Cobra LTDx Vs Cobra Radspeed Irons Comparison And Review

Shopping for irons across manufacturers can be difficult; but shopping irons from the same manufacturer can be even more confusing. If you keep up with golf clubs then you probably have already heard of the Cobra LTDx irons.

The Cobra LTDx irons are the latest irons from Cobra and they introduce a new design element that we have not seen thus far in Cobra irons. But how do they hold up against one of Cobra’s most beloved iron sets: the Radspeed irons.

That was exactly what we were determined to find out. If you are wary about these new irons and are having a hard time deciding between them and the Radspeed irons, take a look at the following comparison article.

Cobra LTDx Irons Overview

The new Cobra LTDx irons have a very important new design element; but it’s surrounded by supporting features that have become fan-favorites.

The new design element we are alluding to is the steel bar that runs behind the sweet spot of all the irons in the set. The steel bar is supposed to impart more power to your shots.

The steel bar is wrapped in a layer of polymer to manage some of the extra vibration produced by this bar. The familiar features we were alluding to were the CNC milled face and the PWRSHELL design.

The milled face is very thin to promote more flex in and outside of the sweet spot. In the short irons, this milling process tightens up on spin control and launch. The Cobra LTDx irons also have a widened sole to promote higher launch angles.

The cool thing about these clubs is that the bottom portion of the face wraps into the sole. Not only does this help increase launch angles; it also increases forgiveness on low-face misses.

Cobra Radspeed Irons Overview

The Cobra Radspeed irons take a different approach to ball speed and forgiveness.

As you can imagine with any club in the Radspeed family, the Radspeed irons feature extreme radial weighting. Weights are placed as far forward as possible in the toe and as far back as possible in the heels of these irons.

The result is supposed to be increased forgiveness and ball speed because placing the weights so far apart from each other is supposed to allow the face to flex more. The Radspeed irons also feature forged faces which helps even more with flex.

You can get the Radspeed irons in traditional progressive club lengths or you can choose the one length option as made famous by Bryson DeChambeau. The Radspeed irons also come stock with Arccos Smart Caddie grips.

It’s clear that Cobra has refined their game-improvement iron formula in the Cobra LTDx irons. Overall, they are more forgiving and can be used by a wider array of golfers.

Cobra LTDx Irons

Category: Game-Improvement Irons

Cobra Radspeed Irons

Category: Player’s Distance Irons

Cobra LTDx Irons – First Impressions

Even though these irons are new, they sport the same chunky sole that we have seen in previous Cobra models.

This was a comforting site for all the testers in our party. There’s no doubt that Cobra looked to make a stronger foray into the game-improvement iron market than they ever have before with the Cobra LTDx irons.

They launch high, increase forgiveness on low face misses and they flex to a high degree. What we were most impressed with though was that these irons still give you that Cobra players iron short game performance.

The grooves in the faces of the short irons are incredibly tight so you get an exceptional amount of short-game control from irons that fall into the game-improvement category.

Cobra Radspeed Irons – First Impressions

Our first impressions after just a few swings with the 4 iron in this set was that it produces ridiculously fast ball speeds.

And we weren’t surprised at this. We have tested Radspeed clubs in the past and one thing we know about them is that they live up to the “Radspeed” moniker.

The long irons in this set will certainly up your ball speed and distance – if you can make consistently accurate contact. The caveat with this set is that it is not very forgiving. There is a thin margin of error with almost every iron in this set.

Still, the 10 gram toe screw and matching weight in the heel produces a near-perfectly balanced set of irons. The Radspeed irons also feature a prominent sole so they work well from the rough and the shorter irons produce plenty of launch.

So while you will need a pretty accurate swing overall, the Radspeed irons will provide an excellent balance between distance and short-game performance if your swing accuracy is indeed up to par.

Cobra LTDx Irons Selling Points

  • An expansive milled face area
  • Tightly-etched and milled grooves
  • New face cup design
  • Beefy sole to promote higher launch
  • New steel bar placed behind the sweet spot

Cobra Radspeed Irons Selling Points

  • Extreme perimeter weighting
  • 3D printed rear medallion for dampening harsh vibrations
  • Forged face
  • They come in single length or progressive length sets
  • Arccos Smart Caddie grips

Who are the Cobra LTDx Irons for?

The new Cobra LTDx irons are some of the most complete game-improvement irons we have seen from Cobra in a long time. As such, they would fit well in the bags of mid to high handicappers; but they have a little bit to offer low handicap players as well.

The Cobra Family of Irons

If you are looking for a pure player’s performance iron, you may want to check out the Cobra Forged Tec irons. The Forged Tec irons feature a muscle back design and of course, forged faces. The Forged Tec irons also feature a hollow-body design that allows room for foam microspheres that sweeten the feel of the forged faces. To top it all off, the Forged Tec irons feature a tungsten tow weight that positions the center of gravity closer to where most players mis-hit.

Distance: 93/100

Accuracy: 93/100

Forgiveness: 94/100

Feel & Control: 94/100

Overall Score: 94/100

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Who Are The Radspeed Irons For

The Radpseed are generally for high handicappers looking for forgiveness and distance while excellent turf interaction makes these viable for mid handicappers.

Also perfect for anyone looking to try out single length irons, maybe taller players.

Cobra Radspeed Family Of Irons

The Radpseed irons come in one length, like the champ Dechambeau uses or you can get the standard progressive length irons.

These irons are incredibly consistent.

Distance: 95/100

Accuracy: 94/100

Forgiveness: 93/100

Feel And Control: 90/100

Overall Score: 93/100

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