Callaway Strata Plus Vs Wilson Ultra Golf Club Sets

Decisions, decisions, what’s it going to be my golfing friend? Will you go for the Callaway Strata Plus or Wilson Ultra golf clubs? If you’re a golfing veteran choosing the right equipment isn’t too tricky, but if you’re new to the game, selecting the best clubs to suit you can be a little daunting. So, let’s look at these two – the Callaway Strata Plus and the Wilson Ultra, both have been highly rated by golfing enthusiasts.

Callaway Strata Plus

Callaway Strata Image

With a variety of clubs – driver, 4H, 3W, 5W, 5H, SW, 6i-PW, a putter, bag, and head-covers the Callaway Strata Plus is the most popular golf club set for beginners in the world. There are different models available, the affordable Strata Complete (suitable for men and women) and the Callaway Strata Ultimate golf club set which has more clubs including a Hybrid. Let’s see what each has to offer:


Strata Ultimate 18 Piece – Men’s Complete Golf Club Set.

A set that’s been designed to help the golfer get to grips with distance and control, the Strata Ultimate 18 piece includes a titanium driver, and a fairway wood (great for high and long shots). With the irons and wedges incorporating high flight technology, you can rest assured your shots will travel well, and the putter also ensures maximum accuracy for beginners too. Store your clubs in the stylish stand bag – which is lightweight and strong. It has useful pockets for ease of storage and a comfy strap which makes it easy to carry.

Strata Ultimate 16 Piece – Ladies Complete.

With a titanium driver – incorporating a large sweet spot, and 3 quality fairway woods (watch your shots fly). The irons and wedges are forgiving and can carry your ball the desired distance easily while providing ample control. The putter is pretty impressive too – designed for accuracy – so you can sink those putts with ease (Hopefully!). The design is effortlessly chic and there’s a useful tee holder and the carry bags make 18 holes a walk in the park.

Strata Men’s Complete Golf Club Set – 12 Piece

The set comes complete with a 460cc forged driver (providing a large sweet spot) and plenty of forgiveness. The Hybrids, Irons and Wedges are made to be as forgiving as possible allowing for greater control, there’s also a putter with a T-style alignment – top marks for accuracy.

Everything comes together in the lightweight carry bag complete with cooler pocket, rain cover and comfy strap.


Strata Women’s Complete – 11 Piece Golf Set

Stylish and enables the golfer to hit shots over a long distance, this set features a driver that proffers extra forgiveness and has a lightweight shaft. The set is complete with a fairway wood which will allow the user to confidently handle shots. There’s irons, wedges and a mallet putter for increased accuracy. The bag has 5 pockets (great for storage), a rain hood, cooler pocket and comfy strap.

Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Pros

Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set

More affordable than the Callaway ultimate and the complete brands. The Wilson Ultra golf club sets have slightly fewer clubs (starting with 9 pieces downwards), but they are definitely worth a look.

Wilson Men’s 2015 Ultra Complete Golf Club Set

A simple makeup set complete with fairway woods and graphic driver. This set delivers high quality, durability and accuracy. The clubs are cleverly designed (with markings on the grip so you know where to hold them). There are robust shafts (made from iron steel), and the putter offers plenty of control too. The bag is also pretty nifty, the yellow stands out and the additional storage comes in handy.


Wilson Golf Women’s 2017 Ultra Golf Club Set

With irons that are large and offer perimeter weighting, the Ultra set allows for well-launched shots. The Wilson Ultra set has lightweight components and flexible shafts, and the bag is stylish too – there are pockets for storage and 2 handles for easy carriage.

Wilson or Callaway?

Both are great, and while we can’t argue that the Callaway sets have more to them in terms of number of pieces, the Wilson sets still have plenty going for them. Prices do vary, and this could be the deciding factor when it comes to making up your mind and choosing the right golf clubs for you. You can’t go wrong with Callaway but Wilson are a worthy contender!Bottom of Form