Callaway Supersoft Vs. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls Comparison Overview

To soft or super soft, that is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler for your golf game to be able to whack the ball down the fairway or to take arms against fast greens with biting roll. Ok, Shakespeare aside we are going to be comparing the merits of a super soft ball with that of the Callaway Chrome Soft balls.

Callaway is a great golf ball manufacturer for all kinds of players and all you have to do is know what type of ball will benefit your game the most. So that is what we’re going to be helping you with in the following comparison overview.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball Overview

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls sport a compression rating of 38 which really made our jaws hit the floor.

Of course, it’s one thing to have “supersoft” in the title. It’s quite another to actually feel super soft but these balls really do. They almost disappear off the driver face and you get the same pillowy feel with your woods and long irons.

These balls would be a dream for high handicappers and players with slow swing speeds as the super-low compression will add ball speed to your drives and long shots from the deck. From intermediate lengths on the deck, the Supersoft balls also yielded impressive distance.

Around the green, these balls suffer quite a bit what with unchecked roll control and all; but that’s not really what they’re built for anyway.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls Overview

The Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are more of an every man type of ball.

One of the things we noticed is that our faster swing speed testers weren’t losing much ball speed to this 65 compression rated ball. Spin is kept low off the tee, deck and amazingly, it picks up quite a bit around the green.

That’s due in part to the urethane cover and graphene mantle of these balls. This combo makes for excellent feel and gradient roll control. And did we mention this was a 3-piece ball? Intermediate and high handicappers will both find good value in the Callaway Chrome Soft ball.

The Callaway Supersoft ball would really only be a viable option if you have a swing speed in the 70-80 MPH range – or if you just want a fun, cheap set of balls at the range. The Callaway Chrome Soft balls provide more all-around performance.

Callaway Supersoft Quick Facts

Compression: 38

Cover Material: Trionomer

How Many Pieces: Two-Piece

Core Material: Polybutadiene

Dimple Type: Hexagonal (332)

Spin Level:Low

Best Suited for: High to mid handicappers

Callaway Chrome Soft Quick Facts

Compression: 65

Cover Material: Urethane

How Many Pieces: 3

Core Material: Graphene

Dimple Type: Hexagonal (332)

Spin Level: Low long-game spin, high short-game spin

Best Suited For: High to mid handicappers

Performance Off the Tee 

You could barely feel when you made contact with these balls.

That’s how soft they were. They also maintain an exceptionally straight flight which will work wonders for your slice

Performance from the Rough

The Callaway Supersoft balls performed surprisingly similar to the Titleist Velocity from the rough.

They launch really high so long as you are able to cut through the turf and they stop dead in place. Great for ball placement, not so great when there’s wind.

Performance from the Fairway

We liked the fact that the Supersoft balls maintained their straight flight with hybrids and irons from the deck.

As long as you have a clear path to the pin or fairway, these balls will serve you well.

Performance Off the Tee

The faster testers in our party were getting about 245 yards while the slower swing speed testers were getting about the same.

Performance from the Rough

Scooping the ball up and even spinning as you may need to was surprisingly easy with these balls.

Performance from the Fairway

We actually really liked the way these balls felt against our irons and hybrids.

The only problem was that the launch remained relatively high even when we weren’t trying.

Callaway Supersoft Selling Points

  • More affordable
  • Great for beginners
  • Extremely soft feel
  • Low spin off the tee
  • Easy launch
  • Good distance

Callaway Supersoft Cons

  • Not great for fast swing speeds
  • Feels almost insubstantial from the tee
  • Launch is hard to control
  • Less feel around the pin

Callaway Chrome Soft Selling Points

  • Great for beginners and intermediates
  • Urethane cover
  • 3-piece construction
  • Decent short-game control
  • Good side spin with short irons
  • High launch off the deck

Callaway Chrome Soft Cons

  • Not great for low handicappers
  • Lacking workability with irons
  • Launches high in all situations
  • A but unstable

Who are the Callaway Supersoft Balls for?

These balls are great for beginners struggling with distance and accuracy.

The Callaway Supersoft balls will help you stay on the fairway more often and give you the distance you’ve been missing.

How are they With Short Irons?

The barely there feel of these balls leaves something to be desired when you are attacking delicate, short approaches. The high bounce doesn’t help much either.

On the Green

The Callaway Supersoft balls perform surprisingly well on short and long putts with impressive roll control and soft feel off the face.

Overall Rating: 89/100

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Who are the Callaway Chrome Soft Balls for?

The Chrome Soft balls partially live up to their hype by being a viable option for mid to high handicappers.

The compression isn’t low enough to match the distance you would get if your swing speed was in the “fast” territory.

How are they with Short Irons?

The great thing about these balls is the urethane cover and the 3-piece construction which allows for a good amount of greenside spin control. They definitely perform above their class with short irons.

On the Green

The Chrome Soft balls were a little hard to check on fast greens.

Overall Rating: 96/100

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