Cobra King Tour 2023 Irons Review – Are They Forgiving & Good for High Handicappers?

“With the new King Tour irons, Cobra is making an intriguing bid on premium player’s irons.”

On the one hand, we learn that Cobra utilized a refined 5-step forging process for these irons. So it would seem that they are attempting to take on companies like Mizuno and Srixon for a bid on the premium iron space.

On the other hand, we know that the Cobra King Tour irons have a tour cavity back design in order to make them more accessible to lesser skilled players. In any case, the Cobra King Tour irons are very interesting so we were ecstatic when we were able to get our hands on them for this review. Find out everything you need to know about these new irons in the following article.

Cobra King Tour Irons Overview

“Cobra claims that the King Tour irons are a step above the King Forged TEC irons in terms of performance.”

Of course, a lot of this has to do with the new forging process that gives the Cobra King Tour irons a softer feel and allows for a higher degree of trajectory and spin control. But Cobra has also shortened the length of the blade and thinned out the top line.

However, these are still technically cavity back irons. The cavity isn’t very deep; but it’s there. As such, it creates an undercut which should make the Cobra King Tour irons a bit more forgiving than your average tour blades.

CNC Milled Undercuts

“The rear undercuts have been precision milled to dial in launch for each club in the set.”

The precision milling of the undercuts also allowed for a very specific amount of weight to be placed in the head to optimize CG for every club in the set. Cobra really wanted to optimize performance of the entire set so they spared no effort in the manufacturing of these irons.

5-Step Forging Process

The Cobra King Tour irons have undergone a 5-step forging process. They have been forged from 1025 carbon steel which is exceptionally soft. Indeed, the Cobra King Tour irons played very softly for our testers who were able to work the ball beautifully with almost every iron in the set.

TPU Inserts

The tour cavities have been filled with TPU in order to dampen vibration and give them an even smoother feel.

We really loved the feel of these irons – even mis-hits didn’t feel so punishing to the wrists and arms. The TPU layer is topped with a thin aluminum badge to keep with the aesthetic of the irons and further dampen harsh vibration.

Sound & Feel

“One of the best things about these new irons is how they feel.”

The 1025 forged carbon steel coupled with the TPU inserts gives them an incredibly soft feel that would rival any Mizuno iron. The sound is a bit muted, surprisingly. When you pure the ball, you get a deep satisfying “thud.” However, when you mis-hit by just a hair, the deep sound turns into a shallow clink.

The Cobra King Tour Irons Overall

“These irons have a premium feel; but will be difficult for 15-20 handicap players to wield effectively.”

They are not the most forgiving irons in the new King lineup which includes the King Forged TEC, King CB and King MB irons. In fact, if you are looking for the most forgiving irons in the new Cobra King iron lineup, those would be the King Forged TEC irons.

However, they are supremely workable and players with faster swing speeds should have no trouble getting good distance out of them.

Cobra King Tour Irons

Category: Tour Cavity Irons

Cobra King Tour Irons – First Impressions

“At first swing, you can feel how soft these irons are.”

In the bag, they have a really clean look with a slightly raised toe area. Of course, they don’t look like they will be hugely forgiving in the bag or behind the ball. But that’s not what Cobra was going for with these irons. At a glance, you can barely tell that these are cavity back irons and we think that was probably by design.

The minimal offset pretty much obscures any sign of an undercut at address so what you’re left with is a clean look that better players will surely prefer. The top line is pretty thin and the sole is too so you can barely see it at address. Still, we were a bit surprised at the launch angles we were achieving with the longer  irons. They provide great height to help stick greens from distance.

Cobra King Tour Irons Selling Points

  • Excellent workability
  • Remarkably soft feel
  • More forgiving than the King MB and King CB models
  • CNC milled undercuts
  • 5-step forging process
  • Stock KBS Taper steel shafts

Who Are the Cobra King Tour Irons for?

“So are the Cobra King Tour irons good for high handicappers? Not exactly.”

Higher handicap players are likely to struggle with the short length of the blade and the almost complete absence of offset. Still, these are cavity back irons so there is some modicum of forgiveness. But single-digit handicap players will probably be the only players to take advantage of this splash of forgiveness that Cobra has provided.

Single-digit handicap players will love how easy it is to bend the ball with these irons. The progressive nature of the set is also set up to optimize distance, launch and control in each iron. Launch is actually pretty high so better players will actually be able to stay on the green with their #6 and #7 irons.

These are definitely not game improvement irons; but they look, feel and perform amazingly as player’s performance irons.

Cobra King Tour Lofts 

Club Loft
3 iron 19
4 iron 22
5 iron 25
6 iron 28
7 iron 32
8 iron 36
9 iron 40
PW 44
GW 48

Distance: 96/100

Forgiveness: 93/100

Accuracy: 98/100

Feel & Control: 98/100

Overall Score: 97/100

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