Accra TZ6 Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

We demand a lot from our shafts. They have to feel good.

They have to perform the way we want them to. They have to match our swings. Those demands alone are a tall order. There are a lot of shaft manufacturers that spend more money making you think that their shaft does all those things than they do making sure they actually do them.

Enter the Accra TZ6. Accra may not be the household name that True Temper and KBS are; but their shafts still deserve your attention. Why? Because in an industry of flashy titans, Accra may be the last company that is actually letting the performance and feel of their shafts do the marketing for them. Today we will be taking a look at the Accra TZ6: possibly your next driver or fairway shaft.

Accra TZ6 Shaft Overview

As soon as we got our hands on the Accra TZ6 shafts, we were impressed by the design.

From far away, these look like simple, black graphite shafts. When you see them up close though, you can see that they actually gleam in the light. The lettering is fairly basic though so as not to pull attention away from the ball.

It should be noted that Accra doesn’t subscribe to the normal flex categorization system. Instead, the Accra TZ6 is available in “M3, M4 and M5” flex. M3 works out to regular flex, M4 is the equivalent of stiff and and M5 is the same as extra stiff flex. The Accra TZ6 is available in a variety of weights so it should work for a wide variety of players.

The Accra TZ6 is advertised as a “spin killing machine” and much emphasis of the existing marketing is placed on the advanced player. However, the variety of weight options makes it accessible to pretty much any golfer. One thing we really liked about this shaft was that even the heavier versions had an active feel. It made it very fun to just swing.

Why is the Accra TZ6 So Popular?

One of the reasons the Accra TZ6 has gained popularity is that it is actually gaining in popularity on the PGA Tour and the Euro PGA Tour.

So they are getting their exposure even as it seems like the company spends about $500 on marketing. Accra shafts are also known for having an active feel without skimping on control.

How Does the Accra TZ6 Perform?

The one thing we want to get out of the way before gushing over the Accra TZ6 is that it isn’t as smooth-feeling as say a comparable Project X shaft.

It’s got a pretty noticeable kick. However, that doesn’t really keep it from being a joy to swing. Now onto the fun stuff.

The Accra TZ6 has an active-feeling tip section. When you load up on it, you get a really good return on your investment. Our testers also noted steep launch angles and mid-high launch which could easily be controlled. The Accra TZ6 has a fairly low torque rating in the mid-heavy weight classes so it feels plenty active.

And the claims that the Accra TZ6 is a “spin killer” are spot on. Our launch monitor readouts informed us that the Accra TZ6 was maintaining spin rates in the low 1700 RPM range. This is incredible for a shaft that has such an active response and fairly high launch.

Of course, the low spin contributed to impressive carry distances. The shot dispersion was also nice and tight. You know exactly what you’re going to get out of this shaft: straight flight with exceptional loft and of course, low spin.

Accra TZ6 Shaft Specs

Specs Accra TZ6
Available flexes M3, M4, M5
Weight 50 – 90 grams
Butt .600
Tip .335
Length 46”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The Accra TZ6 is available in M3, M4 and M5 flex.

The M3 flex is better if you need higher launch and are swinging your driver under 85 MPH. The M4 and M5 flexes offer a lower launch and are better for 85+ MPH swingers.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The Accra TZ6 shaft is available in a wide array of weights ranging from 50 to 90 grams.

In general though, slower swingers will want to stick with the 50-69g range. If you like to load up on the shaft and need more stability, anywhere between 72g and 90g will be a good match for you.

Why is it So Good?

We liked the fact that this was an active shaft; but also a consistent one.

You get out of it what you put into it…plus a little bit extra.

Accra TZ6 First Impressions

Our first impression of the Accra TZ6 was that it was fun.

It has an active tip section that you don’t see often these days; but it makes it very fun to swing with.

Key Features & Performance

The Accra TZ6 is made from high modulus composite materials which are what give it its active feel.

One thing you can count on from this shaft is help with ball speed and smash factor.

Accra TZ6 Driver Review

For drivers, we recommend going with a mid to heavy weight. It adds to the stability and will allow even slower swingers to start to really load up.

Accra TZ6 Fairway Review

The Accra TZ6 is actually ideal for players who are seeking better carry distance in their fairway woods. The Accra TZ6 can launch high and improve your carry distance off the deck.

Accra TZ6 Pros & Cons


  • Looks cool
  • Active feel
  • Improved smash factor
  • Many weight options
  • Great for fairway woods


  • A bit pricey
  • Not the smoothest feel

Overall Score: 95/100

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Who Should Buy it?

If you are looking to improve your smash factor as a slow-mid swing speed player, the Accra TZ6 will go a long way for you.

The Accra TZ6 is also good for any player seeking consistent performance from a shaft that feels active.