Callaway Rogue Vs Cobra F9 Irons Comparison And Review

Callaway Vs Cobra in this battle of two slightly older Distance irons. The Callway Rogue were released in 2018 and the Cobra F9 Speedback Irons were released in 2019.

Callaway Rogue Irons

The Callaway Rogue Irons are a perfect set for anyone looking for maximum distance in their irons while still offering plenty of forgiveness.

Strong lofts, an ultra thin face, tungsten weighting and large sweet spots offering tons of distance and ease of use.

Cobra F9 Irons Overview

The Cobra F9’s possess speed back technology and a CNC milled ultra thin face to provide a ton of distance and superior feel for a distance iron.

The Club use smart tungsten weighting, multi material speedback badge, a standard sized sole with low and wide weighting to offer distance and feel while variable face thickness of the face also provides forgiveness

The Rogue Irons will be great for anyone looking for distance and game improvement while the Cobra F9 irons are perfect for mid handicappers looking for distance and feel.

Callaway Rogue Irons

Category – Game Improvement/Distance Irons

Cobra F9 Irons

Category – Distance Irons

Callaway Rogue – First Impressions

You can feel the power in these irons from the moment you pick them up. The clubs are solid, the lofts are strong and there is no question that these are built to make the ball fly.

What Callaway tried with the Rogue irons clearly worked as they have kept so many of their features in the new clubs and as soon as you get them on the course, you can see why.

The clubs are going to add distance to your game, especially if you are upgrading from a beginner set and it would not be uncommon for high handicappers to shave 5 or 6 shots of their round with these.

strong lofts with tungsten weighting gets a high and far flight while the flashcup face is built for speed and forgiveness.

Urethane microspheres absorb any unwanted vibrations and these are a really nice set of irons for any player.

Cobra F9 – First Impressions

Straight off the bat, the F9 irons look like exactly what they are, distance irons, with a solid and compact club which boasts a wide sole.

Smart tungsten weighting keeps the COG low in the irons and an ultra thin CNC milled face allows for exceptional ball speeds but also feel and control over the ball, especially in the shorter irons.

A Multi Material badge dampens out any unwanted vibrations which again adds to the feel of the clubs and progressive hosels ensure the perfect weighting for every club.

With Arccos sensors fitted as standard on the F9 irons, these are going the be great for mid handicappers and improving players who want to work the ball a bit more but still get the most distance possible.

Callaway Rogue Irons – Selling Points

  • Tungsten Weighting For Low COG
  • 360 Flash Cup Face
  • Strong Lofts For Distance
  • Urethane Microspheres
  • Perfect For High To Mid Handicaps

Cobra F9 – Selling Points

  • Low And Wide Mass Weighting
  • Progressive COG
  • CNC Milled Progressively For Feel
  • Higher Spin Rates For Better Players
  • Comes With Arccos Sensors
  • Tons Of Distance

Who Are The Rogue Irons For

Who They Are For

These are built for players looking for distance and forgiveness. Whether that is the High Handicapper looking to improve or a mid handicapper look for more from their irons.

Released in 2018, the irons can still compete with anything on the market right now.

Rogue Family Of Irons

The Rogue irons are complimented by the Rogue X irons which are geared more for the high handicapper looking for more forgiveness from their irons while being willing to sacrifice some of the feel.

Both very good options for beginners.

Distance: 96/100

Accuracy: 94/100

Forgiveness: 94/100

Feel And Control: 88/100

Overall Score: 94/100

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Who Are The Cobra F9 Irons For:

The clubs are going to be perfect for Mid Handicappers and improvers looking to forego a little bit of forgiveness for more control but still want to get more distance.

The clubs wont be for complete beginners but they are quite easy to hit far and straight at the same time.

The Family Of Irons

Cobra have really come into their own in terms of golf irons and the F9’s continue to be incredibly popular with their reduced price.

The F8’s which came before were also a quality set of clubs that the F9 set has worked on to add extra feel and performance.

The Cobra Speedzone & RadSpeed came after the F9’s, bringing 3D printing and Artificial Intelligence into the mix to slightly improve performance over the F9’s but not by that much and the F9’s remain a quality set of clubs for a bargain price of $500.

Distance: 94/100

Accuracy: 93/100

Forgiveness: 93/100

Feel And Control: 94/100

Overall Score: 93/100

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