Best Beginner Golf Club Sets In The UK 2022

With everything that’s going on in the world right, golf can be the perfect escape from all of the modern madness.

When looking for a beginner set of clubs, most of the articles are going to be tailored to the US market, but if you are in the UK and want to get out on the course as quickly as possible, we have got you covered here at Blue Heron.

You might be a total novice or someone who knows how the play the game already and just needs to get clubbed up. No matter what you’re playing level, this list should have you covered and we will also tell you what to look for and why we have chosen these clubs.

What To Look For In A Beginner Set


We aren’t going to start off hitting long and straight golf shots, that comes with practice.

That being said, the clubs you use on your round can also have a massive impact on how quickly you learn.


We want a large 460cc head with a giant sweet spot to get the ball rolling on each hole.

We will also want to get a driver with a loft that is suited to our swing speed. Slow swingers will need a higher loft and fast swingers will need a lower loft.

Woods And Hybrids

Beginners should place a higher emphasis on having a mix of woods and hybrids rather than just fairway woods as you would have had in the past.

Many beginners can hit their 3 wood better off the tee and can hit their hybrids better from the fair and in the rough than even with their irons.


You want to get steel or graphite shafts on your clubs depending on swing speed and also choose your flex between regular, stiff, ladies or seniors.

You should aim to go with game improvement irons with thick soles and large sweet spots in order to hit the ball high and far consistently.

Overall Quality And Value

More than anything, we are looking for quality and value when make a relatively large purchase and we have factored in every selling point of each set of clubs to give you a real taste of which clubs are the best and for who.

#1 – Callaway Strata – Best Choice

Strata Main Image

Clubs: Driver, 3 Wood, 4 & 5 Hybrid, 6 – 9 Irons, PW, SW, Putter, Stand Bag

The undeniable first choice when it comes to beginner clubs in the UK is going to be the Strata, it has everything you need to get around the course in as few strokes as possible.

When you see the name Callaway, you know it is going to be a product you can trust and it comes in a 12, 14 & 16 piece set so you can get the exact amount and quantity of clubs you need.

The driver is large with a 460cc Titanium Head and the club is built for forgiveness and distance for beginners.

The game improvement irons are steel shafted for average to faster swingers and also possess large sweet spots and thick soles for forgiveness.

Overall the Strata is a set that is very hard to beat in the UK or across the pond for beginners.


  • Perfect For Learning The Game
  • Good Enough For Improvers As well
  • Contains 2 Hybrids For Precision
  • Uniflex Shafts To Suit Most Swing Speeds
  • Comes With A Quality Stand Bag


  • 12 Piece Set is missing a Sand Wedge
  • Some Slower Swingers Will Prefer Graphite Irons
  • Not Suitable For Mid Handicappers

Callaway Strata Complete 12 Piece

Overall Score: 96/100

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#2 Callaway Edge 10 Piece Golf Club Set – Best Premium Set

Clubs – Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6 – 9 Irons, PW, SW, Odyssey Putter, No Bag!

Callaway are also filling up our premium slot for beginners and the Edge set can be considered as a premium version of the Strata that will allow players to use these clubs for quite a while as the improve.

A large titanium driver with a massive sweet spot and a 3 wood & hybrid that provide excellent turf interaction.

The irons are graphite shafted, are cavity backed, have thick soles and a deep undercut that will allow you to get the ball in the air easily.

This set is all about forgiveness, distance and the quality of the clubs as it doesn’t come with a bag which you will need to pick up separately.


  • Large Forgiving Driver
  • Cavity Back Game Improvement Irons
  • Excellent Turf Interaction
  • Premium Putter
  • Good For Beginners And Intermediates


  • More Expensive
  • No Golf Bag
  • Only 10 Clubs

Overall Score: 94/100

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#3 – Wilson Stretch 10 Piece Set – Best Budget Option

Clubs: Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6-9 Irons, Pw, SW, Blade Putter

If you are on a budget and just want to get out on the course as cheaply as possible with a decent set of clubs, the Wilson stretch are going to be perfect.

Wilson is a name you can trust and for just over £200, you get 10 clubs, a bag and choices around club length, shaft material and flex to round off a quality set of clubs.

The Driver has a large 460cc head and tons of forgiveness while the 3 wood and 5 hybrid are easy to get in the air and hit straight.

The irons are game improvement, cavity backed and offset to help anyone who may suffer from a slice.

A quality golf carry and stand bag completes this excellent set from Wilson


  • Great Price
  • Trusted Brand In Wilson
  • Excellent Feed Back
  • Blade Putter With Visual Alignment
  • Quality Golf Bag


  • Can be distance gaps with only 10 clubs
  • Won’t suit more advanced players
  • Some Reports of clubs breaking

Overall Score: 92/100

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#4 Precise Golf 18 Piece Golf Club Set – Best Array Of Clubs

Clubs: Driver, 3 & 5 Wood, 4 & 5 Hybrid, 6 – 9 Irons, PW, SW, Blade Putter

Precise golf are a name growing in plenty of golf circles and what you get in the 18 piece set is a complete array of golf clubs that will allow you to experiment to see which clubs you hit the best and how to shave strokes off your round.

If you look hitting woods, there are two and if you like hitting hybrids there are also too.

This set is definitely for beginners only and contains a large headed driver and game improvement irons that are easy to hit.

The price is also great and it comes with a nice golf stand bag to seal to deal.


  • Excellent Value
  • Great array of clubs
  • Well reviewed
  • Med/Firm Flex Graphite Shafts For Average Swing Speeds


  • Not Premium Quality
  • Definitely just a beginner set

Overall Score: 88/100

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#5 Prosimmon V2 Tall Golf Club Set – Best For Taller Players

As a taller player myself, I understand the disadvantages of having clubs that are too small, which can really hinder your progress.

If you are over 6 feet, you need to be thinking about the Prosimmon golf club set which is catered exactly for those kinds of players.

The Prosimmon Driver, Woods And Hybrids have stiff flexed graphite shafts which will suit faster to average swing speeds and the array of clubs is also impressive with 2 hybrids included.

The Irons have stiff steel shafts for faster swingers but there are cavity backed and very forgiving.

The Stand bag tops off a very impressive set for Prosimmon so if you are taller and swing fast, this is definitely a set worth considering.


  • Excellent Option For Taller Players
  • Forgiving Beginners Clubs
  • Made For Fast Swingers
  • Good Value
  • Quality Putter
  • Good Stand Bag


  • Not For Slow Swing Speeds
  • Not For Mid Handicappers

Overall Score: 92/100

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#6 MacGregor Women’s DCT3000 Ladies Golf Package Set – Best UK Beginner Set For Women

MacGregor have been making quality beginner sets for a long time and when it comes to ladies golf, well, let’s just say it is booming right now!

In terms of a beginner set, what we are looking for is Graphite Shafts and higher lofts to suit the slower swing speeds and allow the golfer to get the ball in the air and to keep it straight.

The Driver has a massive sweet spot and a 13 degree lofts, perfect for excellent drives from the shorter tee boxes.

The set also comes with 2 Fairway Woods, a hybrid and cavity back, easy launch irons to make learning the game, a walk in the park.

This set can also be used by improvers and intermediates.

A quality stand bag completes the set.


  • Nice array of clubs
  • Very forgiving
  • Easy to hit high and straight shots
  • Looks excellent and professional on the course


  • Only 1 Hybrid
  • May not suit fast swingers
  • Premium sets may perform better

Overall Score: 93/100

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#7 Wilson Profile XD Mens Complete All Graphite Golf Package Set – Best For Seniors & Slower Swing Speeds

Another offering from one of golfs most respected brands in Wilson.

The clubs are going to suit slow swing speeds the best as the clubs have all graphite shafts, including the irons.

Maybe if you are a younger or senior player, the XD set is going to give you a head start as you start off on your golf journey.

The set comes with a large 460cc headed driver along with an easy launching fairway wood and hybrid.

The irons are cavity backed and offer massive sweet spots, making it easy to get the ball in the air effortlessly.

A solid blade putter completes a very eligible set for beginners that is also well priced and comes with a quality stand bag.


  • Easy Launching And Forgiving
  • All Graphite Shafts
  • Perfect For Seniors
  • Solid Blade Putter
  • Well Priced


  • Not The Best Quality
  • Only For Beginners
  • May Not Last As Long As Premium Clubs

Overall Score: 88/100

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#8 Ben Sayers Men’s M8 Golf Package Set – Best Basic Set

The Ben Sayers set is for someone who is looking to fill in a package set with some more premium clubs like Fairway Woods, Hybrids or drivers.

The set comes with a basic 6 clubs that would also be ideal for par 3 courses.

The clubs that are in the set are all excellent quality with a massive headed driver, easy launching hybrid 2 cavity back irons and a mallet putter.

Completed with a premium black golf carry bag.

Perfect to fill out an existing set at a cost effective price or fill out this set with some clubs fitted at the pro shop.


  • Quality Clubs
  • Attractive looking set
  • Perfect for Par 3 or Executive Courses
  • Ideal to add to an existing set
  • Good quality stand bag


  • Only 6 clubs
  • Distance Gaps as standard

Overall Score 89/100

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#9 Ram Golf Accubar Plus Men’s Golf Right Hand Clubs Set – Best For Faster Swing Speeds

Ram have quickly made a name for themselves as one of the leading brands for beginner golf clubs in recent years and the Accubar set is perfect for beginners who already swing the club fast.

The steel shafted irons are going to be perfect for adding distance along with the thick soles that allow the ball to fly high.

You also get the choice for regular or stiff flex, so if you do swing a little bit faster, this set will do the trick.

You also get options on adding or subtracting an inch from the clubs so also excellent for shorter or taller players but there is also an all graphite option available for slower swingers.

A stand bag completes the set on this one.


  • Excellent Value
  • Good Quality Set
  • Suits All Heights And Swing Speeds
  • Good Array Of Clubs


  • Not For Intermediates
  • Wont Last As Long As Intermediate Clubs

Overall Score: 91/100

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#10 Woodworm Golf ZOOM V2 Mens Left Hand Golf Clubs Set with Bag – Last But Not Least

The Woodworm set is for those on a budget who want a decent quality set of clubs to ease them into the game without spending a fortune.

The set comes with a good array of clubs including woods and hybrids and they all possess graphite shafts for average and slower swing speeds.

The clubs have large sweet spots and interact well with the turf for easy, consistent and straight shots.

The bag comes with the distinctive woodworm design which will be perfect for some tastes but perhaps not others:


  • Good Array of clubs
  • Beginner friendly
  • Graphite Shafts for average swing speeds
  • Distinctive Design
  • Extremely affordable


  • A bit tacky
  • Design may look cheap
  • Not as good as other sets on the list

Overall Score: 84/100

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Not all beginners are created equal and hopefully after reading this article, you will know more about what you are looking for in a quality beginner set.

From shaft material and flex to the length of your clubs, there is something on this list for every one.

As an overall recommendation for quality and performance however, the Callaway Strata are the best set on the market overall at the moment, so don’t forget to check them out!