Callaway Chrome Soft Vs. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls Comparison Overview

“Soft” has become sort of a subjective word when it comes to golf balls. Some manufacturers use the term very liberally. Some take “soft” to the extreme, much to the detriment of intermediate and low handicap players.

However, some manufacturers really nail it and make a “soft” ball that is beneficial for all kinds of players. Cases in point: the Callaway Chrome Soft and the Titleist Tour Soft balls. Find out what you need to know about these balls in the following comparison overview.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls Overview

The Callaway Chrome Soft balls strike a really nice balance between distance and short-game performance.

To start out with, the Callaway Chrome Soft balls have been compression rated at 65 which is a nice middle ground between super soft and tour-grade balls with high compression. The result is a ball that keeps spin low off the deck and the tee.

Off the driver face, these balls have more of a firm feel that softens up with your irons and wedges. Side spin is kept nice and low off the deck and mid-range swing speed players will get good distance from these balls as will fast swing speed players.

The best thing about these balls though is the short-game control you get from the urethane cover and 3-piece design.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls Overview

Much like the Callaway Chrome Soft balls, the Tour Soft balls do an excellent job of promoting short-game spin and stymieing long-game spin.

Overall, we were getting about 7 yards extra distance with the Callaway Chrome Soft balls compared to the Titleist Tour Soft balls but we felt that was a pretty negligible distance overall. The Tour Soft balls also felt slightly squishier than the Callaway Chrome Soft balls off the tee.

That softer feel continued pretty much throughout testing. Off the deck, in the rough and on short approaches, the Tour Soft balls lived up to their name by maintaining a soft feel.

And while these balls performed admirably around the green as well, the ionomer cover couldn’t really keep up with the spin control you get with the urethane Callaway Chrome Soft balls.

These balls are similar in a lot of ways but the Callaway Chrome Soft balls just do a better job of everything that the Titleist Tour Soft balls were designed to do.

Titleist Tour Soft Quick Facts

Compression: 65

Cover Material: Ionomer

How Many Pieces: 2-Piece

Spin: Mid/Low

Core Material: Unknown

Dimple Type: Spherically Tile (342)

Callaway Chrome Soft Quick Facts

Compression: 65

Cover Material: Urethane

How Many Pieces: 3

Core Material: Graphene

Dimple Type: Hexagonal (332)

Spin Level: Low long-game spin, high short-game spin

Best Suited For: High to mid handicappers

Performance Off the Tee

The Titleist Tour Soft actually played quite long off the tee.

The larger core made sure that no energy was lost even on faster swings and the spin rate off the tee was much lower than around the greens too.

Performance from the Rough

This is where we struggled a bit with these balls.

The ionomer cover tends to bury itself in particularly tall rough.

Performance from the Fairway

The Titleist Tour Soft balls played pretty well from the fairway and gave pretty good bounce on long approaches, reacting well on the 2nd or 3rd bounce.


Performance Off the Tee

The faster testers in our party were getting about 245 yards while the slower swing speed testers were getting about the same.

Performance from the Rough

Scooping the ball up and even spinning as you may need to was surprisingly easy with these balls.

Performance from the Fairway

We actually really liked the way these balls felt against our irons and hybrids.

The only problem was that the launch remained relatively high even when we weren’t trying.

Titleist Tour Soft Selling Points

  • Large core
  • Good for fast swing speeds
  • Thin cover
  • Plays longer
  • Has a more premium feel
  • Good flight

Titleist Tour Soft Cons

  • More expensive
  • 2-piece design
  • Only available in 2 colors
  • Loses its line

Callaway Chrome Soft Selling Points

  • Great for beginners and intermediates
  • Urethane cover
  • 3-piece construction
  • Decent short-game control
  • Good side spin with short irons
  • High launch off the deck

Callaway Chrome Soft Cons

  • Not great for low handicappers
  • Lacking workability with irons
  • Launches high in all situations
  • A but unstable

Who Are The Titleist Tour Soft Balls For?

The Titleist Tour Soft balls are truly premium category balls and would work best with single digit handicaps.

More importantly, if you are swinging around 95+ MPH from the tee then you will absolutely love these balls.

Even though they have a 2-piece construction and lack a urethane cover, they yield excellent distance with fast swings.

How Are They With Short Irons?

The feedback and response of the Titleist Tour Soft balls with short irons was comparable to that of the Bridgestone E12 Soft balls.

The cover is a bit thinner than the Bridegstone balls so you get excellent feel so long as your short irons are decent.

Whether you need to work the ball on a tricky green or bite down on a fast one with some back spin, you will find that the Titleist Tour Soft can accommodate.

On The Green

You will have to get used to the Titleist Tour Soft balls a bit on the green.

They have sort of the opposite problem that the Bridgestone E12 Soft balls have in that they make you work for it if you need extended roll.

Still, the other performance factors more than make up for this shortcoming.

Overall Rating: 95/100

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Who are the Callaway Chrome Soft Balls for?

The Chrome Soft balls partially live up to their hype by being a viable option for mid to high handicappers.

The compression isn’t low enough to match the distance you would get if your swing speed was in the “fast” territory.

How are they with Short Irons?

The great thing about these balls is the urethane cover and the 3-piece construction which allows for a good amount of greenside spin control. They definitely perform above their class with short irons.

On the Green

The Chrome Soft balls were a little hard to check on fast greens.

Overall Rating: 96/100

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