Cobra Fly Z XL Irons Review – Are They Forgiving?

Cobra Fly Z XL Irons

“The Cobra Fly Z XL irons were released alongside the other Cobra Fly Z XL golf clubs and were intended to be sold as a complete set.”

Still, a lot of golfers have found their way to the Cobra Fly Z XL irons without having to buy the complete set – mainly as secondhand clubs.

The Cobra Fly Z XL irons have developed a sort of cult following. They are certainly not Cobra’s most popular game improvement irons; but make no mistake, these are certainly game improvement irons.

At first glance, you can see that these are pretty beefy irons. However, they have a more traditional shape than most of the GI irons you typically see these days.

In the following review, we will be taking a close look at the Cobra Fly Z XL irons and letting you know who should be gaming them.

Key Features

  • Progressive Offset: The offset is much more pronounced in the long irons. This makes them more manageable and allows players to turn the club head over for straighter shots.
  • Speed Channel Face: This is a pretty unique feature among Cobra irons. It’s very similar to the “Speed Pocket” that Taylormade so often utilizes. It basically allows the face to flex more at points where players tend to mis-hit.
  • Hollow Cavity Design – The Cobra Fly Z XL irons also feature a hollow cavity design in the long and mid irons. This design takes mass away from the face and places it lower in the clubhead, allowing for better and easier launch.

Are the Cobra Fly Z XL Irons Forgiving?

“As soon as you see these irons behind the ball, you will get a sense of just how forgiving they really are.”

The Cobra Fly Z XL irons have oversized heads but maintain a traditional profile and shape. What does that mean?

It means that the Cobra Fly Z XL iron has a moderate topline that is thinner than most of the GI irons you see these days. It also means that these irons have a high toe area that descends gently towards the hosel.

The Cobra Fly Z XL irons have pretty beefy soles which will help you out in the rough.

So if you find yourself in the cabbage quite a bit, you will still be able to get good launch and ball speed from these irons. That’s part of what makes them so forgiving.

But we really like the progressive offset of these irons. It makes the long irons much more wieldy – it tames them, if you will.

As long as you are moderately accurate on your downswing, the Cobra Fly Z XL irons will reward you with straight flight.

Another thing that makes them so forgiving is that they have substantial sweet spots.

You can feel where the head is throughout your swing and it’s actually kind of hard to miss the sweet spot – even on full loads.

Are the Cobra Fly Z XL Irons Blades?

“The Cobra Fly Z XL irons are cavity back irons with deep undercuts.”

So no, they are not blades. Although they maintain the looks of a traditional set of blade irons, the deep undercut cavity makes them much more manageable and encourages easy/high flight.

What Handicap Are the Cobra Fly Z XL Irons for?

The Cobra Fly Z XL irons would be great for players in the 19 – 25 handicap range.

While we would have liked to see some perimeter weighting in these irons for high handicappers, it does pretty much everything else right. The lofts are on the weak side.

Couple that with a deep undercut cavity and you have the makings for a high-launching set of irons.

So if you struggle to get the ball up in the air, these irons will certainly help. They are also a good choice for players who struggle with their long irons.

Our testers mentioned that the long irons in this set were yielding better distance than their normal irons.

They did note that the Cobra Fly Z XL long irons are a bit on the heavy side; but that didn’t stop them from getting great distance and straight shots.

Cobra Fly Z XL Irons

Cobra Fly Z XL Irons1

Category: Game Improvement

Cobra Fly Z XL Selling Points

  • Excellent launch
  • Excellent for high handicappers
  • Forgiving
  • They are affordable
  • It’s very easy to get straight flight
  • They look really nice behind the ball

Cobra Fly Z XL Irons – First Impressions

Cobra Fly Z XL Irons2

“We could tell almost immediately that these were going to be forgiving irons.”

The soles are nice and chunky and you get an expansive sweet spot to work with. Our suspicions were confirmed when we started taking swings.

The Cobra Fly Z XL irons respond well on mis-hits. You can feel it when you miss the sweet spot. When you do miss the sweet spot you don’t get a ton of divergence.

While ball speed does drop off a bit, you aren’t likely to end up in the trees on slight mis-hits.

Who Are the Cobra Fly Z XL Irons for?

Cobra Fly Z XL Irons

There were times during testing that we wanted to call these super game improvement  irons.

They certainly straddle the border between GI and super-GI. So the Cobra Fly Z XL irons would be best for high handicappers who struggle with getting good apex height and carry distance.

While there is almost no workability to speak of, that won’t be a concern to beginners and high handicappers: the people who should really be gaming these irons.

The Cobra Family of Irons

High handicappers should also check out the Cobra Air X irons.

The Air X irons actually perform very similarly to the Cobra Fly Z XL irons: they are easy to launch high and square up nicely at impact.

The major differences are that the Air X irons are lighter and they have a smaller footprint than the Cobra Fly Z XL’s.

Distance: 97/100

Accuracy: 95/100

Forgiveness: 97/100

Feel & Control: 93/100

Cobra Fly Z XL Irons

Overall Score: 96/100

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