diamana BF.

We achieved an average distance of 267.8 yards after three swings. So one reason why this shaft is so popular is the distance it yields.

Diamana DF First Impressions

Diamana DF Shaft2

Like most Diamana shafts, we were impressed with how nice the Diamana DF shaft looked.

It’s flashy enough to turn heads; but not enough to be a distraction.

Key Features & Performance 

The Diamana DF combines the Blue and White Board profiles.

Based on our testing, this achieves a semi-active feel and a very gentle kick in the midsection.

There is good swing energy transfer and excellent stability.

Diamana DF Driver Review

The Diamana DF is one of the longest driver shafts we have tested in quite some time.

Moderate to fast swingers will likely see 5-15 yard distance improvements.

Diamana DF Fairway Wood Review

The Diamana DF may very well turn your 5-wood into a 3-wood in terms of distance.

Using this shaft presents an interesting gapping option as it may eliminate the need for a longer wood.

Diamana DF Pros & Cons


  • It looks cool
  • Amazing distance
  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Tight dispersion


  • Not super forgiving

Diamana DF Shaft

Overall Score: 97/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The Diamana DF would be a good choice for mid to low handicappers who want more distance without losing anything in the way of accuracy.

It also works best if you have a fast swing speed and aggressive swing tempo. It’s a good lightweight shaft option for powerful swingers too.

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