Cobra Speedzone Fairway Wood Vs Cobra Speedback F9 Fairway Wood Comparison Overview

Throughout the years of testing a wide variety of golf clubs, we have to say that Cobra is one of the most consistently impressive manufacturers. Their clubs always seem to bring something different and fresh to the table.

And when it comes to fairway woods, Cobra continues to push the boundaries of what’s expected from these kinds of clubs. We had the pleasure of testing the Cobra Speedzone and the Cobra King Speedback F9 fairway woods – both impressive clubs in their own right.

Cobra Speedzone Fairway Wood Overview


The Cobra Speedzone fairway wood does a good job of appealing to a wide variety of golfers.

That’s because it has a good mixture of performance and forgiveness features. The first thing that we noticed about this club was that it has a face profile more akin to a hybrid club than a fairway wood.

The face is nice and shallow so it launches high and plays well off the deck. There are also lightweight appointments in the carbon fiber crown and the hollow baffler rails on the sole. This tandem of features will help newer players up their swing speed.

For better players, the Cobra Speedzone fairway wood is still plenty workable. It features a CNC milled face that is incredibly thin yet highly resilient. What our better testers liked about this fairway wood was that it was possible to achieve both high-arcing launch and a flatter shot trajectory.

Cobra Speedback F9 Fairway Wood Overview


While the Cobra Speedback F9 fairway wood debuted a year before the Cobra Speedzone fairway wood, it came loaded with a ton of features.

Like the Cobra Speedzone fairway woods, the F9’s have CNC milled faces which provide the same explosive distance, ball speed and forgiveness. They also have a carbon fiber crown for weight savings.

And good thing too because there is considerable weight in the back of this club – 15 grams of tungsten to be exact. However, this weight is interchangeable and you can switch it out for a heavier or lighter one depending on your CG preferences.

The F9 fairway wood also has a very unique face architecture. The top half of the face has a slight curvature to reduce spin. Meanwhile the lower half of the face has a less pronounced curvature to increase forgiveness on low-face shots and improve launch angles.

It is a bit of a shame that the baffler rails on the F9 fairway wood aren’t hollow like the Cobra Speedzone woods. This makes them slightly heavier but overall, this is a very impressive wood collection based on the sheer volume of features alone.

Plus, what they lack in lightweight features, they make up for in versatility. The Cobra Speedback F9 fairway woods feature adjustable hosel which adds even more shot shaping capability to woods that already lend themselves well to trajectory control.

Cobra Speedzone Fairway

In 20 Words Or Less

The Cobra Speedzone fairway wood is congenial for many kinds of players and viable in a wide variety of lies.

Cobra F9 Fairway

In 20 Words Or Less

The Cobra Speedback F9 fairway wood is loaded with innovative features and is a great value overall.

Cobra Speedzone Fairway – First Impressions

We were first taken with the unique profile of this club.

The Cobra Speedzone fairway wood almost feels like a hybrid club thanks to the squat face profile. As such, it does work pretty well as a rescue club. The baffler rails fall in line with this use as they help smooth out  harsh turf interaction without making the club head cumbersome.

Cobra Speedzone Fairway Family

Included in the Speedzone family is the Speedzone Tour and the Speedzone Big Tour. As the name implies, the Speedzone Big Tour has a large footprint and a 173CC head size. It launches high, spins low and is suitable for high handicap players. The Speedzone Tour has the smallest head of the bunch at just 148CC. It is the most workable Speedzone fairway but it wouldn’t be a great choice for high handicappers.

Cobra F9 Fairway – First Impressions

The Cobra F9 fairway wood first impressed us with it’s sleek lines and how smooth the carbon fiber crown looked at address.

This thing looks like it plays super-fast and it lives up to it’s appearances. The variable face thickness gives you power where you need it and forgiveness along the perimeters of the CNC milled face.

Cobra Fairway Wood Family

The Cobra Speedback F9 is in a class all it’s own but you can still check out the Cobra King Radspeed fairway wood which features front/back split mass weighting. The front weight ensures low spin rates while the back weight increases forgiveness – the hallmark of the entire Radspeed line of golf clubs.

Like the Cobra Speedback F9 fairway wood though, the Radspeed features hollow baffler rails and a carbon fiber crown. Overall we would say that both the Cobra Radspeed and the Cobra Speedback F9 fairway woods would be better in the hands of mid to low handicap players though.

Cobra Speedzone Fairway Wood Selling Points

  • Hollow baffler rails
  • CNC milled face
  • Carbon fiber crown
  • Seamless sweet spot

Cobra Speedback F9 Fairway Wood Selling Points

  • 15g rear tungsten weight
  • Interchangeable weight
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Multi-faceted face curvature

Who is the Cobra Speedzone Fairway Wood for?

The great thing about this fairway wood is that we can see it being used effectively by both high and low handicappers. While it may not be super-effective from the tee, it really shines from the deck.

Higher handicap players will like how easy it is to launch the ball with the Cobra Speedzone fairway wood and lower handicappers will love the low spin rates. Our single-digit handicap testers also really liked this club for long approaches. The launch control allowed them to consistently stick the landing on elevated greens.

The only knock that we have on this club is the fixed hosel. We feel like the Cobra Speedzone fairway wood could have been about 5 times more versatile and useful if there was an adjustable hosel. Still a great club for players of all skill levels though.

Distance: 95/100

Feel & Control: 92/100

Accuracy: 93/100

Forgiveness: 93/100

Overall Score: 94/100

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Who is the Cobra Speedback F9 Fairway Wood for?

Because of all the really intricate and downright advanced features that are packed into this club, we couldn’t help but feel that it was intended for better players. As we tested it, only our low handicap testers were making use of all the features.

The Cobra F9 fairway wood is also a bit on the heavy side so it might feel cumbersome in the hands of less experienced players. Overall, we would say that the Cobra Speedback F9 fairway wood is a better fit for mid to low handicappers.

While the tungsten weighting can be adjusted to create a lower CG and the face curvature system will do a little bit to increase accuracy, you can just tell that this club was designed for seasoned players expecting max performance from every club in their bag. If that sounds like you, then the Cobra Speedback F9 fairway wood will definitely deliver.

Distance: 94/100

Feel & Control: 92/100

Accuracy: 95/100

Forgiveness: 92/100

Overall Score: 94/100

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