3 Iron Vs 7 Wood – Which Club To Use And When

Both the 3 iron and 7 wood are clubs hit the ball around 170 – 200 yards, but they do it in different ways that will suit different types of golfers.

The 3 iron is the more popular of the two options and it is quite versatile from the tee, the fairway and even the rough occasionally. It offers precise, consistent and straight shots with plenty of workability.

The 7 wood is an optional used less frequently, its large head is more like a sledge hammer, than the precision tool 3 iron. It is great for easy launching, forgiveness and Mid to Long Range shots off the fairway.

3 Iron Overview

There was a time when a 3 iron was found in every golf bag in the world but that position is coming more under pressure now with Hybrids and Shorter woods getting better and better, offering a valuable alternative to the club.

On the surface the club is excellent for better players and for that reason it makes a lot of sense for improvers and ambitious golfers to wield a 3 iron.

The 3 iron is long and precise, allowing better golfers to target the pin accurately from a good distance away.

It is also great for better players to work the ball from left to right with a draw or a fade.

The 3 iron typically has 21 degrees of loft and hits about 180 yards for the average player, which is a distance that is shorter than conventional woods and similar to a 7 wood, which could be seen as a potential replacement for the 3 Iron.

The 3 iron is good off the tee, the fairway and light to heavy rough, its compact head cuts through the turf and longer grass effortlessly.

Hybrids have pushed long irons to improve a lot too, and we have 3 irons for players and for beginners with game improvement irons, centered on forgiveness.

If you can hit a 3 iron well, this can be an excellent club for your game.

7 Wood Overview

Tour pros Dustin Johnson And Tommy Fleetwood are known to carry 7 woods on tour from time to time so we know it is a club that is certainly worth considering.

If you hit a 5 wood well and a 3 iron poorly, then it might make perfect sense to carry the 7 wood or maybe consider using a hybrid.

For anyone with a slower swing speed, may choose to carry a 5 and a 7 wood instead of a 3 and 5 combination also.

For slower swings speeds, the 7 wood can be easier to launch and the shorter shaft easier to work with.

The 7 wood is a larger and wieldier head while the increased loft make the club better from the longer grass too while the better plays will be able to draw and fade.

The higher launch results in less roll when it lands too and you can target the green effectively.

A 3 iron is a precision club while many will wield a 7 wood very effectively. The key to deciding which of these clubs to play carry will come down to personal preference making trial and error your best option for finding the optimal solution.

3 Iron Quick Facts

Category – Long Iron

When To Use: From Fairway, Light-Mid Rough, Tee

Average Distance: 180

Longer Hitter: 200

Shorter Hitter: 165

Typical Loft: 21 Degrees

Club Importance: 91/100

7 Wood Quick Facts

Category – Long/Mid Range Club

When To Use: From Fairway, Light-Mid Rough, Tee

Average Distance: 185

Longer Hitter: 205

Shorter Hitter: 170

Typical Loft: 22 Degrees

Club Importance: 88/100

3 Iron Overview & First Impressions

3 Irons have long slender heads and come in various styles from players irons, game improvement irons to distance irons.

A 3 iron is usually favoured by players looking for precision or else to work the ball with a draw or a fade.

It can often be used on par 3’s, shots from the fairway and light to mid rough along with shots looking for the green from a distance of about 180 yards.

Since the 3 irons flight path is low and quite far, it can be a great option in windy conditions to ensure the ball doesn’t get carried away.

The 3 iron is slightly less popular these days with many beginners and pros alike starting to favor hybrids.

A 3 iron can also be used in a driving iron format when looking for precision off the tee or in bad weather.

When the ball is sitting up perfectly in the fairway and light rough, it can be a pleasure to launch the ball towards the green with precision

One Club Up – 3 Hybrid

The three hybrid is a combination of a wood and hybrid with a thicker head and it results is a higher and slightly longer flight path too. Since it has a sharper leading edge, it can also be used very effectively from the rough.

One Club Down – 4 Iron

A common club that we see nowadays one down from the 5 is the three hybrid. Great for accuracy and distance from fairway and rough, it has a sharp leading edge for hitting from the rough, earning it’s name as the rescue club.

7 Wood Overview & First Impressions

The 7 wood should inspire confidence at address, the head is large, the loft is high and the shaft length is shorter than 3 or 5 wood.

Some golfers are going struggle to get Drivers and Woods into the air and if that is you, the 7 wood may be a lot easier to hit consistent high launching shots, it is a degree loftier than a 3 iron.

The 7 iron is more precise too, the higher flight, leads to less rollout and the increased loft leaves a sharper leading edge too, better for hitting from the rough.

On courses with dog legs, the 7 wood is easy to hit draws and fades with too for the better players, Dustin Johnson and Tommy Fleetwood have been seen wielding the trusty 7 on regular occasions recently.

The 7 wood is perfect from the fairway and if you don’t hit irons well, it can be just the ticket, useful in an array of situations and more precise than the 3 and 5 wood.

The 7 wood faces stiff competition from the Hybrids too, which can produce more consistently straight shots but aren’t as long and workable.

One Club Up – 9 Wood

The 9 wood is a club that we rarely see on the course with the pros but if you hit your fairway woods better than other clubs, it can definitely be an option, easy to hit, lofty and with a large sweet spot, the 9 wood can be a go to club for most players.

One Club Down – 5 Wood

The 5 wood is far more common than the 7 wood because of the distance it serves. It is a natural progression form the 3 wood and allows you to attack the green for a significant distance,

3 Iron Selling Points

  • Excellent Precision
  • Low Ball Flight, Good Distance
  • Great In Windy Conditions
  • Can Add A Draw Or A Fade
  • Great Off The Tee On Par’s

7 Wood Selling Points

  • Easy To Launch
  • Shorter and More Manageable Than 5 Wood
  • Can Add Work ability For Better Players
  • Higher Shot With Less Roll
  • Excellent For Those Who Struggle With Irons

Who Are 3 Irons For?

Being honest, you wouldn’t be surprised to see a 3 iron in any golfers bag for it’s versatility and usefulness.

With beginners it can be a go to club or a club to use as a driving iron off the tee, while some beginners will prefer to use a 3 or 4 hybrid. It comes down to a matter of personal preference.

Better players are going to get more use out of a 3 iron as they are able to work the ball more for left to right.

They can also use a 3 iron to target precise locations on the course.

It’s long, low ball flight makes it ideal in windy conditions or as a lay up on a dog leg.

If’ you aren’t carrying a replacement hybrid, everybody should have a 3 iron in their bag.

Our Favorite 3 Iron – Callaway Mavrik

Callaway are a mammoth when it comes to high performing golfing irons and the Mavrik is one of the more forgiving clubs they have made, available in a max forgiveness, normal and pro version to suit all players.

You are going to get tons of distance with this alongside forgiveness and you can also work the irons quite a bit.

If you are in the market for solid 3 iron as a high to mid handicapper, we recommend the Mavrik.

Distance: 94/100

Accuracy: 94/100

Forgiveness: 93/100

Feel and Control: 92/100

Overall Score: 94/100

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Who Are 7 Woods For?

Unlike, sy a 5 wood, which will usually comes as part of a set and won’t turn any eyeballs, the 7 wood is a similar yet less popular club and for this reason, it is somewhat of a specialist club.

For someone with a slow swing speed and a 12 degree driver, a 5 and 7 wood combo maybe more suitable.

Seniors who can hit a 7 wood better than a 3 iron should consider a 7 wood.

Anyone who hits woods better than irons and hybrids can find great utility in the 7 wood and it also quite versatile.

The 7 wood can be hit from fairway, tee and light to mid rough. It has a shorter shaft and it is easy to hit consistently well with the large face and sweet spot.

It lacks the consistent straightness of a hybrid but it is also more workable and it feels great when you catch it on the sweet spot.

Our Favorite 7 Wood – Callaway Mavrik

Callaway is one of the top brands on the market and the Mavrik range, released in 2020, has something to offer every level of golfer.

From the ultra forgiving max to the super competitive sub zero and just the regular max, these clubs are made to increase distance, forgiveness and consistency with some of the lastest greatest and most modern golf technology.

Distance: 94/100

Accuracy: 92/100

Forgiveness: 94/100

Feel and Control: 90/100

Overall Score: 93/100

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