Bridgestone Tour B RX Vs. Taylormade TP5X Golf Balls Comparison Overview

When comparing tour-grade golf balls, it pays to have all the facts. You don’t want to be left with buyers remorse after you’ve bought a $45 dozen of golf balls only to find that they do nothing to improve your game.

Just like with all the rest of your golf gear, you have to carefully take into account the needs and nuances of your game. Are you still working on distance? Are you ready to start sinking more eagles? Ask yourself these questions and then check out the following tour-grade ball comparison overview.

Bridgestone Tour BR X Golf Balls Overview

After our testing, we came to the conclusion that the Bridgestone Tour B RX balls would be great for any player who has just broken out of the mid handicap range.

The Bridgestone Tour B RX balls performed really well on the deck. On long approaches you get the distance you need; but more importantly, these balls spin like a dream even if your 120 yards out. The 3-piece construction really adds responsiveness when you use them with your long irons.

And these balls feel pretty soft for tour-grade balls. Off the driver face, they give you a bit of yield; but not too much. At a compression rating of 66, they keenly straddle the line between soft and unresponsive.

And you don’t need an absurd swing speed to get good distance with these balls. One of our testers with a 92 MPH swing speed was able to sail this ball 278 yards off the tee.

Taylormade TP5X Golf Balls Overview

Our testing with the Taylormade TP5X concluded that they are best for players who are already firmly seated in the low handicap territory.

Hands down, the Taylormade TP5X balls performed better within 120 yards from the pin than the Tour B RX balls. You get as much spin as you need on any kind of shot whether you are chipping one in or you need to butterfly a shot on a fast green.

Ball speed is a bit lacking off the tee so unlike the Tour B RX balls, you will need a fast swing speed to get good distance. These balls are firm on the club face and produce a mid launch trajectory.

If you’re looking to sink more eagles, the Taylormade TP5X balls are for you. If you need help with distance, go for the Bridgestone Tour B RX balls.

Bridgestone Tour B RX Quick Facts

Compression: 66

Cover Material: Urethane

How Many Pieces: 3

Core Material: Gradient Type

Dimple Type: 338 Dimple within Dimple Pattern

Spin Level: Low long-game spin, low short-game spin

Best Suited for: Mid handicap players who are focusing more on distance from the tee

Taylormade TP5X Quick Facts

Compression: 90

Cover Material: Urethane

How Many Pieces: 5-Piece

Core Material: Urethane

Dimple Type: 322

Spin Level: High

Best Suited for: Low to mid handicappers

Performance Off the Tee

While our faster swing speed testers were getting better distance with the Srixon Z Stars, our slower swing speed testers were having a field day with the Bridgestone Tour B RX’s, yielding an average of 260 yards.

Performance from the Rough

The urethane cover of these balls makes it easier to grip them and swoop them out of the rough.

Performance from the Fairway

The Bridgestone Tour B RX balls keep a low spin rate pretty much across the board.

This was making it difficult for some of our better testers to work the ball the way they wanted to with their irons and hybrids.

Performance Off the Tee

The compression of these balls is significantly lower than the Titleist Pro V1X balls.

The core is also made of urethane which gives these balls a softer feel from the tee. This is good news for slower swing speed players but the faster swingers in our party were getting better distance with the Titleist Pro V1X balls.

Performance from the Rough

The Taylormade TP5X balls yield excellent launch even from the rough.

The soft urethane cover makes it easy to scoop the ball up and work it as needed so that you land optimally on the fairway.

Performance from the Fairway

With the longer irons and hybrids we were getting a bit more spin than expected from a tour-grade ball – great for long par 5’s but not so great on shorter approaches.

Bridgestone Tour B RX Selling Points

  • Soft feel
  • Low spin off the tee
  • Low spin with long irons
  • Urethane cover
  • Great for mid handicappers
  • Good rebound

Bridgestone Tour B RX Cons

  • High bounce
  • Not very workable
  • Not great for lower handicap players
  • More distance than tour-grade balls

Taylormade TP5X Selling Points

  • More affordable
  • Softer feel
  • Excellent launch
  • Urethane cover
  • Urethane core
  • Tour-grade

Taylormade TP5X Cons

  • Not as long
  • Sometimes uncontrollable launch
  • HIgher fairway spin
  • Lesser short-game feel

Who are the Bridgestone Tour B RX Balls for?

The player in need of help with distance off the tee.

If you are looking to start more holes off on the right foot and not so much focused on the finer aspects of your short game yet, we would recommend the Bridgestone Tour B RX balls.

How are they with Short Irons?

A bit difficult to work overall. Not as much responsiveness with wedges.

On the Green

You get good feel on the green thanks to the urethane cover. They feel good off the face though they play a bit slow.

Overall Rating: 94/100

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Who are the Taylormade TP5X Balls for?

If you want an overall softer feel with tour-grade performance, then the Taylormade TPX5 balls would be a better fit for you.

The Taylormade TPX5 balls have a compression that is more congenial to the rest of us mortals. If you are swinging around 92 MPH, then these balls will fit you better than the Titleist Pro V1X balls.

How are They With Short Irons?

If you can typically work the ball the way you want to with short irons, the Taylormade TPX5 balls should feel pretty good to you. They yield moderate side spin with the short irons and launch high so you can shape short approaches pretty much however you want.

On the Green

The soft urethane gives you excellent control on fast, firm greens.

Overall Rating: 93/100

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