Callaway Big Bertha B21 Vs Callaway Paradym Irons Comparison Overview

Doesn’t 2021 seem like a really long time ago?

2021 was when we were given the last iteration of Callaway’s ultimate game improvement irons, the Big Berthas. But it seems like the Big Bertha B21 irons have been around forever.

In just two years, Callaway has released the Callaway Paradym irons which represent a major shift in terms of iron technology and construction. What has changed since the Big Berthas and which irons are right for you. We discuss these topics in the following comparison overview.

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Irons Overview

“The Big Bertha irons are slice stoppers for sure.”

You get plenty of offset with these irons along with wide soles throughout the set. These irons have a large footprint so they are great for beginners and high handicappers who need more confidence with their irons.

The Big Bertha irons have urethane microspheres to sort of mimic the feel of forged irons and smooth out the feel at impact. The visible tungsten weights contribute to the high launch angles you get from these irons.

The soles of these irons actually cut through the turf rather well. You don’t chunk the ground as often as you would think with these kinds of soles. Our testers were averaging 152.2 yards with the 7-iron in this set and mentioned that the sweet spot is the size of Texas.

Callaway Paradym Irons Overview

“The Callaway Paradym irons offer better players a nicer feel through forged 455 steel construction and the good ol’ urethane microspheres.”

The new Callaway Paradym irons still feature those trust microspheres. And we can only assume that Callaway included them to help with distance because the Callaway Paradym irons don’t need any help feeling soft.

The forged construction makes for exceptionally buttery feel and acute spin control. The Callaway Paradym irons also feature a much smaller blade, thinner topline, less offset and thinner soles. The 455 grade steel used for the faces is definitely an upgrade from the Big Bertha faces. The 7-iron played an average of 150.5 yards for our testers.

“Modern construction and updated materials certainly make a positive impact on the Callaway Paradym irons. They are more workable, consistent and shot dispersion was tighter than the Big Bertha irons. Still, it’s hard to argue with the whalloping distance that the Big Bertha irons still bring to the table.”

Big Bertha B21 – First Impressions

The B21’s take on the legendary name of the Big Bertha series and these irons are super forgiving and easy to hit.

The Irons have been designed using Artificial Intelligence that ensures the very best weighting and features are included for maximum accuracy and forgiveness.

The clubs also have wide soles and a pronounced offset that ensures you get tons of forgiveness even when you don’t hit the ball flush on the sweet spot.

The clubs have a lot of loft, allowing you to get the ball in the air while the Tungsten Weighting keeps the center of gravity low.

You shouldn’t have any problems getting the ball in the air with these Irons.

Callaway Paradym Irons First Impressions

The first thing to notice about the Paradym irons is the attractive design which looks great in the bag and will have plenty of shelf appeal in 2023.

They have a player’s profile at address and are built to get the maximum distance possible.

The stronger lofts add about 5 to 10 yards to each and the feel explosive on impact.

The price point is quite high but the premium forged steel face does make up for this to a certain extent.

The irons come in 2 flavors:

Callaway Paradym Irons:

For low to mid-handicappers looking for distance, easy launch, stopping power, and workability.

Paradym X Irons Perfect for Mid Handicappers looking for distance, easy launch, and forgiveness.

The irons have a rounded shape that we expect from Callaway and the paradigm shift occurs within the clubs and not on the outside.

The 455 premium steel face was reserved for only hybrids, woods and drivers up to now. With the advances in A.i design, they are now available in the irons.

The Paradym irons will be for consistent strikers even though they are forgiving on mishits. This is down to the compact blade which had us missing left and right a bit too often.

We found the Paradym X to be better suited to our game and they are quite long, adding 5 to 10 extra yards from what we would expect.

They get progressively more workable as you get to the shorter irons and the pre-worn leading edge allows the ball to get good air time more easily.

With the premium price point, we wouldn’t be rushing out to get these irons unless you are due an upgrade and they are the best clubs for you after fitting.

The hollow body players distance iron market is quite competitive.

Big Bertha B21 – Selling Points

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Urethane Microspheres
  • Lots Of Loft In The Clubs
  • Wide Soles – Large Sweet Spot
  • Flash Cup Face For Ball Speed

Callaway Paradym Iron Selling Points

  • 455 Steel Forged Face Cup
  • Hollow Bodied With Plenty Of Tungsten Weighting
  • Pre Worn Leading Edge
  • X Version for more forgiveness
  • Attractive design
  • Urethane Microspheres to absorb impact
  • Powerful sound and feel

Who Are The B21 Irons For

The Big Bertha B21 Irons are for beginners and high handicappers who want to get as much forgiveness as possible from their clubs and will perfect for anyone who struggles to get the ball in the air with their irons.

B21 Family Of Irons

The B21 come in only 1 format but there are plenty of other offerings in 2021 from Callaway in The Mavrik family and Apex 21 Iron Sets.

The Mavrik irons are perfect for High – Mid Handicappers and the Apex 21 Set is perfect for the better players among us.

Distance: 94/100

Accuracy: 96/100

Forgiveness: 98/100

Feel And Control: 86/100

Overall Score: 94/100

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Who Are The Callaway Paradym Irons For?

These are perfect for golfers looking for distance and workability who are due an upgrade, have a decent budget and are suited to the clubs through a fitting.

The Paradym irons are not the most forgiving due to the compact blade but they are long, get the ball in the air and have decent stopping power for relatively low spin rates.

The X version will suit higher handicap players who want distance and forgiveness with some ball flight control thrown in.

They are a premium set of irons and have a premium price point.

The powerful will be great for a golfer with a higher swing speed who wants to work the ball with a draw or a fade.

The looks and the power feel were the most impressive for us and they do add distance, but again, this is more down to the stronger lofts and they dont add much from the Rogue St series.

For us, they are mainly for Callaway Affectionados who don’t mind spending more for premium quality.

Distance: 96/100

Forgiveness: 92/100

Accuracy: 94/100

Feel & Control: 95/100

Overall Score: 94/100

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