Callaway Reva Ladies Golf Clubs Review 2022

Finding a good set of women’s golf clubs is tougher than it should be.

It seems like most manufacturers are focused on making lightweight clubs for women, but don’t consider the matter any further.

That’s not the case with Callaway. A great example of their intuitive and insightful design is the Callaway Reva women’s golf club set.

We are going to be taking a close look at this set in the following review so if you’re in the market for a good women’s set then read on.

Callaway Reva Overview

“The Callaway Reva women’s golf club set can help women of any skill level improve their game and enjoy the sport more thoroughly.”

The Callaway Reva women’s golf club set includes a driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, 6 hybrid, irons 7-9, pitching wedge, sand wedge and putter.

The Callaway Reva golf club set also includes a premium cart bag with oversized pockets and is available in blue and black. There are 5 head covers included as well. The complete set typically retails for about $1,300.

Our first take on the Callaway Reva women’s golf club set was that it was going to be very forgiving and we were right. These oversized clubs will inspire confidence in any player who picks them up.

The driver is set to 12.5 degrees of loft so you get decent launch angles out of it. More importantly though, it sports an oversized head that is very forgiving off the tee.

You only get one fairway wood in the Callaway Reva set but the center of gravity is placed low so again, you get high and easy launch out of it.

You get irons 7 through 9 in this set and they all feature a very deep cavity back. This helps increase forgiveness by enhancing the moment of inertia.

The Callaway Reva women’s golf club set comes with a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. The pitching wedge has a swing weight of C6  and the sand wedge is C7.

The putter has easy to see alignment markers and produces very consistent putts thank in part to the Stroke Lab shaft.

“The Callaway Reva women’s golf club set would fit a wide variety of play styles and skill levels.”

Callaway Reva Women’s Golf Club Set

Category: Women’s/Game Improvement

Callaway Reva – What’s in the Bag?

The Callaway Reva women’s golf club set includes:

Driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, 6 hybrid, irons 7-9, pitching wedge, sand wedge, putter, cart bag, and 5 head covers.

Callaway Reva First Impressions & Club Breakdown

The Callaway Reva women’s golf club set was made to help women drive longer and produce straighter shots.

Callaway has also put a high emphasis on forgiveness. The offset, progressive loft and CG and head sizes all work together to create a highly-forgiving set of women’s clubs.


The oversized head and the pronounced offset of the driver will inspire confidence in any high handicapper.

Intermediate players will also appreciate the moderate launch angles. This helps if you like to shape your drives.

3 Wood

The 3 wood is set to 20 degrees of loft. It produces high arcing shots that allow the ball to land softly and stay put.

While we would have liked to see another fairway wood in this set, the next clubs basically make up for the lack of a 5 wood.


The Callaway Reva women’s golf club set includes a 6 and 5 hybrid. These hybrids play surprisingly long.

They provide comparable distance to most low CG 5 woods and because they have large heads, they have a very generous sweet spot.


The best thing about the irons is that they are exceptionally forgiving. They feature a deep cavity back and an expansive sweet spot.

These irons will be a great boon to your game if you have been struggling to achieve accuracy with the typically hard to learn irons.


The pitching and sand wedges are very comfortable to swing.

They also provide good feedback without producing harsh vibrations.


The putter has a smooth feel to it. It features a Stroke Lab shaft and highly-visible alignment markers.

It’s very well-balanced and produces a good amount of forward roll.

Callaway Reva Selling Points

  • Great for multiple skill levels
  • The driver produces long shots
  • The driver is also surprisingly workable
  • Optimal loft for female players
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty offered from Callaway
  • The set includes 5 head covers

Callaway Reva Cons

  • Limited color options
  • Only includes one fairway wood
  • It’s a bit hard to get a straight shot out of the driver
  • A bit on the pricey side

Who Is The Callaway Reva Women’s Golf Club Set For?

The Callaway Reva women’s golf club set would be a good choice for any women who wants a set that they can use as a beginner but one that will also be usable as they improve.

It’s a substantial initial investment, but because it will be usable at multiple phases of your golf evolution, the set actually provides good overall value.

All of the clubs except for the putter are fitted with graphite shafts so they provide a good amount of flex and comfort.

Distance: 92/100

Accuracy: 90/100

Forgiveness: 95/100

Value: 96/100

Overall Score: 94/100

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