Callaway Epic Flash Vs Ping G410 Hybrid Comparison Overview

While neither the Callaway Epic Flash or the Ping G410 hybrids are the latest offerings from their respective manufacturers, mid to high handicappers may still be eyeing them – and for good reason.

Both of these hybrid sets have been optimized for ball speed and distance which is what a lot of beginner and intermediate players struggle with.

The Callaway Epic Flash hybrids, for example, sport the Jailbreak bars that are present in many Callaway clubs.

These are internal bracing bars that connect the crown and the sole so that the face can flex freely. When we tested the Callaway Epic Flash hybrids, we were very satisfied with the distance we were getting.

Even the tester in our group with swing speeds under 90MPH were still able to squeeze out 190 yarders from the 3H in the Callaway Epic Flash set.

Part of the reason the Callaway Epic Flash hybrids are able to generate so much ball speed is the face material.

They’re made from forged carpenter steel which is thinner than stainless steel. The Ping G410 hybrids were no slouches in terms of ball speed either. They sport 17-4 maraging stainless steel faces.

This type of steel is not only incredibly thin; it feels incredible as well. The deep, rear tungsten weight of the Ping G410 hybrids also help to produce high launch from the deck and the rough.

Both of these hybrids played long and they both felt very satisfying. However, one was definitely more helpful around the green than the other. Read on to find out which hybrid came out on top.

Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid Overview

It’s no wonder why the Callaway Epic Flash hybrids are still so popular. In addition to the fast ball speed and satisfying feel, they are also remarkably versatile.

The Callaway Epic Flash hybrids feature adjustable hosels.

This allows you to fine-tune loft and lie degrees so you can shape your shot for different situations. We have 2 key gripes with the Callaway Epic Flash when compared with the Ping G410 hybrids.

The first one is forgiveness. The larger head profile of the Ping g410 hybrids makes them generally more forgiving. The second issue has to do with the spin rate of the Callaway Epic Flash hybrids.

On short approaches, the Callaway Epic Flash hybrids yield a dreadful amount of roll. While this may be a boon to beginners and high handicappers, it’s not what you want to see if you are trying to score lower.

Ping G410 Hybrid Overview

On the other side of the equation we have the Ping G410 hybrids.

We would say that the maraging steel face of the Ping G410 hybrid feels just as good as the forged carpenter’s steel of the Callaway Epic Flash hybrid.

So in terms of ball speed, feel and distance, it’s a tie between these two hybrids. The Ping G410 also sports an adjustable hosel so it is also at least as versatile as the Callaway Epic Flash hybrid.

Where the Ping G410 pulls ahead of the Callaway Epic Flash hybrid is on short approaches. You get much more dynamic spin rates from the G410 hybrids than you do with the Callaway Epic Flash hybrids.

Even on longer approaches, some of our better testers were able to land dead on the green. Another reason the Ping G410 hybrids outshine the Callaway Epic Flash hybrids for scoring is launch.

In most scenarios, the Ping G410 hybrids yielded higher launch which gave them great drop and stop value. Overall, we preferred the long and short-game performance of the Ping G410 hybrids.

Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid

In 20 Words Or Less

The Callaway Epic Flash hybrids are a great combination of versatility and distance.

Ping G410 Hybrid

In 20 Words Or Less

The Ping G410 hybrids will allow you to aggressively attack any pin from nearly any range.

Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid  First Impressions

We were really excited to play this hybrid partly because of the adjustable hosel.

We wanted to test out the adjustable lie and loft in various situations so we nerded out pretty hard on these hybrids. In the end, they didn’t disappoint.

The vast range of shot shapeability made these hybrids excellent rescue clubs and made strategic ball placement viable from any lie.

The Callaway Hybrid Family

The Callaway line of hybrids also boasts the Epic Max Star. If you are looking for a hybrid that is easier to hit but has a lot of the same core features as the Callaway Epic Flash hybrids then this would be a great choice.

It has a fairway wood head shape and profile so it’s larger and easier to hit. However, it should be noted that the Epic Max Star lacks a forged face and adjustable hosel.

Ping G410 Hybrid First Impressions

The Ping G410 hybrid didn’t seem honestly didn’t seem very special at first.

In other words, we didn’t expect much. However, we were first impressed with the feel and distance of these hybrids.

Somes of our testers were landing on the green from 150+ yards out. Of course, as we got closer on the fairway, we were taken with the high launch and control these hybrids yield.

The Ping G Hybrid Family

Another hybrid stand out from Ping is the G400 hybrid. It too wields a maraging steel face which makes it great for long and mid range shots.

Teh G400 is also lighter in the hands than the G410 hybrid. While it lacks some of the short-game performance, it’s a great club to have in your bag for gapping long shots.

Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid Selling Points

  • Forged face
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Jailbreak bars
  • UST ATTAS Speed shaft

Ping G410 Hybrid Selling Points

  • Adjustable hosel
  • Maraging steel face
  • Textured face
  • Tungsten rear weight

Who is the Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid for?

The Callaway Epic Flash hybrid is definitely for lower handicap players who don’t have much trouble with swing accuracy.

The Callaway Epic Flash hybrid may not work well for beginners but lower handicap players will appreciate the added workability from the smaller profile.

While the Callaway Epic Flash hybrid doesn’t cut through rough turf as well as some other hybrids we have tested, we still love the versatility and total distance you get from it. You can pick the Callaway Epic Flash up in 3H-6H.

Distance: 94/100

Feel & Control: 93/100

Accuracy: 92/100

Forgiveness: 91/100

Overall Score: 92/100

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Who is the Ping G410 Hybrid for?

The Ping G410 is a unique hybrid in that it would suit the needs of a wide variety of golfers.

What we mean is that this hybrid gives you the near-effortless distance you would expect from a beginner’s hybrid; but once you get closer to the pin, it performs like a player’s hybrid. It’s also anomalous because of it’s larger head profile which makes it more forgiving than other hybrids.

It’s apparent to us that the Ping G410 hybrids (available in 2H-6H) have something to offer high and low handicappers seeking distance, feel and short-game control.

Distance: 94/100

Feel & Control: 94/100

Accuracy: 93/100

Forgiveness: 93/100

Overall Score: 94/100

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