Bombtech Wedges Review – How Good Are They Vs Alternatives – Are They Good for High Handicappers & Forgiving?

Bombtech Wedges

“Yes, a lot of bargain brand, no-name golf clubs are duds.”

In fact, it’s very possible that most off-brand golf clubs can and should be avoided. Every once in a while though, you find a diamond in the rough.

We’ve heard some good things about the Bombtech wedges; but you can’t always rely on the opinions of others.

Especially when it comes to golf gear. That’s because every golfer is different and has different preferences/needs.

So we wanted to test the Bombtech wedges for ourselves. Did they live up to the hype for us? Who would benefit from these wedges? Read on to find out.

Bombtech Wedges Vs Vokey SM9

The Vokey SM9 wedges have a significantly more compact head shape than the Bombtech wedges.

The blade lengths are shorter and the sole juts out a little further than the Bombtech wedges. The SM9’s were clearly designed with mid to low handicappers in mind.

However, we saw very little difference in spin control between these two wedges. And that’s definitely a big plus for the Bombtech wedges because the SM9’s are way more expensive.

Key Features

3-Piece Set

The complete Bombtech wedges set includes a gap wedge at 52 degrees, a sand wedge at 56 degrees and a lob wedge at 60 degrees.

This should cover all of your short-game needs.

Deep Face Grooves

Bombtech claims that they made the face grooves as deep as they are legally allowed to be for tournament play.

When we tested them, the depth of the grooves allowed us to control spin rates to an acute degree.

304 Stainless Steel

The Bombtech wedges are cast from 304 stainless steel. While they don’t offer the kind of feel you get from forged wedges, the Bombtech wedges are at least durable.

Is it Good for High Handicappers?

“One of the things we noticed during testing was improved smash factor.”

We could feel the club head pick up speed on the downswing. Then we went back and looked at the specs of these wedges.

They sport a D5 swing weight so it all began to make sense. What  we like about these wedges for high handicappers is club head speed and smash factor.

Even if you are a slow to moderate swing speed player, you should be able to shoot the gap and get good launch on longer approaches.

The Bombtech wedges have an oversized profile too so they are inherently forgiving. The Bombtech wedges are weighted which helps with stability even if it takes away from feel.

For high handicappers, stability is a bit more important than a clean feel at impact. Overall, these are excellent wedges for high handicappers looking to refine their short game.

Available Shafts

The Bombtech wedges come stock with stepped steel shafts.

You don’t get really clear feedback from these shafts and they feel a bit lifeless.

However, they allow for point-and-shoot accuracy which again, is better if you’re a high handicapper.

Are the Bombtech Wedges Worth it?

“So did they live up to the hype?”

We would say, yes, they definitely lived up to the hype. Usually, bargain-brand game improvement wedges don’t offer much spin control.

But with the deep-set grooves of these wedges you should be able to land dead on the fastest elevated greens.

The deep grooves coupled with the naturally high launch of these wedges offer excellent stopping power from a variety of lies.

You also get good distance from them so you can be more aggressive on longer approaches. The distance, stopping power and low price of these wedges make them worth the money.

Bombtech Wedges

Bombtech Wedges1

In 20 Words or Less

“The Bombtech wedges offer a unique combination of forgiveness, distance and spin control that is rare in GI wedges.”

Bombtech Wedges Selling Points

  • Very affordable price for a set of three wedges
  • High launch
  • Good spin control
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Cool, black finish
  • Good for increasing club head speed

Bombtech Wedges – First Impressions

Bombtech Wedges2

“The first thing we noticed were the green grooves.”

The face grooves have green paint in them which to us, was a design flaw. It’s a small flaw but it does pull focus at point of address.

Who Are the Bombtech Wedges for?

Bombtech Wedges3

“There was really only one performance flaw that we picked up during our testing.”

That flaw was turf interaction. If you are staring down a greenside bunker shot, you might be lost with these wedges.

Likewise, it’s hard to avoid digging on tight lies with these wedges. But if you find yourself on the deck staring down a more-or-less straight line to the pin, you will love these wedges.

Overall, we would say the Bombtech wedges would work best for mid to high handicappers.

They offer impressive distance, straight flight, excellent forgiveness and surprising stopping power. We can definitely see why people have said such good things about them.

Even though they lack clear feedback and smooth turf interaction, they still hold up very well to more expensive game improvement wedges.

So if you’re a mid to high handicapper seeking a great deal on wedges that can help you shave strokes off your score, check out the Bombtech wedges.

Distance: 96/100

Accuracy: 96/100

Forgiveness: 97/100

Feel & Control: 94/100

Bombtech Wedges2

Overall Score: 96/100

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