Callaway Big Bertha B21 Vs Ping G425 Driver Comparison And Review

The Big Bertha has long been known for distance and forgiveness. High handicappers love this driver because it makes it easy to get straight shots that carry farther. The Ping G425 was also designed to give players more distance; but with a better feel.

We wanted to see how these 2 game-improvement drivers stacked up against one another so we tested them side by side. Read on to find out what we discovered…

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver Overview

Callaway approached distance in the Big Bertha B21 in a different way than the boys over at Ping did for the G425.

We’re talking about spin reduction. One of the most interesting things about the Big Bertha B21 is that it has low/forward internal weighting. The forward weighting drastically cuts down on spin and in case you don’t know, spin is the enemy if you’re looking for distance off the tee.

The Big Bertha B21 has a large footprint and forgiveness is enhanced by placing more weight near the perimeter of the face. What you get is more oomph on your mis-hits. The Big Bertha B21 definitely played longer than the Ping G425 and was significantly more forgiving.

We like that there is also internal draw bias weighting. This will be great for any high handicapper who is having trouble hitting the ball straight.

Ping G425 Driver Overview

The Ping G425 wasn’t as long or forgiving as the Big Bertha B21 but it was more versatile and had a premium feel.

The premium feel comes from the forged titanium face. There’s nothing quite like the feel of forged titanium. Plus the forging process makes the metal even thinner so it flexes more. Controlling all that flex is the internal dragonfly ribbing system that helps stabilize the head.

And did we mention that the crown of this driver is also made of titanium? The titanium crown definitely contributed to the superior feel of this driver. The Ping G425 also has a 26 gram sliding weight. We loved playing with the weight and getting different lie angles with the adjustable hosel.

With the Ping G425, you can shape your shots pretty much any way you want which will help you if you are already working on strategic ball-placement from the tee.

If however, you just need to get on the fairway, the Big Bertha B21 would be the best option.

Callaway Big Bertha B21

In 20 Words or Less

If straighter, longer shots are what you’re after then you would do quite well with the Callaway Big  Bertha B21.

Ping G425 Drivers

In 20 Words Or Less

One of the most respected drivers in the game today, Feel and Control set this apart from the competition

Callaway Big Bertha B21 First Impressions

At first glance, the Big Bertha B21 will look inviting to high handicappers thanks to it’s oversized head.

The Driver is absolutely massive and it has a huge sweet spot which stretches in every direction on the drivers ultra thin steel face.

The weighting is low and deep in the head which leads to a low CG and high MOI, meaning long, high and straight shots.

The driver has all the stability you would expect from a Callaway too with it’s internal jailbreak bars.

The driver has considerably offset too, so if you suffer from a slice, this one is going to be an excellent choice.

It’s pretty easy to start upping your drive distance with the first few swings of the Big Bertha B21 due to it’s massive head and deep weighting.

This can be considered a super game improvement driver that will help you take your game to the next level.

Big Bertha Family

The Big Bertha rides solo but their are plenty of other options from Callaway for players looking for a different type of driver like the Mavrik and Epic Ranges.

Ping G425 Drivers – First Impressions

The Club is pretty understated in it’s design, it’s all black with some white logo writing and you can immediately notice the adjustable weighting in the back that can iron out any inherent flaws in your swing.

The weight on the back is tungsten and weighs 26g, the ultra light internal dragon fly crown allows for more weight in the back and face which is a forged insert, delivering incredible ball speed and accuracy.

The head is packing huge MOI of over 10,000, and it incorprates and ultralight hosel insert and internal ribbing for unrivalled feel, forgiveness and competitive distance.

The club comes in three formats:

The max will suit mid to high handicappers

The LST has a smaller 445cc head for the consistent mid to low to pro players

The SFT is the most forgiving of the drivers and best for beginners who tend to slice

Overall the G425 has excellent feel and consistent and rightfully takes its place as one of the top premium drivers on the market right now.

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Selling Points

  • Draw bias weighting helps correct slices
  • Adjustable hosel
  • SS21 Flash Face
  • A.I. designed
  • Internal Jailbreak bars
  • Lightweight Triaxial carbon crown

Ping G425 Driver – Selling Points

  • 26g Adjustable Weight In The Heel
  • Ultra Light Carbon Crown With Internal Dragon Fly Technology
  • Forged Face Insert For Incredible Ball Speeds
  • Version To Suit All Levels Of Player
  • Exceptional Feel And Consistency
  • Arcoss Smart Sensors Included

Callaway Big Bertha B21 – Who is it for?

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 would be most beneficial for high handicappers who are looking for a driver that will help them produce straighter shots that actually make it onto the fairway.

The performance of the Callaway Big Bertha B21 is pretty straightforward – literally. It produces long, straight shots.

In fact, the Big Bertha was yielding an increase of distance for us by an average of 6 yards. Compare that to the average distance increase of 3 yards in the Titleist Tsi2.

Big Bertha B21 Drivers

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 is the only one in the family.

However, you can take a look at older models which have a different footprint and head shape than the B21.

In fact, older versions may be even more congenial to beginners and high handicappers.

Accuracy: 94/100

Distance: 95/100

Forgiveness: 94/100

Feel & Control: 92/100

Overall Rating: 94/100

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Who Are The G425 Drivers For

These drivers are suitable for all players, they are fast hitting, consistent and forgiving with endless adjust ability. Just best sure to select the right option of club for your game.

Ping G425 Family Of Irons

The Max is the middle of the road driver in the G425 range. It offers tons of distance and consistency without sacrificing on forgiveness.

The LST has a smaller head and is for better players who want to hone in on the feel and workability of the driver. This one sacrifices a bit of forgiviness for more feel and distance. Perfect for better players.

The SFT is the most forgiving and easiest to hit out of the 3 versions. This one is going to suit beginner and high handicappers the best.

Distance: 94/100

Accuracy: 97/100

Forgiveness: 96/100

Feel And Control: 936/100

Overall Score: 97/100

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