Accra 70i Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

Graphite shafts have an appeal for everyone.

For better players, they are a lot of fun to swing. For newbies, they offer improvements in distance and launch. But mainly, they will be better for players who want more control over their irons. Irons are notoriously unwieldy and graphite iron shafts offer the ease of use and forgiveness that most of us need.

The Accra 70i shafts are graphite irons shafts; but you wouldn’t really know it based on performance alone. These are some of the most unique iron shafts manufactured by one of the most unique companies in the industry. Accra doesn’t spend a ton on marketing so it’s understandable that a lot of golfers aren’t familiar with their shafts.

But we wanted to shed some light on the Accra 70i because we have tested and reviewed other Accra shafts before and we know them to offer very unique performance. But will the Accra 70i offer optimal performance for you? Let’s talk about it.

Accra 70i Shaft Overview

The Accra 70i shaft occupies the middle ground between the higher launching 40i and 50i and the lower spinning 80i series.

This is a mid-launch mid-spin shaft that should work well for a bunch of different swing speeds and tempos. It has a light feel in the hands and the graphics aren’t all over the place so you don’t get distracted at address.

The Accra 70i is also a constant taper shaft which imparts a ridiculously smooth feel. We have tested and reviewed the Accra 50i recently and we must say, the Accra 70i is actually smoother than the 50i. The added stock weight really balances out this graphite shaft. And to be honest, if we were blindfolded, some of us would actually guess that we were swinging a steel shaft.

Our testing party consisted of fast and moderate swing speed players with varying tempos. Almost all of them reported that the Accra 70i felt smooth with a noticeable kick point near the tip section. Still, no one described the kick as jolting or harsh. It gives you just enough feedback to let you know that it’s putting in work too. So yes, the Accra 70i has an active feel as a good graphite shaft should.

Why is the Accra 70i So Popular?

One of the reasons that the Accra 70i appeals to so many different kinds of players is that it can be weighted to virtually any flex.

The Accra 70i features a variable weighting system in the tip so your fitter can tune it to any flex.

How Does the Accra 70i Perform?

We’ll get the critical stuff out of the way first.

We didn’t like the spin rates we were getting from our long irons. Side spin was fairly high which hindered carry distance. Spin rates weren’t ridiculously high, especially considering that these are graphite shafts; but they were certainly not what some of us who game steel iron shafts were used to.

That spin is maintained throughout the set and what was a bane in the long irons was a boon in the short irons. From our scoring irons and wedges, we were getting excellent stopping power and a controlled launch. Even when we tried, we couldn’t get the Accra 70i to balloon balls out of control.

Just like the Accra 50i shafts, the Accra 70i’s are very consistent for graphite shafts. Shot dispersion is tight on all but the most egregious mis-hits. And you can count on the Accra 70i. As long as you are consistent with your swing, the Accra 70i will be consistent with shot shape and trajectory – mid-high with a very controllable draw.

Accra 70i Shaft Specs

Specs Accra 70i
Available flexes Variable
Weight 70 grams
Butt 0.6
Tip 0.37
Length 41”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The flex is fitting variable.

That means that even if you opt for the Accra 70i specifically, an authorized fitter will be able to tune it to any flex from light to extra stiff. For sub 80 MPH swingers, light or regular flex should work. If you swing faster than 85 MPH you should try stiff and extra stiff.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The Accra 70i is only available as a 70 gram shaft.

This is a good weight for a wide variety of players. Whether you have a deliberate or fast tempo, you should feel quite comfortable with the Accra 70i.

Why is it So Good?

The Accra 70i shafts have a low balance point.

So if you are transitioning from steel shafts to graphite shafts, the Accra 70i shafts would work very well. They also give steel-like consistency.

Accra 70i First Impressions

Since we have tested the Accra 50i’s before, we couldn’t help but notice that the Accra 70i has a smoother feel.

That was the main drawback to the 50i’s so it was nice to see that the same fault isn’t present in the Accra 70i shafts.

Key Features & Performance

The Accra 70i is comprised of high modulus composite materials.

This makes it exceptionally active while still maintaining a controlled feel.

Accra 70i Iron Review

Spin rates are consistent and the launch is within a controlled window. You can load up on the long irons and expect straight flight.

Accra 70i Wedges Review

Around the pin, the spin really comes in handy. You can land the ball dead on the green with your wedges or draw a little rollout with this shaft.

Accra 70i Pros & Cons


  • Custom colors available
  • Active feel
  • Controlled launch
  • Good for mid handicappers
  • Very versatile


  • High spin in the long irons
  • A bit pricey

Overall Score: 96/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The Accra 70i shafts would be great for mid handicappers looking for all-around iron performance.

They would also be a good choice if you want to switch out your current steel shafts as the transition wouldn’t be very jarring.